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Aboriginal History: Jan/Mar 94 pp45-46

Aces and Aircraft of World War I: Oct/Dec 81 p38

Against All Odds - the History of the 2/18th Bn: Apr/Jun 92 pp28-29

AIF in Sinai and Palestine, The: Apr/Jun 85 pp39-40

Air Organisations of the Third Reich: Jan 68 p120

Airborne Soldier, The: Jul/Sep 83 p31

Aircraft of the USAF: Jan/Mar 79 p43

Airworthy! Flying Vintage Aircraft: Jul/Sep 82 p35

Always Faithful - The History of the 49th Battalion: Oct/Dec 84 p36

American Badges and Insignia: Oct 68 p54

America's Bloodiest Day: Apr/Jun 80 p47-48

An army for a nation: Jul/Sep 92 pp39-40

An unrewarded hero: Sep 00 p42

Anatomy of glory, The: Jul 78 p48

Anzac Doctor - Neville Howse VC: Sep 01 pp40-41

Anzacs, The: Jan/Mar 79 pp38-39

Armies in Europe: Jul/Sep 80 p57

Armies of the Napoleonic Era: Jul/Sep 80 p54

Armour and Weapons: Apr 70 p108

Armour On Wheels To 1942: Jul 77 p194

Armoured Combat in Vietnam: Jan/Mar 82 pp37-38

Armoured Forces: Jan 71 p67

Arms and Armour: Jul 66 p33

Arms Control and Technological Innovation: Apr 78 p115

Arms in the Service of Queensland 1859-1901: Mar 98 p39

Army Doctor: Jan/Mar 85 p40

Army in Australia 1840-1850, The: Jan/Mar 80 pp56-57

Army in Victorian Society, The: Jul 77 p191

Army, Navy and Air Force Uniforms of the Warsaw Pact: Jan/Mar 79 p40

Army Uniforms since 1945: Jul/Sep 81 p38

As It Seemed to Us - 1st Aust Mountain Bty: Jul/Sep 94 p39

As It Was: Jun 73 pp188-189

Ashes of Vietnam: Oct/Dec 87 p34

At War with the 51st Battalion and the 31/51st Battalion: Jul/Sep 94 pp36-37

Atlas of Naval Warfare: Oct 78 p14

Auchinleck - The Lonely Soldier: Jul/Sep 82 pp35-36

Auguste de Colbert: Apr/Jun 80 pp42-43

Australia in the Korean War: Jul/Sep 81 pp34-36

Australian and Imperial Defence 1918-39: Apr 76 p230

Australian Armour: Jul/Sep 79 p34

Australian Army at War 1899-1975, The: Oct/Dec 82 p33

Australian Army Badges, Pt 2, 1900-1930: Jan/Mar 84 pp40-41

Australian Army Badges - A Collector's Reference Guide, Pt 3: Jan/Mar 86 p32

Australian Army Guidons and Colours: Dec 72 pp61-62

Australian Army Lineage Book, The: Jan 66 p21

Australian Awards of the King's South Africa Medal: Jul 71 p26

Australian Brass - The Career of Lt Gen Sir Horace Robertson: Apr/Jun 92 p36

Australian Churches at War: Jul/Sep 80 p51

Australian Contingents to the China Field Force 1900-1901: Aug 76 p315

Australian Dictionary of Biography - Vol 10: Oct/Dec 86 p41

Australian Flying Corps, The: Apr/Jun 85 pp39-40

Australian Gallant & Distinguished Service Vietnam 1962-73: Sep 74 p222

Australian Imperial Forces 1914-1920 Data: Dec 72 p64

Australian Joint Copying Project: Jan/Mar 87 p42

Australian Military Bibliography: Apr 63 p105; Oct 65 p15

Australian Military equipment profiles, Vol 1, Field Artillery: Jan/Mar 93 p40

Australian Military equipment profiles, Vol 4, APCs: Jul/Sep 95 p44

Australian Military Uniforms 1800-1982: Oct/Dec 82 p34

Australian Peace Movement, The: Jan/Mar 90 p32

Australian Women at War: Jan/Mar 85 p36

Australians and Egypt 1914-1919: Jul/Sep 80 pp50-51

Australians at the Boer War: Apr 77 pp121-122

Australians at War 1885-1972: Jul/Sep 84 p35

Australians in Nine Wars, The: Mar 72 p118

Australia's Defence Policy - To live in peace: Jan/Mar 86 p34

Australia's Forgotten Army, Vol 1: Apr/Jun 94 pp42-43

Australia's Vietnam/Australia in the Second Indo-China War: Apr/Jun 85 pp42-43

Autumn of Fury: Jul/Sep 85 pp40-41

