Sunday Seminar  October 2005


Managing Probability - Map-Making in Heisenberg's Age of Uncertainty
How can we map a "reality" that's beyond our sensory perception? 

How can we map a reality that always changing? 

How can we include the map-maker? 

Why/when is "probably" good enough?

Led by Robert James



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Catching Up


Personal Reflections - Welcome and Unwelcome change!


The Moon Crash Exercise


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Pascal's Wager - "Does God Exist?"


Heisenberg's Famous Uncertainty


How to include Uncertainty and Change in our Map-Making?


Coming back to Personal Agendas


Monthly Business

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Finances, Fees




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“The Homework” …


Hello all,


On Saturday we'll be looking at the issue of Uncertainty and Change.  Perhaps we could all give some thought to a couple of questions from our own experience, to talk about:


1. Think of a change (or a few changes!) which you have organised for yourself (eg where to live, employment, friends, marriage ... ?).  How did you go about making the decisions?  What factors did you take into account?  Were you aware of processes of description and inference?  Were "emotional" factors important?  What was the outcome"  What did you learn from this?  What important decisions do you expect to face in the future?  How will you be able to apply past learnings in a time-binding manner?... etc.


2. What about the unexpected requirement to make decisions?  How were you thrust into this situation?  How did you respond?  Were you able to see "a silver lining on the cloud"?  Do you welcome unexpected events, or do you like to feel in control of your own destiny? ... etc.


Looking forward to seeing you all there on Saturday.



Robert J.



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