Python 2.3.5 port to OS/2

Python 2.3.5 was released on January 25, 2005. This port was released on February 13, 2005.

Please read the port's README file.

Python 2.3.5 download... -  the installation package; 4,142,110 bytes;
MD5=5e977db5a11f220fdf28d6d7596cb7ed -  the source patches and makefiles; 50,968 bytes;

Binary distributions of some significant/popular Python extensions for the 2.3[.2|.3|.4|.5] port: - 
Numeric Python (aka NumPy) v23.1; 580,260 bytes;
MD5=eb862b2a0e25c6ac4107b2b09896d7cf - 
Konrad Hinsen's Scientific Python v2.4 (requires NumPy); 416,259 bytes;
MD5=9021561a342b30a90166be5f27bcf5ca - 
Aaron Watters's Gadfly DBMS module (as maintained by Richard Jones on Sourceforge, includes Aaron's kjbuckets module too); 382,151 bytes;
MD5=1c53b97188bbb48cc5d0db11428cd0b5 - 
Python Imaging Library, from Pythonware; 480,000 bytes;
MD5=18a3c1e2c4493ac0f990a861cbe701ba - 
(20Sep04) mx-base collection of extensions, by Marc-Andre Lemburg; 1,018,108 bytes;
MD5=c501622e4387fcbc8d8c02d6aefe0f2e - 
PyGreSQL interface module to the PostgreSQL RDBMS; 384,214 bytes;
MD5=ad5e35f9b9e3a852ee61b437784b16b4 - 
Armin Rigo's Python Specializing Compiler; 121,869 bytes;
MD5=8a473c852fe32927b33ff500e60e3caf - 
PyPgSQL DB-API 2.0 interface module to the PostgreSQL RDBMS; 442,432 bytes;
MD5=217308b08f2f7cf5dadea3b0468fde9c - 
pysqlite DB-API 2.0 interface module to the SQLite embedded SQL database library; 29,762 bytes;
NOTE: requires the SQLite package from the libraries page.

  1. All module packages have been built with the Python 2.3 port, except for pypgsql and Numeric which were built with the Python 2.3.2 port, and psyco and pysqlite which were built with the 2.3.4 port.
  2. The PyGreSQL and PyPgSQL modules can be used with Vincenzo Venuto's OS/2 port of PostgreSQL RDBMS, but are not dependant on it. PostgreSQL 7.3.2 is also available from the Hobbes archive.

The above files have been uploaded to the Hobbes OS/2 Software Archive, and should be in the /pub/os2/dev/python directory. Failing that, check the Hobbes incoming directory. Downloading from Hobbes is likely to be faster, particularly if you're not in Australia.

Ted Sikora has Zope 2.6.4 up and running on OS/2! You can get info and installation packages from his Zope on OS/2 page.
I'm also told that Plone 2.0 has been been brought up!

BitTorrent appears to be usable. The Python 2.3.[234] port supports both the "headless" ( and curses ( downloaders; earlier port releases don't support the curses downloader due to a packaging/installation bug involving the curses.panel module.
NOTE:I have received advice that the previously reported traps experienced with BitTorrent are TCP/IP v4.3 problems, which may be resolved with the application of fixes IC35005 and PJ29457 (contained in the NEWSTACK.ZIP archive available from the Hobbes archive).
[UPDATE 4/4/05] There appears also to be evidence that the eCS TCP/IP tuning utility turns on SACK, which appears to cause the TCP/IP stack indigestion. This can be deactivated by editing INETCFG.INI - see this article for more information.
In an attempt to try and narrow down the possible causes of the residual BitTorrent problems, I have built experimental versions of the _socket and select extension modules which directly call the TPC/IP v4.3 API instead of using EMX's BSD socket abstraction over the TCP/IP v4.0 API. This package has not been heavily tested, and is not recommended for use with any other Python application than BitTorrent.

I'm hoping to add more binary distributions of Python extensions for the 2.3 port over time.

NOTE: I am no longer in a position to support any of my OS/2 ports or software. The software packages will stay available from this site for the time being but will be removed at some point in the future. 19Jan2017

Other bits

The Python 2.4 port is here (v2.4 released 30 November, 2004).

Other software I've released can be found here.


Most credit has to go to the porters of older releases of Python: Jeff Rush (v1.5.2 and earlier - IBM Visual Age C++ compiler) and Andrew Zabolotny (v1.5.2 - EMX+gcc). Without their efforts, I wouldn't have released anything.

Last updated: January 19, 2017