Aviators, The: Dec 71 p79

Aye Aye Minister - Australian Naval Administration, 1939-59: Jan/Mar 91 pp46-48


Badges & Insignia of the Third Reich 1933-1945: Oct/Dec 83 p28

Badges of the British Army 1820-1960: Jan 70 p81; Jul 71 pp22-23

Barbarians, The: Jan/Mar 90 p32

Battle for Cassino, The: Apr 76 p231

Battle for the Falklands: Jan/Mar 85 p41

Battle Honours of the British Army: Dec 71 pp77-78

Battle of Hamburg, The: Oct/Dec 81 p43

Battle of Hamel, The: Jun 99 p34

Battle of Maryang San, The: Jan/Mar 93 p39

Battle of the Bulge 1944: Jan/Mar 81 pp31-32

Battlefield of Gallipoli Then and Now, The: Jul/Sep 90 p47

Battlefields of Britain: Apr/Jun 80 p43

Battles With Model Soldiers: Jan 71 p66

Bayonet, The - A History of Knife and Sword Bayonets 1850-1970: Jul 75 p67

Bibliography of British Military History, A: Oct/Dec 82 p37

Bibliography of the Australian Peace Movement, A: Jan/Mar 90 p32

Blamey - The Commander in Chief: Dec 98 pp46-47

Blamey - The Controversial Soldier: Sep 74 p224

Bloody Field by Shrewsbury, A: Jun 73 pp183-184

Blue Jackets and Boxers: Apr/Jun 86 p43

Blue Pencil Warriors: Oct/Dec 84 p35

Blunderbusses: Jul 70 p18

Boer War, The - Army, Nation and Empire: Mar 00 p31

Bomber Boys: Oct/Dec 97 pp37-38

Bomber Command: Jul/Sep 81 p39

Born Leader: Jan/Mar 96 pp34-36

Boutell's Heraldry: Oct 70 p40

Brief Record of the Australian Army Nursing Service, A: Oct/Dec 86 p40

British and American Artillery of World War II: Jul/Sep 79 p33

British and American Infantry Weapons of WW II: Jun 73 p190; Jul 75 p68; Oct 78 p14

British Army 1642-1770, The: Oct 68 pp54-55

British Artillery: Feb 75 pp323-324

British Aviation Colours of World War II, RAF: Jul 77 p193

British Cavalry Uniforms Since 1660: Jul/Sep 85 p37

British Defence Policy in a Changing World: Apr 78 p115

British Forces in the Korean War: Apr/Jun 88 p44

British Infantry: Feb 75 p323

British Infantry of the Napoleonic Wars: Feb/Mar 88 p24

British Infantry Uniforms Since 1660: Apr/Jun 83 p34

British Military Aircraft of World War I, RAF: Jul 77 p195

British Military Uniforms 1768-96: Jul 75 p67

British Military Uniforms: Oct 69 p54

British Tank Markings and Names: Jul/Sep 79 pp33-34

Brown Water Navy, The: Oct/Dec 85 p43

Burgoyne Diaries, The: Jan/Mar 86 p33

Buttons of the British Army 1855-1970: Jan/Mar 80 p57


Cadet Corps in India, Its Evolution and Impact: Apr/Jun 80 pp48-49

Canadian Badges 1920-1950: Jul 71 p22

Cannon Fodder: Jan/Mar 81 p33

Castles: Jul/Sep 80 p54

Cavalry Uniforms of Britain & the Commonwealth: Oct 69 p55

Charles King - American Soldier Novelist: Oct 63 pp63-64

Children of the Empire: Jan/Mar 96 pp38-39

Christmas Island Cracker: Jul/Sep 87 p42

Cigarettes and Shipwrecks, A Family's War Letters 1914-1918: Oct/Dec 88 p 37

City Under Fire: Jul/Sep 80 p53

Cold War, Hot War; An Australian Perspective on the Korean War: Jul/Sep 84 p37

Collecting Metal Shoulder Titles: Apr/Jun 81 p49

Collecting Military Antiques: Jan 77 p48

Collector's Pictorial Book of Bayonets, The: Aug 76 p316

Colonel Colt, London: Aug 76 pp317-318

Colonial Garrison 1871-1824, The - The 48th Foot: Jan/Mar 96 pp36-38

Colonial Volunteers, The: Apr/Jun 89 pp43-44

Colour Guide to German Army Uniforms 1933-1945: Jul 75 p66

Combat Aircraft of World War II: Jan 78 pp50

Commanders, The: Oct/Dec 84 pp33-35

Commandos & Rangers of World War II: Oct 78 p16

Conquest and Settlement - The 21st Regt in Western Australia 1833-1840: Sep 99 pp36-37

