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Aitken, Peter

Cloth Insignia of the RAN Helicopter Flight, Vietnam, 1967-71: Oct-Dec 81 p16

Amess, Jennifer

A Day of Remembrance: 11 November: Apr-Jun 83 p25

Ashraf, M

The Jamiat Nizam Mahbub: Jan 60 p15

Austin, Maurice

Army records in Australia 1788-1901: Oct-Dec 80 p38

Convict Guards: Feb 75 p256

Druitt of the 48th: Oct 65 p27

Her Majesty’s Colonial Sloop Victoria: Jul-Sep 81 p26

Soldiering in Australia 1853-1854: Jul-Sep 79 p20

Some Early Barracks in Australia: Apr-Jun 80 p3

The Colonial Soldier: Mar 79 p4

The Era of Imperial Protection 1841-1870: Jun 79 p39

The First Australian “Digger” John Cox of the NSW Corps: Jan-Mar 86 p13

The First Australian Enlisted in the Army in Australia: Sep 74 p192

The Indian Mutiny at Singapore 1915: Jul 75 p20

The voyages of British Regiments to Australia - 1840-1850: Jun 73 p100

Victoria Barracks, Paddington: Part 1, Jan-Mar 81 p13; Apr-Jun 81 p22

Who Killed Cock Robin?: Jan-Mar 81 p25

William Minchin, Adjutant of the NSW Corps: Oct 64 p32

Austin, Ronald J

Gen Sir Ian Hamilton, GCB, GCMG, DSO: Sep 98 p10

The Battles of Majuba (1881) and Spion Kop (1900): Dec 00 p3

Ball, Reg

The Defence of the Torres Straits - World War II: Apr-Jun 90 p30

Bamforth, Peter

Harry Groom, A Migrant Soldier: Mar 99 p9

Barber, Dr Laurie

Battlefield Interdiction and Close Air Support, The RAAF over Kelantan, Dec 1941: Jan-Mar 95 p16

Barnes, Ian

An Expert’s Guide on Medal Mounting: Dec 79 p52

Barron, Sonia

An Artist at War: Jan-Mar 82 p28

Barton, L L

Australia's Fighting Regiments: Apr 64 p87

The NSW Corps - Notes on its later service: Apr 64 p85

Bayly, M

Commonwealth Military Forces - Dress Regulations: Jul 69 p1

Beszant, C F

The “Battle of Brisbane”: Apr-Jun 80 p30

Billett, R S (Bill)

A Marine Who Made His Mark: Mar 99 p25

Australia’s Trophies from the Crimean War: Jan-Mar 97 p10

Captain C W Robertson RMLI: Sep 01 p26

John (Ivan) Armstrong – Russian Cannon Maker: Mar 01 p21

The Working Military Historian: Sep 98 p36

Bird, Ivan

The Fortifications at Albany: Apr 68 p122

Black, John

NSW Corps from examination of the paylists and muster rolls: Apr-Jun 96 p4

Blackburn, Geoff

German Australians in von Lettow’s Army, 1915- 1918: Jun 99 p21

Blair, Dale James

Demographic study of officers - 1st Bn, 1st AIF: Mar 98 p21

Image and attitude: Australia and the Boer War: Jul-Sep 92 p26

The 4th Light Trench Mortar Battery at Bullecourt: Jul-Sep 91 p19

The glorification of Australian masculinity: Apr-Jun 94 p29

Bogle, Michael

Art and disguise: Australian artists and the Camouflage Unit: Jun 98 p30

Military handkerchiefs: souvenirs and propaganda: Apr-Jun 84 p15

Bottrell, Rev Arthur

Australia’s first two commissioned chaplains: Jan-Mar 86 p20

Brig-Gen Joseph Mario Gordon CB: Jun 79 p50

Major Harry Gladwyn Harcourt: Jan 74 p37

Rev Arthur Edward Forbes DCM ED (1881-1946): Jan-Mar 80 p3

The First Chaplains: Jan-Mar 82 p30

Bourke, Dr Joanna

Shell Shock and Australian Soldiers in the Great War: Jul-Sep 95 p3

Box, Allan L

First Australian in action during the South African War of 1899-1902: Oct 77 p261

Furphy's Forum: Oct-Dec 80 p60

The Selection Trials undergone by buglers for the 5th VMR: Jul-Sep 80 p6

Boys, Edward J

The Australian Graves of Crimean War Light Brigade Veterans: Jun 00 p3

Brabyn, Howard

A museum for peace: Apr-Jun 90 p34

Briggs, James C

The Search for Lt-Col F W Bell VC: Apr-Jun 97 p3

Brockett, R J

The Somme - The Tragedy of Errors: Jul 75 p8

Buckley, Martin

Robbo served his country well: Apr-Jun 86 p31

Bullock, P

A list of NSW Military Forces 1854-1888: Jul 62 p19

Burness, Elizabeth

The Menin Gates Lions: Apr-Jun 88 p10

Burness, Peter

A Grand Soldier: Jan-Mar 82 p22

Australia’s Hall of Valour: Apr-Jun 81 p40

Award of Presidential Unit Citation to D Company 6RAR: Jan 74 p51

For Valour: Jan-Mar 85 p21

Long and Meritorious Service Awards - Colonial and early Commonwealth Forces: Jan 78 p11

NSW Cavalry 1854-1935: Feb 75 p246

Queanbeyan’s Boer War Memorial: Jan-Mar 83 p29

The Australian Army Uniform of 1914-1918: Apr 77 p73

The Australian Rifle Regiment: Oct-Dec 81 p34

The Australian Voluntary Hospital: Sep 74 p182

The Australians In North Russia 1919: Aug 76 p266

The Bluebirds: Jan-Mar 81 p26

The Duke of Edinburgh’s Highlanders: Apr-Jun 82 p23

The Southern Tasmanian Artillery: Jul-Sep 81 p19

Burrett, Robert S

Rhodesian Field Force Graves: Mar 01 p30

Burridge, John

Obituary - Col Geo F G Wieck DSO OBE: Jan 74 p50

Byrne, J M

Legendary Weapons: Oct 70 p20

Campbell, R

NSW Corps, 100th, 102nd Regiment of Foot 1789-1818: Jul 77 p172

Candy, P C

The Bayonet: Jan 69 p78

Carleton, Frank

Literary remains of the lone French General: Apr-Jun 93 p18

Carr, Barrett J

Col Warner Wright Spalding NSW Artillery: Jul-Sep 97 p30

QSA Medals to the Australian Mounted Pioneers: Oct-Dec 97 p31

Chaffey, Athol

Long Service Awards, Tasmania, 1894-1901: Oct-Dec 81 p9

The Battles on the Tugela: Apr-Jun 81 p27

Chamberlain, Max

A Corporal of the 59th: Apr-Jun 82 p20

A Study of Australia at War, 1899-1902: Sep 71 p32

Asian Battle Diary, The Aust and NZers in Korea and SEA: Part 1, Jan 68 p93; Part 2, Apr 68 p134

Australian mobile operations in the Boer War: Sep 00 p3

Highlights in the history of the armed forces of Victoria 1851-1901: Jan 68 p86

Highlights of two centuries of Victorian military history: Apr-Jun 84 p4

Military History Workshop, 11 Feb 1984 - Research Session: Jan-Mar 84 p35

Mounting Victoria’s Boer War contingents 1899-1902: Oct-Dec 85 p21

Slouch Hats Turned Up To The Right: Jan-Mar 81 p22

The Action at Wilmansrust: Oct 68 p50

The Australian Commonwealth Horse: Jul-Sep 84 p4; Oct-Dec 84 p9

The Australian contingents in the South African War 1899-1902: Jul-Sep 88 p12

The Australians in Russia 1919: Jul 68 p1

The Digger in Asia: Oct-Dec 92 p3

Chinn, David

Australian Army Aviation First UN Operation: Jan-Apr 94 p34

The Gallipoli Star: Jul-Sep 93 p3

Christopher, Rod

Historic Defence sites: Jul-Sep 93 p20

Clark, J A

The Role of Army Bands: Jun 73 p110

Clark, R

A Rare Unofficial Australian Badge: Jun 73 p163

Australian Winners of the MC and two bars: Part 1, Dec 75 p100; Part 2, Apr 76 p186

Awards to Australian Military and Naval Forces - South Africa 1899-1902: Jan 74 p18

