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Seminar Summary - 19 November 2011


Welcome to the AGS Monthly Seminar

"Milton Dawes"

Our friend Milton is a profound thinker,
a prolific contributor to GS publications
and a loyal correspondent with his antipodean colleagues.
We'll review his GS ideas, his writings
and his contributions to the advancement of this discipline.

Led by Robert

Graciously hosted by Gavan and Pauline at "Clifftop View"


Catching Up & Introductions
Reports of GS Interest: Library, "Meetup", etc ...
GS Diary Reports - "Our GS Experiences"
Review of 2011 -
AGS Seminars
Laurie's reflections on
"Where do we come from,
Where we are at,
Where we are Going?"
Visions and Plans for all of us!

~ Luncheon ~

The Life and Times of Milton Dawes
Business Meeting



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