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These sites have been collected from postings in the outdoor groups of Usenet.

Guide to the worlds mountains

The UIAA Expeditions Commission has the latest information on peak fees.

Fat Boys Mountaineering Club - for the type of climber who would rather finish his (or her pizza) than be able to get up that 5.10 after all, if you just can't seem to find any lycra in your size, or if you just like to have fun climbing and don't mind laughing at yourself (or better yet, at your partner) on a regular basis.


Aussie Outback has
-a great gallery of images of the Australian bush country,
-links to other great Aussie sites,
-a selection of entertaining and useful CD-Roms including national Parks, wildlife, and Aussie Adventures (inc climbing).

Climb is an Australian climbing magazine on the net.

RATROX climbing holds

Sydney Indoor Climbing Gym

Hobart Indoor Climbing Gym

New England University Mountaineering Club

Wild Country climbing gear

The Australian Rogaining Association

West Australian Rogaining

"The word ROGAINE was coined from: ROger GAIl and NEil, the three people in Australia reported to have developed the first ROGAINE. Some people know it as: Rugged Outdoor Group Activity Involving Navigation and Endurance."

A Brief History of Rogaining by David Rowlands

ANZSES (Australian New Zealand Scientific Expedition Society)

South Australian Climbing

South Africa

Blouberg, South Africa. This is regarded as big wall climbing territory.

New Zealand

Climbing in New Zealand: The New Zealand Alpine Club has some useful info or for alpine climbing further south check out Joe Stock's excellent article published in Rock&Ice.


Guide to the mountains in Norway

Information on Mont Blanc

North America

The Canadian Rockies Climbing Guide is the authoritative WWW reseource on climbing in the Rockies and the Bugaboos - info on sport, multi-pitch rock, alpine, and ice climbing. Weather, geology, facilities, a bibliography, important phone numbers, maps, photos, and lots of links to other important resources.

35 Calif. state park websites are now listed at Calif. state parks websites listing - this is much larger than the "official" list

D.D. Bartley Page has climbing journals for the 7 Summits trips

Yosemite Fund.

Acadia National Park

Ftp information on the Appalachian trail.


UK climbing

Cambridge Climbing and Caving Club

CU Hillwalking Club (Cambridge University?)

Information about Ibex Mountaineering Club, based in London.

Southampton Rats Climbing Club

Northumbrian Mountaineering Club

The Lake District National Park Authority working to:
- preserve natural beauty, wildlife and cultural heritage
- promote the understanding of the special qualities of the Lake District
- foster the needs of the local community

John Dawson's Lake District Walks

Jane's (rather idiosyncratic) Campsites in the Lake District

Accommodation in the lakes district.

WWW: Pub Hiker's Guide

FAQ for uk.rec.walking.

Lists of all kinds of Scottish hills (including Munros).

Hillwalking in Scotland, all walks are within a 30 - 60 minute car journey from the centre of Glasgow. There are a variety of walks, from Scotland's most southerly Munro, Ben Lomond, to the more leisurely stroll through Mugdock Country Park, and walks in the Campsie Hills. All walks include maps and photographs.

South America

Climbing in Chile

Chile Climbing Page

Goran Kropp

Everest from Sweden to Summit by Bicycle

Kropp started his expedition from Sweden the 15 of October 1995. It took him 5 months to bike the 13000 km to Kathmandu. He has brought all his equipment alone except from food which he has bought from shops along the way. In Kathmandu he had a short break before he started to walk to the basecamp, carrying 65 kg of gear on his back and stomach. "Some of the toughest days in my life" Goran said after having passed a couple of "small" 3000 meter summits on his way to the basecamp. Due to bad weather he had to turn back close to the summit a couple of times before he eventually succeeded.

There have been many things that have happened. In Pakistan he lost his patience. There was a crowd around him, he was trying to have breakfast, and one of them tried to take his map. And Goran held it and it broke a little bit, it tore. When Goran pulled it back the man got angry and tried to pull Goran's sweater over his head and hit him, but missed. Then Goran did the same thing and pulled the sweater over his head and really hit him. The man fell down. Goran thought he would have people on him, but they disappeared.

Goran is quite an experienced climber. In 1988, he had his first high-altitude experience. It was Peak Lenin in Russia (7,134 meters). In '89 he took a lot of summits in South America. In '90, Mustagh Tower (7,273 meters), very difficult climbing there. In '91 he climbed the world's most north 7,000-plus peak (7,349 meters). In '92 he climbed Cho Oyu (8,200 meters). In '93 he climbed K2 (8,680 meters), the second-highest mountain in the world, and what people think is the most dangerous summit. He went alone from Camp IV to the summit and was only the second person in the world to reach the summit without oxygen.

In '94 he climbed Broad Peak (8,047 meters), did it alone from the base camp and alone to the summit in 18 hours.

Goran reckons hell be back in Sweden in September '96.


Allez Magazine has a new layout and more pictures and topos.

Rock & Ice Magazine is pleased to announce the debut of Rock + Ice Online, a Web-based magazine with content not found in the print magazine. R+I Online features news, local conditions, guides (with topos!), stories, a beginner's section and more!

I also maintain a longer list of online magazines.

Equipment Suppliers


Mountain Gear

Mountain Safety Research (MSR)

Thermarest (Cascade Designs)

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