Bill Rowlinson, DCM & Bar, 3RAR: Jul 78 p13

Capt G C Wilson MC AFC DCM: Jan 77 p7

Col Charles Fortescue DSO MC VD: Aug 76 p288

Col G G E Wylly VC CB DSO: Feb 75 p305

Collecting Australian Medals: Apr 66 p13

GSM with Clasp 'Kurdistan': Feb 75 p280

Lt-Col De Lancey Forth: Jul 71 p14

Lt-Col Hector Ernest Bastin MC: Jul 77 p182

Lt-Col Joseph Alexander Campbell - WA Military Forces 1884-1902: Dec 72 p41

Major J S Dooley MC: Apr 77 p93

Major James Lionel Fletcher, DSO, MC and Bar: Oct 77 p240

Rats of Tobruk Medal: Sep 74 p215

RSM J Burley DCM and Bar: Jan 78 p54

Sgt J H Daniel DCM MM: Apr 78 p105

The Brassey Medal: Jan 78 p16

The Soudan Contingent: Jul 67 p7

Two Fighting Greats of the 2nd Battalion AIF: Dec 75 p116

Clarke, R G

The Story of Leonard Kentish: Jun 99 p32

Clayton, Mark

Boston recovery: Apr-Jun 87 p23

Commemorating War, The Hawthorn Experience: Jul-Sep 91 p25

Gloria: Oct-Dec 85 p15

The Trophy Tradition: Jul-Sep 95 p11; Oct-Dec 95 p12; One for every city Jan-Mar 96 p3

Clissold, Barry

... the six-man patrol: Apr-Jun 90 p20

An Old Police Medal for Bravery: Apr-Jun 82 p21

Australia's Commission on the International Commission of Military History: Jul-Sep 90 p25

Australia's involvement in the Vietnam War: Jan-Mar 90 p12

Australians on the Cease-Fire Line in Kashmir: Apr-Jun 97 p30

In search of the military historian's craft: Oct-Dec 91 p8

Military Historian C E W Bean, Another View: Apr-Jun 82 p11

Morlancourt: Prelude to Amiens: Jan-Mar 82 p3

The Australian attack at El Alamein - on Trig 29, Hill 28, or Kidney Ridge?: Jul-Sep 95 p26

The day that wasn’t: 18 Sep 1918 and the 48th Bn on the Hindenburg Line: Jan-Mar 96 p27

The importance of the Australian Corps retaking of Hamel, July 1918: Oct-Dec 90 p32

Was it for the want of dry feet that a legend was born?: Jan-Mar 97 p20

Coleman, Robert

A name that’s etched in our history: Sep 72 p19

Nurses walked into the sea to die: Dec 71 p68

Connell, W H

F-Sgt Ian Innes MM RAAF: Jul 78 p5

Coulthard-Clark, Chris

A Tribute to an Army Nurse of Two Wars: Jul 77 p160

Aborigine Medal-Winners: Oct 77 p244

Bisdee VC: Aug 76 p292

Cpl L E de Mole - Australian inventor: Jun 79 p54

First British shot of 1914: Apr-Jun 83 p10

Genesis of the Royal Military College, Duntroon: Jan 78 p67

Maj J C Ewen MC DCM MM, A Soldier of Both World Wars: Dec 79 p36

Maj-Gen Sir William Bridges: Jun 79 p4

The Aireys: Jan 74 p12

The Lake George Tragedy: Jul-Sep 79 p52

The Stockton Bight Disaster: Jul-Sep 81 p11

William Throsby Bridges: Jun 73 p98

Courtney, J W

Maj-Gen J S Richardson CB: Feb 75 p267

Courtney, R C H

Inscriptions on medals to Australian and mandated territory personnel 1939-1945: Apr-Jun 80 p14

Cox, Lindsay

Collector's Corner - Hohenzollern Heraldry: Jan-Mar 89 p19

Cranage, David

Survivor from Forgotten War: Jul-Sep 83 p29

Cranston, Fred

The Battle of the Beachheads Nov 1942-Jan 1943: Apr-Jun 93 p10

Crawford, I

Webley Government Model Revolver: Jul 75 p22

Creagh, Dudley

Analytical studies of the VCs in the custody of the AWM: Jan-Mar 91 p15

Crompton, Barry

Australia and the American Civil War: Sep 98 p34

Crouch, R A

Richmond's Early Military History: Apr 67 p107

Curran, W E

The Iron Cross: Dec 58 p39

Danaher, Steven John

Brothers in Arms: Jul-Sep 89 p19

Brunei Revolt, The Australian involvement: Apr-Jun 91 p30

De Pierres, Paul

Australians in Vietnam 1940-41: Apr-Jun 89 p12

James Irvan “Trader” Horn - “soldier, sailor, scallywag”: Jan-Mar 95 p35

de Totth, Adam

Inscriptions on medals to Australian and mandated territory personnel 1939-1945: Apr-Jun 80 p14

Delaney, Eoin

Private Ganson remembers: Jul-Sep 83 p18

Denman, A E (Bert)

A typical bunch of blokes: Apr-Jun 88 p34

In the beginning: Oct-Dec 87 p18

Infantry weapons: Jan-Mar 88 p14

The forward area: Jul-Sep 87 p16

The Pompoota story, The Australian uniform, Defaulters, Rations: Oct-Dec 89 p3

To France: Apr-Jun 87 p3

Training on Salisbury Plain: Jan-Mar 87 p16

Unusual Guards: Oct-Dec 86 p11

Dicker, M C

Sgt Henry Greer DCM: Jul-Sep 79 p48

The Charge at the Nek: Part 1, Jul-Sep 80 p16; Part 2, Oct-Dec 80 p47

The Marcusen Brothers - Service and Sacrifice: Apr-Jun 80 p20

Doherty, Muriel K

The RAAF Nursing Service 1940-1946: Jul 71 p1

Dollman, Walter

The Good Old Days: Jan 68 p114

Downey, Michael

Andrew Kirkwall-Smith DSC MM: Apr-Jun 81 p43

Australian Mounted Pioneers, South Africa 1900: Oct-Dec 82 p25

Furnish of the 77th: Dec 01 p17

Private Alexander Kruger - A near VC: Oct-Dec 80 p26

The Kokoda Trail 1982: Apr-Jun 83 p4

The medal for the best shot of the Victorian Military Forces: Apr-Jun 86 p25

The medals of the Legion of Frontiersmen: Jun 73 p150

The naming of campaign medals to the Australian Army 1860-1981: Oct-Dec 81 p21

Duke, Steve

Boer War transports and WWI shipping losses: Apr-Jun 89 p40

Duncan, John

No Retreat at Lexington: Apr 76 p201

Palm Sunday at Appomattox: Jul 75 p46

Dyer, Steve

30 Course, RAAF Initial Training Scheme: Jan-Mar 81 p30

Edmonds, Leigh

The 'Flakintel' section: Oct-Dec 88 p10

Elebaut, A

1ier Regiment de Ligne (Belgium): Jul 59 p13

2ieme Regiment de Ligne (Belgium): Apr 60 p7

Fagg, Christopher

An analysis of some bravery medals and decorations to Australians: Apr-Jun 87 p26

Australian aircrew recipients of the DSO: Jul-Sep 90 p36

Darwin - 19 February 1942: Jul-Sep 87 p29

Dutch Resistance Memorial Cross (1980): Jan-Mar 84 p32

MC awards to the Australian aircrew 1914-1919: Jan-Mar 88 p18; Jan-Mar 89 p12; Apr-Jun 91 p36

