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The reality we manage to get into our heads is largely that reality which is abstracted through our symbol systems.


Time-binding: The uniquely human ability to build on the accumulated knowledge of others, potentially to an exponential degree.

Australian General Semantics Society Inc.

First National Conference

27-29 August 2010


"A Leisurely Sunday-Afternoon River Cruise"



Well, we (or most of us) had had enough workshop activity for a while,
so we headed into town for a leisurely Yarra River experience.

Some of us gazed at the passing city ...

Some of us tried to hear the historical commentary ...

Some sipped "an on-board cuppa" thoughtfully prepared by Pauline ...

Some took the chance for more intensive one-on-one conversations ...

~0~.... .

Then it was time to register for tomorrow's UN NGO Conference,
and back to Armagh for a "Closing Plenary Dinner and Debrief".

~0~ . ...

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