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Joining our ZOOM
TM Meeting

1. Download and install the ZOOM application software on to your computer well prior to the meeting.

   Go to Google Play (for mobiles) or for computers or tablets.

   Check that your speakers are switched on.

2. Go to the Canberra Jung Society's ZOOM meeting

    or for telephone access call (02) 80156011  with meeting ID 288608582.

3. When you are linked into the ZOOM meeting,
    you will hear and see the speaker on the side of the PowerPoint presentation.

4. You can write comments and questions with the CHAT functions during the lecture,
    or use the RAISE YOUR HAND function to speak during the Q&A session.

    CHAT messages will be compiled,
    and the speaker will answer them during the Q&A session.

~ Enjoy our on-line meeting ~

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