Medals and ribbons of the UN peacekeeping forces: Oct-Dec 83 p14

Medals for the Falklands Campaign South Atlantic Medal - 1982: Apr-Jun 83 p18

Meritorious Service Medal for Gallantry 1916-1928: Oct-Dec 84 p26

Multinational Force and Observers 1980: Oct-Dec 83 p18

South Vietnam Air Force North Expeditionary Medal: Apr-Jun 84 p20

The Bradford Brothers: Jul-Sep 83 p30

The neglected digger: Charles Joseph Ross (1857-1930): Oct-Dec 88 p19

The Queen’s Service Order (NZ): Jan-Mar 83 p26

The Raikes brothers: Oct-Dec 81 p36

The Rhodesia Medal 1980: Oct-Dec 82 p30

The Zimbabwe Independence Medal: Jul-Sep 82 p30

William Borland AM: Apr-Jun 86 p40

Falk, C

Brief notes on Sir E H Seymour's career: Jul 75 p37

Four Times Winner of the DSO: Apr 76 p207

Three RAN Notables: Dec 75 p129

What happens to an individual’s medals, A personal view: Apr 78 p133

Fenby, John S

Memoir of North Head fortifications: Jul-Sep 85 p22

North Head barracks, Sydney: Apr-Jun 89 p19

Royal Australian Navy - post-war patrol craft: Apr-Jun 90 p24

Festberg, Alfred N

A Short History of the RAANC: Sep 58 p31

Australian Commonwealth Military Forces 1903: Jul 67 p18

Australian Flying Corps: Jul 66 p3

Battle Honours for the Second World War to Australian Army: Oct 61 p30

Colour Patches of the Australian Army: Jun 58 p14

HMAS Cerberus: Part 1, Jul 65 p3; Part 2, Oct 65 p3

No 1 Squadron, RAAF: Oct 65 p5

No 2 and 3 Squadrons, RAAF: Oct 65 p6

No 4 Squadron, RAAF: Jan 66 p3

No 6 Squadron, RAAF: Apr 66 p3

No 7 Squadron, RAAF: Apr 66 p4

No 77 Squadron, RAAF: Jul 65 p10

No 100 Squadron, RAAF: Jul 66 p4

Order of Precedence: Banners of the Australian Army and the Australian Cadet Corps: Oct 69 p49

Postwar Army Buttons: Jul 68 p15

Regimental Badges Worn in the British Army One Hundred Years Ago: Jul 70 p17

Some Australian Colour Patches Approved in 1943: Oct 59 p5

The Air Training Corps: Jan 66 p4

Fisher, Wendy

Brothels and the military: Apr-Jun 86 p22

Chinese Hospital in France - an oddity of the First World War: Jul-Sep 85 p10

RAAF in China during WW2: Oct-Dec 88 p3

Fitzgibbon, Nigel G

Simpson, the man behind the legend: Oct 78 p5

Fogarty, Michael

1985 Australian War Memorial History Conference: Jan-Mar 85 p26

Bernard Dennis McCarthy DSM and bar RAN: Jul-Sep 86 p33

National Naval Memorial dedication: Jul-Sep 86 p37

RAN History Sources, A guide to published works: Jan-Mar 84 p17

Foldi, Neville

An ANZAC Memorial In Israel: Jul-Sep 95 p35

Pipe Tunes and Calls of the NSW Scottish Regiment: Jun 79 p12

Pte Patrick Joseph Bugden VC: Mar 79 p47

Trench mortars in the AIF, 1916-1918: Jun 98 p13

Ford, Jonathan

The first Japanese air raid on Broome: Jul-Sep 85 p14

Ford, Peter

59 Variations: Jul-Sep 91 p23

Presented to Shepparton: Oct-Dec 91 p28

Forsyth, Don

War Medals: Private Issue: Jan 60 p20

Forsythe, L E

Lt-Cdr L E Forsythe, A most interesting career: Jun 72 p140

Frame, Tom

An historiographical survey of Australian naval history: Jul-Sep 86 p4

Anzac, AE2 and establishing an Australian submarine tradition: Jul-Sep 90 p4

The museum at HMAS Cerberus: Oct-Dec 87 p32

Franki, George

A World War I Link with Ned Kelly: Dec 01 p39

ADB, An annotated index: Vols 7-12 (1891-1939) Jan-Mar 91 p25; Vol 13 (1940-1980, A-De) Oct-Dec 94 p3

The Sailor on the Sydney Cenotaph: Mar 00 p30

Fraser, Alan

Australian War Memorial History Conference - 1986: Jan-Mar 86 p39

AWM History Conference 1993: Jan-Apr 94 p42

Horses and (Flying) Courses: Apr-Jun 82 p4

Introducing Bert Denman: Jan-Mar 87 p15

Some Recollections of RAAF Service - 1945: Jun 00 p33

The Memorial: Jul-Sep 86 p38

War Memorial Conference 1987: Jul-Sep 87 p39

Fraser, Robert

The NSW Corps and Massachusetts during the War of 1812: Apr-Jun 88 p4

Frewen, J J

Some Thoughts on Australian Honours: Jun 73 p117

Gale, J B

Cameron's Scouts: Oct 60 p13

Gallard, E C

With “D” Troop, First Aust Wireless and Signal Squadron in Kurdistan: Jan 77 p21

Garden, N H

The Legion of Frontiersmen: Apr 65 p95

Garie, Franklin

Détente, Adelaide 1882: Jan 78 p22

Fort Glanville: Apr 71 p97

The Muzzleloader in Warfare: Feb 75 p295

The South Australian Free Rifles: Jul-Sep 82 p21

Gibney, Jim

Historic Records Search: Jul-Sep 87 p21

Gilchrist, Hugh

The Australians in Macedonia: Jul-Sep 82 p4

Gilkinson, K

Cheyenne Indians: Mar 59 p31

Goldsmith, Don

Macquarie’s Regiment: Sep 72 p2

The Fortieth (Second Somersetshire) Regiment: Oct 69 p46

The Little Tin Soldier: Jun 73 p159

The Soldier at Towrang: Apr 67 p119

Gordon, H B

Dress within the Army: Jun 73 p153

Gorman, John C

Les Armees d'Europe, Vol. 1: Jul 63 p18

Russian Cavalry 1838: Part 1, Jan 65 p65: Part 2, Apr 65 p98

The Arsenal at Graz: Apr-Jun 85 p19

The Cossacks: Jan 62 p59

The Wimmera Regiment (Victoria), 1936 - The Jess Collection: Jan 66 p5

Graham, S G

Insignia Worn by 65, 66 and 67 Australian Infantry Battalions: Jun 73 p157

Grant, James Ritchie

A soldier's lot ... the Dutch East Indies 1945-46: Apr-Jun 91 p11

Shooting medals and prizes of the WA Volunteers 1862-1901: Jul-Sep 90 p39

The 1914/15 Star of the Pacific: Jan-Mar 91 p17

The 1st Infantry Volunteer Regiment WA 1893 to 1900: Jan-Mar 92 p29

The Supporters: Jan-Mar 92 p31

Volunteer Officers Decoration and Volunteer Long Service Medal - WA: Oct-Dec 87 p9

West Australian Hill, South Africa 1900: Jan-Mar 88 p11

Grant, R

The Parachute Regiment 1945-75: Dec 75 p126

Gray, Robert

Australian contingents at the South African War, 1899-1902: Jan 64 p67

Australian Volunteer Automobile Corps (1908): Oct 61 p31

Badges and Buttons of the Australian Coronation Contingent 1902: Jan-Mar 83 p27

Badges of the Citizen Forces 1912-1918: Jan 74 p30

British Colonial Horse: Jan 64 p60

Camel Corps, Sudan Contingent: Jul 62 p23

Helmet Plates and Badges of the NSW Military Forces pre 1903: Feb 75 p289

Melbourne University Regiment: Jan 64 p59

Military Settlers, New Zealand: Oct 62 p52

Naval Contingents (Australia), China 1900: Apr 64 p87

Naval Reserve in South Australia: Jan 64 p75

New Zealand Coloured Hat Bands: Jan 64 p62

No.2 (Scottish) Company, Adelaide Regiment of Volunteer Rifles: Jul 59 p15

Presentation of Guidons to 3rd/9th SA Mounted Rifles: Apr 60 p1

Some Medal Ribbons and Their Meaning: Apr 65 p87

South Australian Scottish Units: Jul 65 p25

South Australian Vol Military Forces Good Shooting Medal: Jul 62 p23

The 27th Infantry Battalion (The South Australian Scottish Regiment): Jan 62 p67

The Volunteer Defence Corps: Jan 64 p60

Uniform of the Melbourne Cavalry, Victorian Military Forces: Apr 66 p14

Uniform worn by Pipe Band of the Royal South Australian Regt: Jan 64 p62

Various periods of Australian Badge Collecting: Jan 64 p77

Grey, Jeffrey

HMAS Swan in Russia: Apr-Jun 84 p12

The AIF Project: Oct-Dec 91 p4

Grinyer, Norman

Firearms Legislation Proposed (in NSW): Apr 63 p106

Gronow, G R

The Evolution of the Vickers Medium Machine Gun: Jul 71 p10

Gunn, Gail

The Adelaide Biennial Conference of the MHSA: Oct-Dec 96 p23

The unreliability of the eye witness - the death of Von Richthofen: Oct-Dec 96 p3

