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Sunday 18 March
"GS Formulations Overview"

A general overview of GS formulations

and how they fit together as a system.
What they can do, and cannot do for us.
What we know and what we've forgotten,  etc.
Presented by Mr David Hewson.

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Saturday 26 May
Can we apply time-binding principles to build on ancient traditions,
or is this just a New-Age craze with little new to offer?
Presented by Robert James.
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Saturday 30 June
"A Celebration of the Life and Work of Laurie Cox -
Pioneer of General Semantics in Australia, and Founder of AGS"

Presented by David Hewson.
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     Sunday 19 August          
   "Future Shock"

Should we live in fear of Alvin Toffler’s predictions,
or can we equip ourselves for the unknown?
Some of us seem to thrive on change and crest its waves joyfully. 
Others resist it or seek flight from it. It is about our capacity to adapt.
It is about the future and the shock that its arrival brings.
Western society for the past 300 years has been caught up in a fire storm of change.
Does general semantics offer tools to assist us in coping with all this? 
Presented by Robert James.
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Sunday October 28
"Habits for Highly Effective GS People"
Time binding off “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People”,
“The Managerial Grid”, “Getting to Yes”, “I’m OK, You’re OK”
and many other books on interpersonal relationships and Korzybski’s works,
we looked at how to improve our effectiveness and interpersonal relationships.
Presented by David Hewson.
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Sunday Nov. 25
"Living in the 'Post-Truth' Age"

Can General Semantics be a real force for mapping new territories
 in the face of the social media onslaught and 'fake news'?
To be presented by Robert James
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