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Seminar Summary - Saturday 30th November 2019


"How Will be Remembered?"

Why are some people almost instantly forgotten when they have gone, while others cling on, embedding themselves so deeply into our culture that we’re still studying them, psychoanalysing them, writing about their life, death and achievements,
even depicting them in films, millennia after they’re gone?

An important formulation in general semantics is the principle of time-binding:
We pass on stuff to future generations.

What have we created or influenced, that we can pass on ... ?

Presented by Robert James

Our Seminar:
was generously hosted at Gav & Pauline's beautiful Bonnet Bay home -
Thank you both!

Catching Up
Sharing of triumphs and tragedies and miscellaneous yarns.

GS Diary
In the spirit of "applying general semantics principles" to our lives, as opposed to dwelling in theory, we considered members' accounts of observations and applications relating to the principles and formulations of our discipline.

1. "How Will We be Remembered?" -
    A Preparatory Homework Exercise!

Hello again everyone,

Well here we are again – thinking this time about “How we might like to be remembered ... ”!

A few questions (“The Ten Commandments”?) to ponder for discussion on Saturday, please:

1. How would you like to remember your life so far –
    What are some of the highlights of your life, that you most like to remember ... ?

2. How would you like to be remembered (not “How do you think you will be remembered?”),
    by your immediate family and extended family, friends and professional colleagues?

3. Write an epitaph for your own headstone!
    Consider that it is to be engraved in stone, to last one thousand years!

4. What about the wider world –
    How might people talk about you after you’ve “passed away”?

5. What about some secret fantasies to share (or not!)
    about how things could have been / should have been / would have been, “if only ... ”?

6. In reasonably realistic terms (ie no magic, please!), what decisions could you have made
    differently, to give you a different life from what you’ve had so far?

7. Do you have some friends or family members who you particularly admire in some respect
    (not necessarily in all respects)? Can you list some admirable quality in each person that
    you know (or at least a few of them, for this exercise)?

8. Do you have some real-life “heroes”? Who? Why – Is it because they’re admirable,
    or because they’re nice?

9. In Somerset Maugham’s story “The Painted Veil", Kitty says to Waddington:
    "As if a woman ever loved a man for his virtue!". What do you think of this?

10. How do you think that AGS will be remembered in 100 years?
    And how can we / should we influence how it will be remembered,
    for optimal positive time-binding?

I’m confident that you can provide “the truth, the whole truth ...”
on these questions with minimal effort, in time for discussion on Saturday.

2. "How Will We be Remembered?" -
    Some Visionary Ideas:

a. Geo Engineering​:

What is Geoengineering and Can It Save the Planet​"

b. The Bradfield Project​:

"The 1938 Bradfield scheme dream proposed yet again after another Qld wet season"

"Why the Bradfield Scheme would be a disaster"

c. The Long Now Foundation​:

"Several epic projects"

3. "How Will We be Remembered?" -
    Reflections on the last few hundred years:

19th c. Inventions:​
"A history of 19th Century Inventions​"

"Forty Fantastic Inventions of the Nineteenth Century​"

20th c. Inventions:​
What Are the Most Important Inventions of the 20th Century?​"

"Inventions that shook the world- The 1900s"

21st. c. Inventions:​
"25 Spectacular Inventions Of The 21st Century​"

"10 Darkest Inventions Of The 21st Century"
  See:​ ​


Thank you:
  * To all those who made diligent and honest attempt at the "homework" questions,
  * And to all the others who contributed their wisdom and experience to our deliberations.  :-)


Next Meetings:

For 2020, the Seminar Programme will be available shortly - "Watch this space" !


Disclaimer: This "summary" is a collection of notes derived from our discussion by a number of means.  It is by no means a scholarly dissertation on the subject as presented.  It does not purport to be the "policy of AGS".  Comment and criticism (constructive or otherwise) is welcome.  If anyone has been misquoted, copyrights infringed or confidences betrayed, please Contact us.



Updated by Robert James
30 November 2019

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