Guo Taifeng

Modern Military History (1840-1949) Research in China: Jul-Sep 90 p14

Guthrie, A Ward

The Captured German Ships in Egypt and the Dardanelles: Dec 99 p3

Haken, Dr J K

Col C H Davis CBE DSO VD and the Australian Base Depots France: Dec 79 p44

Col G C Somerville: Staff Officer and Administrator: Apr-Jun 89 p30

Colonial Military Forces in New South Wales 1854-1903: Dec 01 p23

Hall, Pat

Sister Ada Hodson ARRC AANS: Aug 76 p299

Halls, Chris

A short history of the British Regiments in WA 1826 to 1863: Jan 61 p1

Eye-witness account of the bombardment of Algiers 1816: Oct 60 p9

Guns of the Volunteer Artillery in Western Australia: Jan 63 p74

Identification of two Oriental Medals: Jul 64 p19

Japanese Swords: Identification and differentiation of Shingunto Swords: Apr 60 p11

Sir Richard Church and the Ionian Corps 1810-1816: Oct 67 p32

The Janissary Corps: Jan 62 p69

The Modern Turkish Army: Apr 62 p64

The New George Wieck Gallery, Western Australian Museum: Jul 60 p22

The Origin of the Modern Japanese Army: Apr 61 p13

The Origin of the Modern Japanese Navy 1848-1905: Jul 61 p15

The Picton Sword, A Missing National Treasure: Jan 63 p73

The Swan River Volunteers: Oct 65 p16

Hamer, Sir Rupert

Keynote address: D-day in Normandy and Suvla Bay: Sep 98 p3

Harnett, H L

Col C C Easterbrook DSO MBE MC: Aug 76 p308

Harris, Anthony F

A Volunteer Artillery sword belt clasp: Oct-Dec 93 p17

An Enigma, A Rare South Australian Badge: Apr-Jun 92 p14

Insignia of the South Australian Contingents to South Africa, 1899-1900: Oct-Dec 97 p17

South Australian Contingent To Queen Victoria’s Diamond Jubilee Celebrations 1897: Mar 99 p30

The centenary of Fort Glanville: Oct-Dec 80 p32

Wallace's entrenching tool in South Australia: Apr-Jun 89 p38

Hart, Dorothy

For Humanity - Genesis of the RAANS: Apr-Jun 82 p15

Hawker, Donald

A happy Christmas, A memoir of the Christmas truce 1914: Apr-Jun 84 p19

Heaton, Jim

A Secret Mission to France: Australia’s first casualties in World War II: Jul-Sep 81 p5

Hefter, J

Mexico: Jul 60 p20

Hetherington, Les

Albert Hetheringtoin, B Company, 31st Bn: Oct-Dec 89 p12

Little Bertha' - The Amiens Gun: Apr-Jun 88 p38

Postscript to Mutiny, James Steele at Deniliquin, 1902: Jan-Mar 95 p22

The Joseph Palazzi Memorial Wagga Wagga: Jul-Sep 89 p3

Higgins, Matthew

Armistice 1918 - a note on the Australian reaction: Jul-Sep 85 p19

G C Mundy: officer and observer: Jul-Sep 87 p10

Higham, Malcolm

Lt Hugo Throssell VC: Jun 01 p39

The Military Road Builders of Western Australia: Apr-Jun 92 p22

Hinds, Allan S

Gen F G Hassett AC CB CBE DSO MVO: Dec 75 p94

Hirsh, Ben

Some Medals in My Collection: Jan 71 p62

UN Medals and Ribbons: Jan 68 p106

Holland, A F

1st Royal Australian Naval Bridging Train: Apr 76 p206

Hooper, J

Hubbub in Hobart - An 1879 instance of volunteers aiding the Civil Power: Jul 77 p169

Hopkins, Ronald

Adventure Was In My Bones, The life of Walter Fowler Brownsworth: Oct-Dec 84 p15

Amphibious Operations in the SW Pacific: Jan-Mar 83 p4

Hurry and Wait: journeys by air in peace and war: Part 1, Jul-Sep 85 p3; Part 2, Oct-Dec 85 p28

The 6th Armoured Brigade: Jul 71 p7

Hopkins-Weise, Jeff

British Army in Moreton Bay 1860-69: Jun 01 p3

Horne, Don

Time capsule: Oct-Dec 85 p44

Hunter, Douglas

Australian Light Horse at Villers-Bretonneux 24-25 April 1918: Mar 98 p15

Beaufort Bomber A9 228 remembered: Jul-Sep 96 p20

Gallipoli, The Light Horse experience: Oct-Dec 93 p11

Private Harry Derrick, A soldier of the 3rd Division AIF: Sep 98 p41

The 13th Light Horse on the Western Front, 1917: Apr-Jun 95 p22

Jensen, Peter

Coincidences of a 'Goldfish': Jan-Mar 85 p12

Jones, Ian

The Case of the Vanishing Regiment: 4th LH in France 1916-1918: Apr-Jun 85 p3

Jones, Ray

Aircraft in RAN cruisers: Jul-Sep 86 p19

Kelly, Peter

Albert Corey MM and three bars: Oct-Dec 80 p3

Kennedy, Arthur

Early History of anti-aircraft units in Australia: Apr-Jun 86 p8

Kennedy, E

The Victorian Local Forces Long Service Medal: Jan 65 p68

King, H L

British Helmet Plate Centres 1881-1914: Oct 61 p43

Kjellberg, Eric

New Field Uniform for the Swedish Army - 1958: Apr 61 p1

KunglWendes Arilleriregimente Sweden: Apr 60 p9

Kotler, S

The Israeli Army: Sep 58 p26

Kuring, Ian

Somalia 1993: Oct-Dec 93 p3

Lamb, Michael

A Letter From Flanders: Dec 72 p43

Lauth, John P

An Inexpensive Mannequin Head for the Collector: Apr 61 p20

The British Tournament and Tattoo in New York: Oct 60 p1

Le Tessier, J J

The Medal Collection of the United Services Institution of WA: Oct 68 p24

Legg, David P

Australian Army Band Headdress Badges: Jul-Sep 89 p16

Some Hat Badges of the Australian Citizen Forces 1912-1918: Oct 78 p45

Some little known Australian badges: Jul-Sep 92 p22

Submarine Hulks in Port Phillip Bay, Victoria: Jul-Sep 80 p38

Lennox, John

Report on the Workshop on the Care of Historical Objects 1984: Jan-Mar 84 p34

Leonard, Bob

Australian Infantry Battalions 1914 - 1918: Dec 72 p48

Emden - “Beached and Done For”: Dec 79 p24

Lindsay, Kimberley John

A Gentleman’s War: Maj John Lindsay MC (1908-1975): Part 1, Jul-Sep 81 p14; Part 2, Oct-Dec 81 p28

Col Lindsay: Citizen Soldier: Oct-Dec 82 p18

The Class of '42: AIF officers of the Haifa Staff College: Apr-Jun 89 p14

Llewellyn-Jones, J

The Texas Rangers: Apr 62 p80

Lucas, Mike

The Hermit of Donna Buang: Oct-Dec 85 p32

Lyon, K M

A Short History of the Australian Colour Patches: Oct 63 p37

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Australia’s Civil Constructional Corps 1942- 1945: Jan-Mar 97 p3

Port Moresby’s First World War Memorial: Mar 99 p3

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Gunner: Sep 74 p180

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L-Cpl Arthur Megson MM: Apr-Jun 85 p36

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South African travels: Oct-Dec 86 p3

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The Fort Scratchley Military Museum: Jan-Mar 85 p15

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Saluting and the Australian Soldier: Oct 68 p37

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An Australian in Russia - 1919: Apr-Jun 91 p23

Rabaul mission: Jul-Sep 86 p39

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An Ancient Recruiting Notice for Artillerymen: Oct 68 p35

The King's Banner Presented to the Royal Australian Artillery: Jan 69 p61

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A tale of two BAOR athletic medals: Mar 98 p35

Museums Australia’s National Conference: Jul-Sep 96 p29

National Service in South East Asia: Apr-Jun 94 p35

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Views on the AWM's South African War Gallery: Jul-Sep 91 p16

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17th (Leicestershire ) Regt 1830 to 1836; Jul-Sep 89 p26, Jan-Mar 92 p23

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A footnote to history- 8th Field Survey Section AIF: Apr-Jun 96 p14

