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Saturday 10th December 2022
8pm Sydney time, on line via Zoom 

Reflections on the year past,
Anticipations on the year ahead,
and "Perceptions of Reality"

Facilitator: Mr Jaison Tremain

We considered some material that seem to address interesting questions about perception and reality such as:

  * "Does colour exist in reality?”,
  * “Is the world a projection of my consciousness?”,
  * “Are we living in a matrix like ‘The Matrix’ movie?".

These questions are based on selections from Rudolf Steiner’s book ‘The Philosophy of Freedom’,
 which was first published in 1894.

We considered these (and other) questions from the perspective of Rudolf Steiner’s book,
and of course from a general semantics perspective.

Rudolf Steiner and the Matrix
  * The Matrix vs Reality Part 2

   Saturday 10th December 2022, 10am - 1pm Sydney time
   Friday 9th December 2022, 6pm - 9pm Ohio / New York time.

   On-line, by Zoom (Covid and 'flu safe!): Click here to join the meeting

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Next meeting:  Saturday 18th February 2023  10am - 1pm (Sydney time)

The Exhilaraton of Scientific Method

Our world is unpredictable and full of contradictions, and navigating its complexities while trying to make the best decisions is far from easy.

We will take eight short lessons on how to unlock the clarity, empowerment, and joy of thinking and living a little more scientifically, to get the most out of life.


This "summary" is a collection of notes provided by the presenter and/or derived from our discussion by a number of means.  It is by no means a scolarly dissertation on the subject(s) as presented.  It does not purport to be the "policy of AGS".

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