Australian General Semantics Society


September Sat 16th at Gavan's


The Day that Gautama (“the Buddha”), Dr Carl Jung, and Count Alfred Korzybski, came to lunch …


Distinguished company, indeed, but WE played a role!

Some timeless principles applied to contemporary issues.

We did not expect the mouthing of platitudes this time.

Compiled and Led by Robert James


1. Catching-up


2. Review of some recent AGS seminars and activities


3. Introducing our Distinguished Guests


4. Luncheon discussion with the gurus:

Dr Carl G. Jung

Gautama ("the Buddha")

and our very own Alfred K.


5. Sharing responses and some tricky questions


6. AGS Business


7. ~ Close ~




We started the day by sharing from our own lives over the last month.


As lunchtime approached, we slipped into some contemplations of the lives and times of our distinguished guests, who were due to arrive shortly.


We watched some video material of lives imbued with the serenity and insights of the Buddha, considered the contributions of Carl Jung to modern Psychology, and of course dwelt at some length on the time-binding contributions of Count Alfred Korzybski himself.


Then … at last … our three guests arrived.


They had all travelled quite a distance through space-time to be with us today, so some preliminary smalltalk was considered appropriate.  Then, sustained by Gavan’s most sumptuous table offerings, we embarked together on a rather remarkable journey into our Luncheon Conversation (held in a separate page because of its rather significant length).


Because (as indicated above) of certain space-time issues, our guests needed to leave after lunch, so we bade them farewell on their long journeys, and embarked on our own short journey around the park to contemplate the morning’s experience.


Re-convening for another round of Gavan’s inimitable Sefton variety coffee and cakes, we considered some curly issues stemming from the morning’s proceedings (another substantial document).  The afternoon afforded an inadequate amount of time to do justice to this quest, so it will be pursued on another occasion.




The AGS Business meeting that followed was, of course, of the highest standard, but not quite in the same league as our time with the special luncheon guests. 




The next meeting:

Oct Sun 22nd at Gavan's

The Effect of Language on the Nervous System

How to use it to reduce argument, criticism and conflict from a Caro viewpoint.

Led by Laurie Cox


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