Conscripts and Regulars with the Seventh Battalion in Vietnam: Oct/Dec 95 p43

Contemporary Australia: Jul 77 p191

Costume of the 46th Regiment, The: Dec 72 p64

Crecy 1346 - Anatomy of a battle: Apr/Jun 88 p44

Crises and Commitments: Apr/Jun 92 pp27-28

Curtin's Cowboys: Apr/Jun 86 p42


Dayan: Jul 68 p21

Demon to Vampire - The Story of No 21 (City of Melbourne) Squadron: Feb/Mar 88 p25

Desert Harassers, The - Memoirs of 450 (RAAF) Squadron: Apr/Jun 92 pp29-30

Desert Hath Pearls, The: Aug 76 p314

Desert Rats at War: Apr 76 pp230-231; Oct 78 pp14-15

Destination Berchtesgarden: Apr 76 p231

Devil's Garden, The: Apr/Jun 92 p37; Jul/Sep 92 pp42-43

Die Deutsche Wehrmacht 1934-1945: Jan 69 pp78-79; Jul 69 p31

Diggers of Colditz, The: Apr/Jun 86 p46

Distinguished Flying Cross & How It Was Won 1918-1995: Jun 98 p42

Dreadnought: Apr 76 p229

Dress & Insignia of the British Army in Australia & NZ 1770-1870: Jan/Mar 82 p37

Dress Regulations 1846: Dec 71 p78

Dress Regulations for the Army 1900: Jul 70 p17

Dutch Muskets and Pistols: Dec 75 p142

Duty First: Jan/Mar 92 pp43-44

Duty, Honour, Empire: Dec 71 p78


Eisenhower - The Soldier: Apr/Jun 85 pp340-41

Encyclopedia of Military History, The: Jan 71 p68

Encyclopedia of Modern Warfare: Oct 77 pp265-266

English Civil War, 1642-1651, The: Jul/Sep 84 p36

European Military Uniforms: Oct 69 p54

European Weapons and Warfare: Oct/Dec 80 p25

Expose! A History of Searchlights in World War 2: Apr/Jun 94 p46

Eye-Deep in Hell, The Western Front 1914-18: Apr 77 p125


Fallen Soldiers: Apr/Jun 91 p51

Falling In - Australians and 'Boy' Conscription 1911-1915: Apr/Jun 80 p48

Fighter Squadrons of the RAF and Their Aircraft: Jan 70 p83

Fighting First, The: Apr/Jun 91 pp49-50

Fighting Sail: Apr/Jun 84 pp27-28

First AIF, The: Apr/Jun 82 pp33-34

First Impact: Jul/Sep 97 p39

First In, Last Out - The Navy at Gallipoli: Apr/Jun 90 p37

First of the Few, The: Oct/Dec 82 p32

First Queensland Mounted Infantry in South Africa 1899-1900, The: Apr 71 pp116-117