Nemaric, P

Capt Morris Glanville Fielding MC, the King’s Colonials: Oct-Dec 96 p34

Rupert Lowe, 4th Imperial Bushman: Mar 00 p8

Newbury, George

Ex- AIF Members of the Royal Flying Corps: Oct-Dec 96 p12

Newman, W C

The Royal Melbourne Regiment: Dec 58 p1

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Royal NSW Lancers' Museum - Parramatta: Jan-Mar 88 p6

Tank Sculpture: Jul-Sep 87 p37

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Early days at Duntroon recalled: Apr-Jun 90 p32

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Doctors and veterinarians with South Australian-South African War connections: Jan-Mar 97 p24

Dogs and other mascots: Jan-Mar 95 p30

Edwin Ray Goodall: Jan-Mar 93 p33

George Henry Goodall - the man on the horse: Jan-Mar 93 p27

Joseph John Harrington, Drum Major: Apr-Jun 91 p38

Nelson: Oct-Dec 94 p33

Not in Murray's: Apr-Jun 93 p22

Notes on some Queen's South African medals and associated items: Sep 99 p12

Percy Middleton Wells, JP: Apr-Jun 92 p8

South Australian casualties related to the Boer War: Oct-Dec 94 p31

Walter Oliphant Arnot: Apr-Jun 94 p3

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Who were the spotters? An introduction to the NGAWW Co: Jul-Sep 88 p33

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Australia's only other Generals: Jul 69 p29

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FM Lord Birdwood of Anzac - An appreciation: Jan-Mar 88 p7

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Gen Monash and the origin of the 3rd Australian Division: Jan-Mar 91 p6

Gen Sir Edward Bruce Hamley: Jul-Sep 93 p21

Goodbye, John Price - the passing of a dedicated military historian: Jul-Sep 94 p19

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Review Article: Monty, The Making of a General 1887-1942: Jan-Mar 85 p31

The Australian Staff Corps - from Oct 1920 to the outbreak of the War of 1939- 45: Oct-Dec 95 p30

The Major Ind Centenary Commemoration Ceremony: Jul-Sep 87 p20

The Nature and Significance of Regimental History: Mar 73 p69

The Royal Military Tournament of England in 1891, participation of the VMR: Jul 60 p1

The Soldiers' pocketbook: Oct 69 p58

The South African War, 1899-1902 – History and literature: Mar 01 p17

Withdrawal of British Troops from the Australian colonies: Oct 70 p28

Pilkington, F C

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The Canadian Services Colleges: Jan 60 p1

The Golden Hawks Aerobatic Team, Royal Canadian Air Force: Apr 61 p3

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Abandoned Japanese Bombers: Papua 1942: Jan-Mar 83 p13

The duel: Jul-Sep 86 p25

Plenty, H C

The end of Force Z: Jul-Sep 86 p29

Powell, Robert A

Early days of model soldiers in Australia: Jan 68 p102

Imperial German Marine Infantry: Jun 58 p4

Military miniatures: Apr 66 p24; Jul 66 p12; Oct 66 p65; Jan 67 p89; Apr 67 p114; Jul 67 p9; Oct 67 p47; Jul 68 p8

Some Victorian Volunteer units in and about the year 1890: Oct 60 p18

The miniaturist's notebook: Part 1, Jul 66 p27; Part 2, Oct 66 p48; Part 3, Jan 67 p82; Part 4, Apr 67 p122; Part 5, Jul 67 p12

The Mounted Band of the NSW Lancers: Jul 68 p5

Uniform of the Melbourne Cavalry, Victorian Military Forces: Apr 66 p14

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British Army in Moreton Bay 1860-69: Jun 01 p3

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A Cairn at Corinella, Victoria: Dec 72 p47

A Catalina Crash on Lord Howe Island: Apr-Jun 83 p12

A History of the Defence of Port Phillip Bay: Mar 73 p73

A trip to Gallipoli 1985: Jan-Mar 87 p20

AMF personnel who attended King Edward VII's Coronation: Apr-Jun 91 p43

An Unanswered Question: Dec 79 p3; A Sequel Jul-Sep 80 p3

British Campaign Medals: Jul-Sep 83 p25

Megiddo and after - The annihilation of the Turkish Armies in Palestine: Jul 70 p2

Mobile columns during the 2nd Anglo-Boer War 1899-1902: Jul-Sep 92 p17

Naval Brigades in the Second South African War 1899-1902: Apr-Jun 85 p25

No 7 Infantry Training Centre and the Formation of the Independent Coys 1941-1942: Apr 70 p91

Officers and Warrant Officers of the AMF service prior to or other than South Africa 1899-1902: Oct-Dec 90 p39

Proposed medal for the Dardanelles campaign of the 1914-1918 War: Jul-Sep 90 p33

Some thoughts on researching: Oct-Dec 87 p29

South African War Memorials known to exist in Victoria: Jan-Mar 90 p26

South African War service of pupils and staff of the Melbourne CEGS 1899-1902: Jan-Mar 92 p19

Tasmanian contingent members who died on service - Anglo-Boer War 1899-1902: Jan-Mar 92 p38

Tasmanians who served in more than one contingent - South Africa 1899-1902: Jul-Sep 88 p41

The 65th Regiment in Australia: Apr 71 p105

The Great Ocean Road, A War Memorial Highway: Jan-Mar 83 p18

The Merchant Navy Memorial, Melbourne The first official wreath laying: Oct-Dec 86 p15

The tragic voyage of the troopship Drayton Grange: Apr-Jun 93 p29

Their Name Liveth For Evermore: Oct-Dec 84 p3

Transports to South Africa 1899-1902: Jan-Mar 89 p15

Prideaux, George

The Australian Naval Contingent at the Boxer Rebellion: Jul 77 p185

The Capture of New Britain, 1914: Oct 77 p278

The Surrender of the German Fleet: Apr 77 p107

Protopopov, M

A Rare Russian Decoration: Jul 61 p7

The Imperial Russian Order of Saint George: Jan 62 p75

Pryor, K W

The Virginia Military Institute at the Battle of New Market: Apr 60 p27

Pyne, Stan

1/15th Royal NSW Lancers Band: Oct-Dec 91 p31

1/15th Royal NSW Lancers Band and Canberra's political history: Apr-Jun 93 p26

1st Australian Horse/3rd later 11th LH Regt Band: Jul-Sep 90 p19

Radke, E

Firearms Used by the 1st Australian Infantry Regiment: Jul 66 p24

The US Elgin Cutlass Pistol: Jul 63 p10

Rankine, Wendy

Rear Admiral Frederick Tickell, RAN, CMG: Sep 98 p24

The Anzacs’ Drum Major - Will Darwin: Mar 00 p15

Rayner, Dean

The RAAF New Uniform: Sep 74 p196

Richards, Julieanne

Evelyn Rose Morey; MBE: Jul-Sep 82 p32

The Tasmanian reaction to the first phase of the Boer War: Apr-Jun 86 p14

Roberts, J (Snowy)

The Taking of Beersheba: Dec 75 p108

Roberts, Tan

Historic Shipwrecks Act Amnesty: Apr-Jun 93 p43

The Flag: Apr-Jun 92 p25

Robinson, H

The Eureka Stockade: Jul 68 p10

Robinson, O A

The Battle of Kadesh 1296 BC: Jan 71 p58

Rosenzweig, Paul A

A matter of honour, A matter of order: Jun 98 p3

A relic of the Geranium: Apr-Jun 89 p41

Anzac on Ambon, 30 years of Gull Force Pilgrimages: Jun 99 p3

Biographical notes and the NT service of Major Max White MC: Jul-Sep 93 p31

British Campaign Medal Zoology: Jan-Mar 84 p22

Darwin 1939-1942, The threat from the sea: Oct-Dec 91 p14

Darwin 1942, A reassessment of the first raid casualties: Apr-Jun 95 p3

Furthest inland at Gallipoli An achievement inspired by Capt M J Herbert: Apr-Jun 86 p37

Honouring the Northern Territory's War Dead: Jan-Mar 89 p3

Honouring the War dead 1939-1945: Jul-Sep 89 p9

Japanese bomb' alert in Darwin: Apr-Jun 85 p23

Lt-Col C G W Anderson VC MC - Australia’s only South African born VC: Oct-Dec 83 p10

