Trekking Sites

Many trekking companies are now on the web. Sites contain information on what to take, where to go, detailed itineriaries, and lots of good photographs.

The Himalayan Explorers Club, a nonprofit organization, is now available for people traveling to (or with an interest in) the Himalayas. The Web pages now include an indexed search of relevant Himalayan Newsgroup postings over the past year. The Club also offers a number of services, including:

  1. A Kathmandu Clubhouse where members can send or receive mail, phone calls, and e-mail, store luggage, and meet other travelers.
  2. A home-stay program, where visitors to Nepal can stay with families in Kathmandu.
  3. A quarterly newsletter, Himalayan News, with articles on culture, travel, and nonprofit work being conducted in the Himalayan region.
  4. Discounts on books, maps, and handicrafts from the region.
  5. Growing databases of trip reports and travel advice collected from members, press articles, and internet searches.

Trekking Companies

Asian Trekking Company (Nepal based)

CANADIAN HIMALAYAN EXPEDITIONS LTD have good detailed itineraries online which give you an idea of daily elevation gains. They have an associated American agent in California).

Classic Himalayan Trekking specialize in organized camping treks in Nepal Himalayas, but also handle small groups and individual trekkers, camping or tea house style. The home page contains not only the 1996/97 programs but also facts about Nepal and trekking in Nepal. There is also a photo gallery page with some very beautiful images of Nepal.

Malla Treks run by Stan Armington who writes the Lonely Planet "Trekking in the Nepal Himalaya"

Mountain Travel - Sobek

World Peace Trekking are a Nepalese owned trekking company whose aim is to promote tourism without damage to the fragile environment or the culture. They would really appreciate some friendly advice on how to promote/market themselves in an economical way as they are not nor do they ever intend to be one of the rich fascist major travel companies that rip people off.

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