Flags: Jul 70 p18

Flesh in Armour: Oct/Dec 85 p41

Flight of Diamonds: Jul/Sep 87 pp41-42

Fly Navy - The History of Maritime Aviation: Apr/Jun 81 p49

Flying Minnows: Jul 77 p193

Footsteps of the Diggers: Apr/Jun 97 p37

For Queen and Empire: Sep 74 p222

For Valour - The History of Southern Africa's VC Heroes: Jan 74 p74

Force of Law, The - International Law and the Land Commander: Oct/Dec 95 pp45-46

Forgotten War, The: Apr/Jun 80 pp45-46

42nd, The: Apr/Jun 97 p37

Four Thousand Bowls of Rice: Oct/Dec 94 p41

XIVth Army at War, The: Apr/Jun 83 pp32-33

Frederick the Great: Jan 71 p68

French Army Regiments and Uniforms: Oct 69 p55

From Duntroon to the Dardanelles: Jan/Mar 96 pp46-47

From the Front - Boer War Dispatches of A B (Banjo) Paterson: Sep 01 pp39-40

Funnies, The - A History of the 79th Armoured Div: Jul 75 p69


G for George: Jan/Mar 82 p37

Gallipoli: Jul 75 p72

Gallipoli Correspondent: Oct/Dec 84 p39

Gallipoli Diary of Sgt Lawrence, The: Jan/Mar 82 pp39-40

Gallipoli to the Somme - The Story of CEW Bean: Jan/Mar 85 p38

Galloping Guns of Rupertswood and Werribee Park: Oct/Dec 86 pp40-41

Garibaldi - The Revolutionary and His Men: Apr/Jun 80 pp46-47

General Staffs and Diplomacy before the Second World War: Jan/Mar 79 p41

German Army 1933-1945, The: Oct 78 p14

German Army Handbook April 1918: Jan 78 p49

German Army Uniforms and Insignia 1933-1945: Jun 72 pp154-155

German Atomic Bomb, The: Apr/Jun 85 pp41-42

German Half -Tracked Vehicles of World War II: Aug 76 pp316-317

German Infantry 1914-1918: Dec 71 pp78-79

German Infantry and Assault Engineer Equipment: Apr 77 pp123-124

German Infantry Weapons of WWII: Jun 73 p190; Jul 75 p68

German Tanks of World War Two: Jul/Sep 88 p45

German Uniforms of the Third Reich 1933-1945: Jul/Sep 81 p38

German Uniforms, Weapons, Insignia, 1841-1918: Oct 59 pp7/30

Glass Cannon, The: Jul/Sep 92 pp42-43

Grand Expedition, The: Jul/Sep 79 pp29-30

Great Battles of Biblical History: Oct 69 p54

Great Escape, The: Jan/Mar 90 p31

Great Military Battles: Apr 70 p106

Great Regiments: Jan 70 p82

Guadalcanal Campaign, The: Jun 73 pp187-188

Guide to Military Museums, A: Oct 69 p56

Guide to the Records of Gavin Long, A: Jul/Sep 94 p39

Guilty or Innocent? - The Gordon Bennett Case: Apr/Jun 92 p34

Gulf Commitment, The: Apr/Jun 92 p36

Gull Force: Oct/Dec 91 p42

Gun Fire, A History of the 2/12th Australian Field Regiment: Apr/Jun 92 pp31-32

Guns of the Regiment: Oct/Dec 81 pp42-43

Guns of Tomaree: Dec 98 p47

Guns, The - Thank Gawd - The Guns!: Jul/Sep 94 p39

Guns: Jan 70 p83

Guy Gibson: Jan/Mar 96 pp34-36


Handbook for Model Soldier Collectors: Jan 70 pp80-81; Jan 71 p65

Hat Badges of the Australian Army 1948-1971: Apr 71 p118

Head-Dress Badges of the British Army, Vols I & II: Apr/Jun 80 p49

Heraldry in the Royal Australian Navy: Jul/Sep 81 p40; Jan/Mar 84 p21

Here is Their Spirit: Jan/Mar 92 pp42-43