Matthias Ulungura and the capture of Toyoshima Haijame: Apr-Jun 87 p10

Medals of Indonesian Independence, 1945 and 1950: Jul-Sep 94 p22

Neville Cropley Swift, DSO, MC and BAR: Jul-Sep 85 p26

Northern Vedettes: Jul-Sep 96 p3

Nyasaland, 1915, The natives become restless: Apr-Jun 84 p10

Sergeant John Callaghan - a South Australian survivor of Russian captivity: Oct-Dec 95 p3

The 121st AGH, AIF, Katherine 1942-1943: Apr-Jun 89 p23

The Air War over Darwin: Jan-Mar 92 p3

The Army Reserve Lapel Badge: Jul-Sep 84 p20

The Brigadier and his driver: aspects of the military occupation of Darwin, 1942-45: Jan-Mar 87 p29

The Darwin Mobile Force: Apr-Jun 91 p4

The Eyes of the Light Horse: Oct-Dec 89 p18

The recent military history of Ambon, Indonesia: Jan-Apr 94 p3

The recent military history of Sulawesi: Apr-Jun 96 p24

The retirement of the Hon J H Muirhead AC QC: Jan-Mar 93 p13

The role of the RAN and Captain Eric Johnston in the recovery of Darwin, 1974-75: Oct-Dec 86 p30

The service heritage of the Hon Austin Asche AC: Apr-Jun 97 p19

The Track: Jan-Mar 92 p11

Russell, Duncan

Evacuation of Crete May - June 1941: Oct-Dec 82 p8

Russell, Julie

Dogs at war: Jan-Mar 87 p12

Ryan, L J

The Berwick Museum of Transport: Apr 70 p98

Sadler, Peter S

Bertram Charles Bell, A biographical sketch: Apr 77 p101

Sargent, Clem

1992 AWM Conference: Jan-Mar 93 p42

40th Regiment Guard Detachments - Convict Transports 1823-1824: Dec 00 p18

A Gallipoli Royal Navy medal group: Oct-Dec 86 p33

A unique tribute to heroism: Jan-Mar 95 p34

Barrosa: Oct-Dec 82 p3

Mahogany Inn and the 21st Foot: Jan 70 p64

Military History Seminar: Jan-Mar 81 p28

Military Research and Collecting: Oct 63 p54

Some other soldiers of the NSW Corps: Jan-Mar 86 p16

Some prints of the Peninsular War period: Oct 63 p44

Sturt's military service: Jul-Sep 90 p30

The 1983 AWM History Conference: Jan-Mar 83 p22; Apr-Jun 83 p28

The 1990 AWM History Conference: Jul-Sep 90 p45

The British Army in Australia: Jul-Sep 88 p17

The British Garrison in Australia:
Part 1, Jun 99 p16;

Part 2 Governors versus Garrison Sep 99 p27;

Part 3 Bands of the Garrison Regiments Dec 99 p34;

Part 4 The Commissariat Jun 00 p15;

Part 5 Guard Detachments on Convict Transports Sep 01 p33

The Buffs in Australia - 1822 to 1827: Jan-Mar 95 p3

The first medal to troops in Australia: Jan-Mar 87 p3; Apr-Jun 91 p37

The General Monthly Returns: Apr 71 p90

The Governor’s Body Guard of Light Horse 1801 - 1834: Dec 98 p3

The Military Collection of the Museum of Western Australia: Apr 69 p97

The Royal Australian Survey Corps 1915-1990: Oct-Dec 90 p7

The Royal Military Chronicle or British Officers Monthly Register and Mentor: Jan 65 p73

The Templer Medal Award - 1993: Jul-Sep 94 p34

The War Museum of Greece: Jul-Sep 85 p18

Two Military Place Names in Australia: Jan 65 p60

Two more regimental medals to the 48th: Oct-Dec 88 p16

Two Peninsula Pairs: Part 1, Jan-Mar 85 p28; Part 2, Apr-Jun 85 p29

Two Vignettes An Ensign of the Buffs and a Drummer of the 57th Foot, 1811: Apr-Jun 80 p33

Saunders, Malcolm

Australia’s First Expeditionary Force, The NSW Contingent to the Sudan: Jul-Sep 83 p12

The Boxer Rebellion: 1900-1901: Oct-Dec 83 p4

Seaman, Peter

Chose death in Cowra break: Jun 79 p58

Sellers, Travis M

Who’s who of the armed forces at Brighton General Cemetery: Dec 98 p19

Shaw, Gavin

Canterbury Yeomanry Cavalry New Zealand: Oct 65 p18

Changes in New Zealand Army Dress and Equipment: Oct 64 p55

Shaw, P A

16th Battalion (The Cameron Highlanders of Western Australia): Apr 71 p74

A Brief History of the 10th Light Horse: Oct 66 p39

Colours of 11th Battalion (The City of Perth Regiment): Oct 69 p37

Regimental Marches of the Australian Army: Jan 68 p90

Shaw, W J

The Siege of Chitral 1895: Jul 70 p11

Sheridan, J J M

The Sultanate of Omans Armed Forces: Feb 75 p274

Shoosmith, P H

A brief history of the Legion of Frontiersmen of the Commonwealth: Sep 74 p178

Short, T H

The “Sam Browne” Belt: Jul 77 p157

Simpson, Colin

Cordite - Not only a propellant: Jan-Mar 84 p28

The “Boer Ammunition” Collection of Col Howland: Jan-Mar 82 p18

Sinfield, Peter

Australian Naval Aviation 1917-1947: Jul-Sep 92 p3

Rose Force: Jan-Apr 94 p21

Skrebels, Paul

Early Colour Patch schemes of the 2nd AIF: Part 1, Jul-Sep 96 p11; Part 2, Jul-Sep 97 p3

Smith, Alan

FM Alanbrooke in Australia 1945: Dec 00 p38

Smith, Neil C

A link with Melbourne's military heritage: Jul-Sep 92 p24

Aliases of the Australian Military Forces 1914- 1919: Oct-Dec 96 p14

Australian Archives: Apr-Jun 94 p41

Southall, Ivan

War: history, A personal view: Sep 98 p19

Speed, Neil

Oh! For a shower of information: Apr-Jun 89 p35

Spencer, Mervyn

The Gallipoli Landing: Late 1026 Pte Mervyn Spencer, 12th Bn, 3rd Bde, AIF: Jul-Sep 84 p32

Spetham, D W

The Queensland Defence Force Prepares for War: Jul 75 p41

Stanley, Peter

An Entente … most remarkable: Indians at Anzac: Apr-Jun 81 p17

Australian ‘G’ staffs on the western front and the ‘Kiggell anecdote’: Dec 98 p30

Australian Joint Copying Project: Military Historical additions: Jul-Sep 84 p11

Australian War Memorial History Conference 7 - 11 February 1984: Jan-Mar 84 p33

British Infantry Regiments of the Line and the Empire 1840-69: Jan-Mar 84 p4

Calling a truce: 'amateurs' and 'academics' in Australian military history: Oct-Dec 88 p21

Kitchener's Army and the North of England 1914-16: Apr 77 p88

Our big world, The social history of the Light Horse regiment, 1916-18: Mar 98 p3

Reflections on Bean’s Last Paragraph: Jul-Sep 83 p4

The Green Hole; exploring our neglect of the New Guinea campaigns 1943-44: Apr-Jun 93 p3

The Soldiers on the Hill, the defence of Whyalla 1939-45: Part 1, Oct-Dec 84 p22; Part 2, Jan-Mar 85 p22; Part 3, Apr-Jun 85 p32; Part 4, Jul-Sep 85 p29; Part 5, Jan-Mar 86 p26; Part 6, Apr-Jun 86 p27; Part 7, Jan-Mar 87 p34; Part 8, Apr-Jun 87 p28; Part 9, Jan-Mar 88 p3

