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She'll Rip Your Bloody Arms Off

The Aunty Jack Show was one of Australia's earliest and best loved TV comedy series. Starring a motor-cycling tranvestite boxer, it ran from 1972 to 1973 on Australia's national broadcaster ABC-TV.

Under threat of having their "bloody arms ripped off" if they didn't, Australians of the early seventies had little option but to tune in each week to their favourite Aunt.

And She Will Too

The Aunty Jack Show starred Grahame Bond as Aunty Jack, Rory O'Donoghue as Thin Arthur, John Derum as Narrator Neville, Garry McDonald as Kid Eager and Sandy Macgregor as Flange Desire.

The album Aunty Jack Sings Wollongong was released in 1974. The single and theme song from the series Farewell Aunty Jack reached Number 1 and stayed in the Australian music charts for 22 weeks. Opposite are some sound files from the album.

Don't Forget It

Ycan find more Aunty Jack material at Folls' Aunty Jack page and Richard Miles' Aunty Jack/Grahame Bond 'ography'.

Kid Eager, Aunty Jack and Thin Arthur

Kid Eager, Aunty Jack and Thin Arthur


Don't Say That! (103k)

Rip Your Arm Off (20k)

Violence in all Men (46k)

Using the Heavy Stuff (128k)

Aunty Jack Theme (216k)

Feeding the Ants (175k)

One Life to Give (190k)

Conscription (109k)

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