Heritage of Spirit, A: Jul/Sep 79 pp31-32

Historia Militaris Polonica: Jan/Mar 80 pp55-56

Historic Naval Events of Australia Day-By-Day: Jan/Mar 84 pp18-19

Histories - Personal Narratives - United States Army: Jan 68 p119

History of Shooting, A: Apr 70 p108

History of the Adelaide University Regiment 1948-73: Jan 74 p74

Hitler As Military Commander: Dec 71 pp76-77

Hitler's Germanic Legion: Jan/Mar 79 p42

Hitler's SS: Apr 71 p120

HMAS Sydney - Fact, Fantasy, Fraud: Oct/Dec 84 pp37-38

HMAS Sydney - Loss and Controversy: Apr/Jun 94 pp45-46

Hong Kong Resistance 1942-45: Jan/Mar 86 pp34-35

Hooves, Wheels & Tracks: Jul/Sep 92 pp40-42

Hospital at War, A - 2/4 AGH 1940-45: Oct/Dec 83 pp26-27

Hurcombe's Half Hundred: Apr/Jun 92 p33


In Good Company: Jul/Sep 87 p39

Indian Army, The: Apr/Jun 82 p33

Indian State Forces, The: Apr 71 p120

Infantry Uniforms 1742-1855: Jan 70 p82

International Heraldry: Oct 70 p41

International Militaria Collector’s Guide, The: Sep 01 p42

Israeli Air Force Story, The: Jun 72 p159

It doesn't take a hero: Apr/Jun 93 p41

Italian farming soldiers, The: Apr/Jun 81 p47


James Flood book of motorcycling in Australia 1899-1980: Jan/Mar 83 pp33-34

Japanese Army Handbook 1939-45: Apr/Jun 80 pp43-44

Japanese Sword Blades: Jul 75 pp67-68

Jewish General Officers: Oct 67 p70

John Monash: Jul/Sep 82 pp37-39

June 1944: Jan/Mar 85 p35


Kamikaze - The Sacred Warriors: Apr/Jun 84 pp29-31

Kicking With the Wind: Jan/Mar 85 p39

Killer Angels: Oct/Dec 95 pp44-45

King of Kiriwina: Jul 75 p71

Knights of the Iron Cross: Jul/Sep 87 pp40-41

Kurukshetra War, The: Apr 76 p229


Lancaster Manual, The: Jan 78 p49

Last Stop Nagasaki: Jul/Sep 85 p38

Lebanon to Labuan: Oct/Dec 80 p24

Les Armees D'Europe: Jul 63 p18-21

Letters From a Bomber Pilot: Oct/Dec 88 p37

Letters From Spain: Jul/Sep 85 p39

Life in Wellington's Army: Jun 73 p186-187

Light Horse - The Story of Australia's Mounted Troops: Jan/Mar 79 p39

Lineage Book of the British Army - Mounted Corps and Infantry 1660-1968: Apr 70 p109

Lineage of the Australian Army, The: Jun 73 p183-190

Lion in the Colony, A: Apr/Jun 91 p48

Longbow: Jul 77 p195

Loyalty and Service - The Officer Cadet School, Portsea: Jan/Mar 96 p40-41

Luftwaffe Handbook 1939-45: Oct 78 p15-16

Luger Story, The - The standard history of the world’s most famous handgun: Sep 01 p42


MacDonald World Air Power Guide: Jul 64 p26

Macquarie's Veterans: Jul/Sep 96 p33-34

Making Model Aircraft: Apr 77 p126

Making the Legend - The war writings of CEW Bean: Apr/Jun 92 p37

Mark Clark: Jul/Sep 85 p39-40

McNamara VC: Jul/Sep 97 p37

Medical Stores: Jan/Mar 81 p34

Medieval Military Dress: Apr/Jun 84 p33

Memoirs of Sergeant Bourgogne 1812-1813, The: Oct/Dec 79 p10

Men-of-War: Jan/Mar 79 p40

Meteor shining brightly, A - Essays on the life and career of Major General Patrick R Cleburne: Jun 01 p47