The uniforms of The Remote Garrison: Apr-Jun 88 p20

Staunton, Anthony

Australian Archives on the Internet: Jul-Sep 95 p41

Biennial Conference - Perth 1994: Oct-Dec 94 p24

Charles Upham, VC and bar: Apr-Jun 95 p42

Col Sir David Stirling DSO OBE: Jan-Mar 91 p41

Commemoration of Sergeant Lewis McGee VC: Mar 00 p3

Corporal A H Buckley VC: Jan-Mar 91 p11

Dr Mary Walker, Medal of Honor recipient: Jan-Mar 80 p47

El Alamein Victoria Crosses: Oct-Dec 97 p34

George Cross award: Jan-Mar 91 p23

Living Victoria Cross recipients: Apr-Jun 95 p44

Lt-Col Jack Mahoney VC: Jan-Mar 91 p13

MM awards to Australians - 1939-45: Jul-Sep 94 p3

Obituary - James Doolittle: Oct-Dec 93 p25

Posthumous New Zealand George Cross award: Jan-Mar 92 p36

Seaman James Gorman VC: Apr-Jun 88 p33

Service records: Jul-Sep 95 p40

Sgt James Rogers VC: Dec 00 p33

The 13-month delay in the award of the Wheatley VC: Jul-Sep 97 p13

The first Army Victoria Cross: Jul-Sep 90 p10

The first posthumous Victoria Crosses: Jul-Sep 87 p3

The last 1939-45 Victoria Cross Gazetted: Jan-Mar 90 p4

The MIA Issue, An unnecessary tragedy: Apr-Jun 92 p3

The United States Medal of Honor: Jul-Sep 88 p23

US highest award for Somalia: Oct-Dec 94 p37

US Medal of Honor: recent developments: Jul-Sep 92 p29

VC survivors from the 1914-18 War: Oct-Dec 84 p29

Vicmilex ‘84: Jul-Sep 84 p40

Stegemann, William

The Chaps from Snowy River: Oct-Dec 81 p3

Stevens, Adrian

The Sudan Embarkation: Apr-Jun 81 p34

Strachan, Robert

Some Implications of the NSW Contingent: Apr 76 p192

Stuart-Cansdell, C

A Letter from the Soudan: Jul 67 p5

The School of Military Engineering in Sydney: Jan 65 p71

Stuckey, Stephen

Sources of Military History in Australian Archives: Jan-Mar 84 p25

Sweetman, John R

658 Private Nain Singh Sailani, C Company, 44th Battalion, AIF: Dec 01 p36

Conway’s Corner - Corporal Michael Conway, 1st WAMI: Jul-Sep 94 p28

Lt Hugo Throssell VC: Jun 01 p39

The Battle of Bothaville, 6th November 1900: Oct-Dec 94 p26

The Faichney Brothers-Three West Australians in the Scottish Horse, Boer War: Mar 99 p22

The military establishment at King George Sound (Frederickstown) 1826-1831: Jul-Sep 87 p22

The Trathans of Tambellup: Sep 99 p36

The Vaal River Piquet - 4 WA POWs of the Boers: Oct-Dec 96 p26

Swinden, Greg

Beersheba Veteran - Driver Oliver Stewart Courtney, 4th Aust LH Fd Amb: Sep 99 p3

Leading Seaman Ronald “Buck” Taylor (1918 - 1942): Jan-Mar 96 p33

Mutiny and Black Magic - HMAS Geranium 1923: Jan-Mar 89 p10

Royal Australian Naval Bridging Train 1915-17: Jul-Sep 87 p25

The RAN's forgotten war dead: Jan-Mar 90 p8

Synnot, Anthony

1988 MHSA Symposium Opening address: Jul-Sep 88 p7

Tamplin, J M A

The Darlings of NSW: Sir Ralph and his sons Sydney and Augustus: Jan-Mar 86 p18

Tatarinoff, Adrian S

A brief history of the Royal Hamilton Light Infantry (Wentworth Regt): Apr 66 p21

Le Regiment de Maisonneuve: Apr 65 p100

Les Voltigeurs de Quebec: Jul 65 p20

Teague, I C

1661 Sgt J E V K Ingvarson DCM and Bar 44th Battalion AIF: Apr 76 p197

AANS 1937 Coronation Uniform: Feb 75 p297

He died that they might live - An Albert Medal in Gold: Jan 78 p27

Lt J P Greene MC: Apr 77 p113

Medals of the United Nations: Aug 76 p297

Mission 204 - “Tulip Force”: Dec 75 p131

Riley family association with Army Chaplaincy: Sep 74 p176

The Dhofer Campaign Medal to Australians: Jul 75 p29

Winner of three Polar Medals: Instructor Captain M.H. Moyes RAN: Oct 77 p232

Thornborough, Frank

Russian Imperial Guard 1913: Jan 68 p104

Timony, F J

An Sporran: Jun 73 p164

Titchmarsh, W G J

One man’s food is another man’s - ?: Dec 75 p133

Topperwien, Bruce

ATSI who assisted the ADF in NT in WW2: Jan-Mar 93 p37

History of Veterans’ Disability Pension Systems: Dec 99 p25

Travers, B H

Some reflections on the defence of Australia 1900-1910: Oct-Dec 87 p13

Trigellis-Smith, Syd

Writing the history of the 2/5th Bn: Jul-Sep 88 p9

Truswell, Terry

Nominal Roll of Australians who fought in Russia 1918-1919: Jul-Sep 93 p25

Siege of Elands River: Oct-Dec 80 p34

Turner, Trevor

A Sergeant of the 23rd Bn AIF: Jul-Sep 95 p23

A Story of Coincidence - Norman Huon, Imperial Camel Corps, AIF: Jun 99 p26

AIF pennants: Jul-Sep 90 p31

Cape General Service Medal: Jan-Mar 89 p7

Captain S A White - soldier and conservationist: Jan-Mar 97 p37

The Transvaal War - a Hymn: Oct-Dec 87 p16

W.J. Symons: From Militia to VC: Oct-Dec 82 p28

Underwood, Col Jim

The Raid on Jifjafa – April 1916: Part 1, Sep 01 p3

The Raid on Jifjafa – April 1916 Part 2: Dec 01 p3

Urquhart, W J

A Lyric for the Swordsman An Australian adventure in Palestine: Apr-Jun 86 p3

Vaegter, K

The Danish Army: Apr 68 p153

Vazenry, George

Attacks on the Australian Mainland - World War II: Jul-Sep 84 p21

Australian Army Formation Signs: Apr 67 p133

Badge Identification: Part 1, Jul-Sep 79 p21; Part 2, Jan-Mar 80 p12; Part 3, Jul-Sep 81 p21; Part 4, Jul-Sep 80 p39

Commandos and Guerillas: Oct 69 p42

Distinguished Unit Citation to D Company, 6th Battalion RAR: Apr 69 p100

Regulations Governing Medals and Insignia: Oct-Dec 81 p31

Territorial Titles and Municipal Affiliations: Jul 67 p14

The Regular Infantry of the Australian Army: Apr 69 p104

Verney, Guy

Intelligence, Security and the General Staff, 1914-1918: Oct-Dec 81 p11

Vernon, Phil V

21st Light Horse Regiment: Sep 58 p37

ANZAC Mounted Division Band: Sep 71 p54

Cavalry in NSW: Sep 58 p2

Cavalry Snippets: Jun 59 p23

First Australian Infantry Regiment: Jan 68 p109

Glimpses of the British Regiments in Australia and Some of Their Achievements: Oct 67 p49

Light Horse Regiments, Australian, Change in Designation: Jul 62 p24

Royal NSW Lancers Museum: Jun 59 p18

Royal NSW Lancers: Part 1, Dec 58 p29; Part 2, Mar 59 p5

Videon, Barry J

80 Pounder muzzle loading rifled guns made for the Goverment of Victoria: Oct 70 p34

A Japanese Shooting Medal: Sep 74 p195

A Light Horse type: Sep 58 p1

A look at the badge of the Australian Army: Jul 65 p26

A plea for a set of Australian military illustrations: Jul 63 p12

About collectors, collections and collecting: Oct 62 p56

Air Force miniatures: Apr 68 p154

Air Forces News: Jan 67 p94

Australian Flying Corps fakes?: Mar 73 p90

Australian model soldiers: Apr 70 p105

Australian mounted cadets on tour, 1911: Jan 71 p61

Australian shoulder titles 1958: Jun 58 p3

Badges for WO, NCO and men of the Victorian Forces c.1893-1900: Jul 59 p17

Badges of the Royal Naval Air Service: Apr 63 p94

Busy Bees: War efforts of the children of Victoria in the Second World War: Oct-Dec 87 p26

