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Allan Mikkelsen

I have been a member of the PCUG since 1989 and was a member of the Committee from 1996 to 2002. My work background is in computing, and I spent 30 years in the Australian Public Service in jobs such as programmer, IT manager, and support specialist. My academic background is in mathematics, physics, and statistics with some post-graduate studies in statistical computing. I am now retired.

My contributions to the group include serving as a member of the Internet Project Management Committee for six years, with several as chairman, and as a TIP admin since 1997. I spent a year as Vice-President and several months as Treasurer. I am an active member of several Special Interest Groups, was founder of the Linux Learners SIG and Internet Daytime SIG, and am an Honorary Life Member of the Coffee and Chat SIG.

I support the manifesto of the LMS Team and have a particular interest in positioning TIP where it can better serve the interests of PCUG members as an Internet provider.

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