Middle East in Revolution, The: Dec 71 p78

Military Aircraft of Australia: Jun 72 p156

Military and Australia's Defence, The: Jan/Mar 80 p54

Military Badge Collecting: Sep 72 p37-38; Jul 75 p70

Military Breech-Loading Rifles: Sep 74 p228; Jul 75 p68

Military Flags of the World 1618-1900: Jan 78 p48

Military General Service Roll 1793-1814, The: Jul/Sep 90 p48

Military Headdress - A Pictorial History From 1660-1914: Aug 76 p317

Military Modelling: Jan 71 p65

Military Origins: Apr 71 p118-119

Military Small Arms of South Australia 1839-1901: Sep 98 p49

Military Small Arms of the Twentieth Century: Apr 76 p228

Military Uniforms 1686-1918: Apr 70 p107

Military Uniforms of the World: Oct 69 p55

Miniature Scenic Modelling: Apr/Jun 80 p45

Model Soldiers: Apr 60 p9/32

Monash as a General: Jun 73 p190-192

Monash as Military Commander: Jan/Mar 86 p30-32

Montgomery as Military Commander: Dec 71 p77

Montgomery in Europe 1943-1945 - Success or Failure?: Apr/Jun 84 p25-27

Monty - Making of a General: Jan/Mar 85 p31-33

Monty's Grandfather: Jul/Sep 84 p36

More Battlefields of England: Jul 75 p69

More Than Little Heroes: Jan/Mar 96 p39

Mosquito Manual, The: Jul 78 p49-50


Naked Island, The: Oct/Dec 93 p37

Naval and Marine Badges and Insignia of World War 2: Jul/Sep 81 p38

Naval Career, A: Oct/Dec 83 p25-26

Naval Swords: Jul 70 p19

Naval War Against Hitler, The: Dec 71 p77

Naval Warfare in the Twentieth Century: Oct 77 p264-265

Navies and Foreign Policy: Oct 77 p264

Navies of the Napoleonic Era: Jan/Mar 81 p33-34

Nazi Party, The - A social profile of members & leaders: Apr/Jun 87 p41-42

Netherlands Army Regimental Badges: Jul 71 p21-22

New Guinea 1942-44: Apr/Jun 82 p30-31

New South Wales Soudan Contingent, 1885: Dec 72 p63

New Zealand Army - A Bibliography, The: Apr 61 p2

New Zealand Wars, The: Oct 67 p69

New Zealand winners of the Victoria Cross: Oct 66 p71

1915: Jul/Sep 79 p35

No Easy Answers - The Development of the Navies of India: Mar 98 p40

No Moon Tonight: Jan/Mar 87 p40

None Had Lances, The Story of the 24th Lancers: Apr/Jun 86 p45

North American Fighting Uniforms: Jul/Sep 85 p37

North West Frontier, The: Apr/Jun 83 p31-32

Not Bad Coves - Alfred Leahy with the Tenth Field Company: Jun 99 p34-35

Nothing Over Us, the 2/6th Infantry Bn: Oct/Dec 86 p35-38


Occupation Diplomacy - Britain, the United States and Japan 1945-52: Apr/Jun 85 p43-44

Of Nautilus and Eagles - A History of the RAN: Jan/Mar 84 p17-18

Officers of the West Australian Defence Force, 1861-1901: Apr/Jun 91 p50-51

Official History of Australia in the War of 1914-1918 (reprints): Vol 1, Apr/Jun 81 p45-46; Vols 1 to 4, Oct/Dec 82 p35-36; Vols 7 & 8, Apr/Jun 85 p39-40

