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AGS Monthly Seminar


Saturday November 15th

GS in The Bible

Why is the Bible such a big deal?

Is it "the cause of all strife" in Western civilisation?

Or is it "full" of great ideas and wisdom consistent with g-s teaching?

What are some of the alternatives in our 21st century society?

Led by Robert




1. Catching-up


2. CD (Track 1-4) - Readings from Genesis


3. The Bible - "What 'is' it?"


4. Part of our modern life: The Bible Quiz!


5. Sample of a conflict between parties which both base their beliefs on the Bible!


6. "Faith and Science"


7. Leunig on “The Stuff”


8. Bible as the "Cause of all strife" ?


9. Reading from Revelations Ch 4


10. Kodish refutations


11. Dawes Conversation


12. Reflections on this presentation


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13. Identification (Laurie)


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14. Business session.


15. Close.






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