Ceremonial Waist Belt Plates of the Royal Australian Air Force: Apr 61 p4

Colour Patches of the Light Horse (1st AIF): Sep 58 p12

Early cloth badges of the RAAF: Oct 70 p36

Emerald Hill artillery uniform discovered: Oct 68 p48

Father Gusmao remembered: Jan 70 p76

Fifty years of military aviation in Australia: Oct 65 p4

Flying badges- AFC and RAAF: Sep 71 p46

Formation of NSW Branch: Oct 61 p28

Genealogical Society and the Visit of the York Herald of Arms: Apr 70 p112

Historic Military Uniforms in Captain Cook Bi-Centenary Celebrations: Jul 70 p9

Honour Cap Royal Military College: Sep 58 p15

In the News: Jul 70 p14

Lanyards: Jun 58 p12

Methods of Display and Preservation: Apr 69 p102

Model Soldiers - New Figures: Oct 62 p48

New Badge for RAAF Medical Branch: Apr 63 p89

New Badges for State Regiments: Apr 64 p96

New Formation Sign (Australian Cadet Corps): Jul 59 p33

New South African Rank Badges: Jul 59 p16

Prince of Wales V(ictorian) V(olunteer) Light Horse: Jan 69 p75

RAAF Golden Jubilee Year: Apr 71 p113

Relics of the Australian Flying Corps: Dec 72 p53

S.P.F. - war efforts of the children of South Australia: Jan-Mar 86 p23

Some Badges for Good Shooting: Australian States and of the Commonwealth: Apr 62 p74

Some Badges of the Australian and New Zealand Forces in the First World War: Jul 66 p36

Some Current Insignia of the Royal Australian Armoured Corps: Jul 59 p8

Some More Australian Formation Signs: Jun 59 p26

Some useful overseas dealers: Mar 72 p102

Suitable "Heads" for Displaying Headdress: Jan 69 p76

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The Digger Hat: Mar 59 p15

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The Women’s Air Training Corps A World War 2 women’s auxiliary: Oct-Dec 86 p24

The Young Workers Patriotic Guild: Apr-Jun 87 p15

Typical Specimens of Some Cadet Corps Distinctive Marks: Oct 59 p16

Vincent, D

F-Lt R B Cowper DFC and Bar: Sep 72 p27

Vivian, David

A man of immense prestige - Lt-Gen W H E 'Strafer' Gott: Jan-Apr 94 p14

British Opposition to the Boer War 1899-1902: Apr-Jun 97 p13

The other Boer War, The Second Boer War as a civil war: Jul-Sep 93 p15

Ward, George

A case of injustice: Oct-Dec 81 p23

A Sapper in the RANBT: Apr-Jun 83 p22

Forty Years an Infanteer: Jul-Sep 85 p33

Waters, Geoff

Death on the Rifle Range: Apr-Jun 86 p35

Watson, A

Firearms of the American Civil War: Part 1, Jun 58 p2; Part 2, Sep 58 p8; Part 3, Dec 58 p34; Part 4, Mar 59 p26; Part 5, Jun 59 p17

White, J H

Notes on the “Victorian Artillery” Bottle: Sep 74 p202

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1638 Cpl F W Davies DCM, 44th Battalion AIF: Apr 76 p202

A Ship’s Lantern From the Past: Dec 79 p32

Australian Recipients of the American Distinguished Service Cross: Apr 77 p115

Badges of the Australian Military Forces 1930-42: Sep 74 p161

Compulsory Military Training in Australia in 1914: Jan 77 p15

Let the Buyer Beware!: Jul-Sep 80 p14

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Obituary - Major Rex Clark: Oct 78 p25

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They died for Australia: Aug 76 p295

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White, R D

A Flag with a History: Jan-Mar 88 p22

The Kyneton Volunteers 1860-1900: Feb 75 p271

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White, R L

Russians in the Derwent: Jan 77 p38

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White, Ronald

Our Boys, Noble Deeds - War and the school: Jan-Mar 87 p24

Whitelaw, John

A Newcastle connection: Praed Point Battery, Rabaul: Jan-Mar 93 p23

Artillery and Australia: Mar 01 p3

Wigzell, Syd

Some observations on "The Mouse": Jul 75 p31

Some Observations on the .303” Cartridge: Jan-Mar 81 p23

Some Observations on WW2 Japanese 7.7mm Ammunition: Dec 79 p38

Those German and Turkish Bullets: Apr-Jun 85 p21

Wilcox, Craig

Australians in the unconventional conventional war in South Africa, Nov 1899 to June 1900: Dec 00 p12

Researching the South African War in South Africa: Mar 01 p26

Wilkinson, F C

The Origins of the NSW Police: Oct 60 p5

Willard, Stephen

The Defence of Wollongong 1939-1945: Jul-Sep 89 p21

Williams, J Robert

2nd Viennese Dragoon Squadron, 1931: Oct 77 p257

A veteran of the Army Works Corps: Jan 78 p62

Australians at “Overlord”: Dec 75 p130

Australians at the Cape: Jan-Mar 82 p34

British Officer runs amok: Oct-Dec 80 p35

Imperial and Royal Train Corporal 1908: Mar 79 p27

Portrait of a sapper: Oct 78 p36

Some pre-1914 German Uniforms: Apr 78 p91

To battle on bikes: Oct 78 p26

Walking-out uniform of a Bandmaster of the Hungarian Infantry 1910: Oct 78 p53

Williams, Jeff

One Man’s account of the Sudan Campaign: Jul-Sep 81 p23

The exchange of the Albert Medal for the George Cross: Jan-Mar 81 p21

The Sudan, 1885: Jul-Sep 82 p14

Wilmot, Peter J

No ordinary man: Oct-Dec 86 p29

Wilson, David

Dash tempered with discretion: Jan-Mar 86 p3

Wilson, Graham

Australian and Canadian colour patches of World War 1 - A comparison: Mar 00 p24

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Feeding the First AIF, problems and solutions: Sep 00 p9

The United States Marine Corps Brevet Medal - One Day Wonder: Dec 99 p20

Trooper Bergin SJ: Oct-Dec 97 p3

Wilson, J M

Lt-Gen Sir Thomas Hutton KCB KCMG: Jan 70 p71

The Story Behind the Trophy of Arms in Russell Hill Headquarters: Jan 70 p72

Wilson, T

Pte Thomas Budd: Sep 72 p17

Winter, Gillian

Not 'a Wimbledon common or even a Werribee encampment affair': Apr-Jun 93 p15

Wiseman, Eric

Kangaroo Valley Light Horse: Apr 64 p98

Napoleonic Primer: Jul 63 p24

Notes of Plates from "Der Alte Fritz", A life of Frederick the Great: Jul 63 p22

The Dutch Part in the Battle of Waterloo: Jan 63 p79

The Royal Canadian Mounted Police in brief, and their Uniforms: Jul 63 p4

Woods, Chris

A VC Missed, The case of Dugald Drummond: Apr 77 p84

Woods, N J

Jimmy Woods VC: Jan-Mar 93 p35

Woolley, R J L

Matilda Tanks of the AIF in the Huon Peninsula, Nov 1943-Jan 1944: Jan 62 p73

Woolmore, W

HMAS Sydney - The Grey Gladiator: Jul-Sep 79 p4

Mixed bidding at auction: Jun 79 p23

Wright, Don

Broken Medal groups: Jan-Mar 85 p30

The Mercantile Marine War Medal 1914-18: Jul-Sep 84 p29

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The first military encampment Tasmania - Easter 1885: Apr-Jun 91 p15

Wynne, W

The “Unofficial” Coronation Cadet Corps, 1911: Apr 71 p107

Zwillenberg, Hans

Defence Commissions - Defence Experts - Defence Schemes: Jul-Sep 80 p25

South and Western Australia's Defence Forces: Jun 79 p47

South Australia’s Army: Part 1, Jan-Mar 81 p3; Part 2, Apr-Jun 81 p5; Part 3, Oct-Dec 81 p19; Part 4, Jan-Mar 82 p23; Part 5, Apr-Jun 82 p17

South Australia’s Defence Policy - Its Formulation 1854 - 1887: Apr-Jun 80 p52

South Australia’s preparedness for imperial war - mobilis ation for South Africa: Oct-Dec 87 p4

South Australian Defence Forces Clothing Regulations: Jul-Sep 82 p33

The Background to South Australia’s Defence Policy: Jan-Mar 80 p22

The Beginning of South Australia's Defence Force: Mar 79 p13

The Defence of South Australia 1836-1901: Apr-Jun 85 p14

The Imperial Legions - Their place in Colonial Society: Jul-Sep 79 p36; Their Withdrawal, Dec 79 p12

The Military Board Proceedings 1905-76: Oct-Dec 96 p20



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