Old Friends and New Enemies: Oct/Dec 90 p42-45

On Ultra Active Services: Jul/Sep 91 p41

One Day at a Time: Jan/Mar 93 p40-41

One Spring in Picardy: Jun 73 p184-185

Orders and Decorations: Oct 68 p52-54

Orders, Decorations, Medals and Battles of the Third Reich: Oct 69 p54

Orders, Medals and Decorations of Britain and Europe: Oct 67 p68

Origins of the Royal Australian Army Medical Corps, The: Jul 71 p24-25

Overlord, D Day and the Battle for Normandy 1944: Jul/Sep 84 p37-38

Oxford Companion to Australian Military History: Jan/Mar 96 p41-42


Padre - Australian Chaplains in Gallipoli and France: Apr/Jun 86 p43-44

Panzer Colours-Camouflage of The German Panzer Forces: Apr 77 p123

Parachute Badges and Insignia of the World: Jul/Sep 79 p32-33

Patrol Into Yesterday: Apr 64 p99

Patterns of War Since the Eighteenth Century: Jan/Mar 86 p35-36

Peninsular General: Jul/Sep 80 p56

Peninsular Preparation - The Reform of the British Army 1795-1809: Oct 64 p50-51

Per Ardua Ad Astra - Seventy Years of the RFC and the RAF: Jan/Mar 83 p33

Phillip of Australia: Mar 73 p92

Photo History of Tanks, A: Jul/Sep 85 p41

Pictorial History of Air Warfare, The: Jul/Sep 80 p52

Pictorial History of Australians at War, A: Apr 71 p117

Pistols of the World: Jan/Mar 79 p42-43

Pistolsmithing: Dec 75 p142

Policing Australia's Offshore Zones: Mar 98 p40

Politics of the Italian Army1861-1918, The: Apr 77 p125

Portuguese Armed Forces and the Revolution: Oct 77 p265

PT Boats of World War II: Jul/Sep 84 p39


RAAF Gallantry Awards 1939-1945 War: Apr/Jun 93 p40-41

Railway to Burma: Apr/Jun 91 p53

Recollections of a Regimental Medical Officer: Apr/Jun 83 p30-31

Records of War: Apr/Jun 97 p38

Red and Black Diamond, The: Jul/Sep 97 p38

Red Army Uniforms and Insignia, 1944: Jul 70 p17

Regimental and Volunteer Medals 1745-1895: Jul/Sep 90 p48-49

Regimental Badges of New Zealand: Apr 71 p119; Apr/Jun 81 p46-47

Regimental Badges Worn in the British Army 100 Years Ago: Jul 70 p17

Regimental Medals Handbook 1745-1895, Pt 1: Jan/Mar 87 p40-41

Regimental Publications & Personal Narratives of the Civil War: Oct 61 p52

Rehearsal - Australians at War in the Sudan, The: Oct/Dec 85 p39-40

Remote Garrison, The: Oct/Dec 86 p39

Reorganisation, Australian Military Forces: Apr 67 p133

Ribbons and Medals: Jan/Mar 85 p33

Roll Call! A Guide to Genealogical Sources in the AWM: Apr/Jun 86 p44

Round Shot and Rammers: Dec 75 p143

Round Shot to Rapier - Artillery in South Australia 1840-1984: Apr/Jun 87 p34-36

Royal Australian Navy: Jan/Mar 84 p19-20

Royal Marines, The: Apr 71 p116

Royal Military College of Australia 1911-1986: Jul/Sep 86 p40-41

Royal New South Wales Lancers, The: Jul/Sep 91 p39-40

Rule Britannia - The Victorian and Edwardian Navy: Apr/Jun 84 p32-33

Russian Front, The - War in the East 1941-45: Jan/Mar 79 p41, 43


Saga of a Sig: Jan 74 p75

Sailor's War 1914-18, The: Jul/Sep 86 p42

Sand, Sweat and Camels: Apr 77 p124

Sappers' War, The: Jan/Mar 93 p41

Saving the Channel Ports: Jan 77 p46

Scottish Rifles in Northern New South Wales, The: Apr/Jun 84 p29

Sea Power in the New Century: Mar 98 p40

2/5th Australian Field Ambulance AIF: Unit History 1940-1945: Oct/Dec 87 p34

Second World War and its Australian Battle Honours, The: Jun 99 p35

Selected New Zealand War Medal Rolls: Jul/Sep 97 p39

Service Lives Remembered (NZ MSM's): Dec 98 p47

Shadow's Edge, The: Jul/Sep 88 p45

Sharp End of War, The: Jul/Sep 81 p36-37

Short History of Guerilla Warfare, A - Aug 76 p320

Short Stories From the Second World War: Oct/Dec 83 p24

Siege Warfare: Apr/Jun 80 p44

Silent Dictatorship, The: Jan 77 p47

Sir John Monash: Oct/Dec 81 p39

Six Years War, The: Jan 74 p73

Skies Remember, The: Dec 71 p79

Small Arms Pistols and Rifles: Jun 01 p48

Smugglers and Sailors: Apr/Jun 92 p35

Socks, Cigarettes and Shipwrecks: Oct/Dec 88 p37

Soldier A SAS - Behind Iraqi Lines: Jul/Sep 94 p37

Soldier B SAS - Heroes of the South Atlantic: Jul/Sep 94 p37

Soldier Surveyors - A History of 3 Field Survey Company: Jul/Sep 96 p33

Soldiers as statesmen: Jan 77 p49

Soldiers of the Queen - War in the Soudan: Oct/Dec 86 p38-39

Soldier's Pocket Book, The: Oct 69 p58-60

Solo wargaming: Aug 76 p318-319

Some notes on the Continental Army: Oct 64 p51-52

Sons of John Company - Indian & Pakistan Armies: Oct/Dec 97 p39

Sons of the Brave - The Story of the Boy Soldiers: Jan/Mar 85 p36-37

Sopwith - The Man and his aircraft: Aug 76 p315-316

Source Book for Australian Military Genealogy, A: Jul/Sep 94 p38

South African War 1899-1902, The - Service Records of British and Colonial Women: Jul/Sep 93 p43

South African War Honours and Awards 1899-1902: Jul 71 p25

Southern Cross Scots: Oct/Dec 93 p37-39

Soviet Aircraft of Today: Jul 78 p49

Soviet Army Uniforms & Insignia 1945-75: Apr 77 p122-123

Spitfire! Spitfire!: Apr/Jun 86 p42

Standard Catalogue of British Orders, Decorations and Medals, The: Jul 70 p18

Standard Catalogue of Orders, [etc] Awarded to Australians, The: Jul 71 p23-24

Standard Catalogue War Medals of the World, The: Oct 78 p15

Sten machine carbine, The: Sep 01 p41-42

Strategy and ethnocentrism: Oct/Dec 79 p11

Strategy without slide rule: Jan 77 p47

Sub rosa - Memoirs of an Australian Intelligence Analyst: Apr/Jun 83 p32

Submachine Guns: Jun 01 p48

Submarines of World War Two: Jul 78 p49

Survey Sentinel, The: Jul/Sep 90 p46

Sword and Lance: Jan/Mar 89 p23

Sword in the Age of Chivalry, The: Jul 66 p33-34

Swords of the British Army: Apr 76 p228

Sydney University Regiment - The Insignia of the Regiment: Jan 74 p72


Taken by storm - HMAS Manoora: Oct/Dec 97 p37

Tank battles in miniature 3: Jul 77 p194

Tanks and other armoured fighting vehicles 1900-1918: Oct 70 p40

Tarakan - An Australian tragedy: Jul/Sep 97 p37

Team, The: Oct/Dec 84 p38

Tee Emm: Jan/Mar 87 p41

Textbook of automatic pistols: Dec 75 p142-143

That's the way it was - 24 Bn (1939-45) History: Jul/Sep 82 p37

These are the facts - The autobiography of Air Marshal Sir R Williams: Jan 78 p47

They proved to all the Earth: Jan/Mar 82 p38

Third brother, The: Apr/Jun 91 p52

Those who dared: Jan/Mar 89 p23-24

Tid-Apa, the History of the 4th Anti Tank Regiment: Apr/Jun 92 p32

Tirpitz: Jul 78 p48-49

Tokyo Calling - The Charles Cousens Case: Apr/Jun 92 p30-31

Tours, Battlefield: Jun 99 p3-15

Treatise on military small arms and ammunition: Jun 72 p156

Trench warfare 1914-1918: Apr/Jun 81 p48

Tunisian Campaign, The: Jan/Mar 83 p31

25 April 1915 - The Inevitable Tragedy: Apr/Jun 94 p43-45

Twenty Thousand Thieves, The: Jul/Sep 80 p52

2 Para Falklands - The Battalion at War: Jul/Sep 84 p38

200 Years of Australian Military Rifles & Bayonets: Jan/Mar 90 p31-32


Undercover: Oct/Dec 81 p40-41

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Uniforms of the Australian Colonies: Dec 72 p61; Jun 73 p182-183

Uniforms of the British Army, Vols I & II: Jul 69 p32

Uniforms of the Foreign Legion 1931-1981: Oct/Dec 81 p40

Uniforms of the French Revolutionary Wars: Jul/Sep 81 p38

Uniforms of the Imperial Russian Army: Apr/Jun 80 p41

Uniforms of the Royal Artillery: Jul 69 p32

Uniforms of the Yeomanry Regiments: Jul 69 p32

United States Cavalry, The: Apr/Jun 84 p28-29

United States Fleet Carriers of World War II: Jul/Sep 87 p40

United States Military Medals and Ribbons: Dec 72 p63

United States Navy Destroyers of World War II: Oct/Dec 83 p24-25

United States Tanks of World War II: Jan/Mar 84 p41


Varangians of Byzantium, The: Jan/Mar 80 p53-54

Victoria Cross Locator: Jul/Sep 91 p40-41

Victoria Crosses and George Crosses of the East India Company, The: Oct 62 p55

Victorian Army at Home, The: Jan 78 p46-47

Victorian Land Forces 1853-1883: Jan/Mar 92 p44-45

Victorian Volunteer Long and Efficient Service Medal 1881-1901: Aug 76 p314

Victoria's Guns - A Field Guide: Jul/Sep 94 p38; Apr/Jun 95 p45

Vietnam - War, Myth & Memory: Apr/Jun 92 p36

Vigilans - A History of the Western Australia Defence Force: Mar 99 p40

Volunteer in Western Australia, The: Sep 72 p37

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War Games through the ages - 3000 BC to 1500 AD: Jun 72 p155

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War Plans of the Great Powers 1880-1914, The: Oct/Dec 85 p41-42

War With Japan, The - A Concise History: Jul 68 p22

War, Economy and the Military Mind: Jan 77 p46

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Warplanes of the RAAF/Fighters 1921-69: Mar 72 p118

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Watch off Arnhem Land: Jun 73 p188

Waterloo: Jun 73 p186-187

Waterloo Roll Call, The: Jul 71 p25

We stood and waited: Jul/Sep 94 p39-40

Weapons and equipment of the Marlborough Wars: Jan/Mar 81 p32

Weapons and equipment of the Napoleonic Wars: Jul/Sep 80 p54

Weapons of the Falklands Conflict: Apr/Jun 83 p33-34

Weekend Warriors - The Militiamen of South Gippsland's Infantry Regts: Jun 99 p36

Welcome Home: Apr/Jun 89 p43

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Western Australian Contingents to the South African War: Mar 73 p91

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When the Fighting is Over: Jul/Sep 89 p35

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Wings over the Sea: Jul/Sep 80 p55

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Zulu War, The, A Pictorial History: Jan/Mar 81 p32



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