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‘Rubbery figures’: The puzzle of the number of AANS on active service in WW1 by Dr Kirsty Harris, 2008-1, pp. 5-10

150th anniversary of the Victoria Cross by Anthony Staunton, 2006-1, p. 56

17th Leicestershire Regiment 1830 - 1836 by Clem Sargent, 2003-4, pp. 35-36

39th (Dorsetshire) Regiment 1826 - 1832 by Clem Sargent, 2002-4, p. 46

4th (King’s Own) Regiment 1831 - 1837 by Clem Sargent, 2004-2, p. 44

57th (West Middlesex) Regiment 1825 - 1832: The die hards by Clem Sargent, 2002-3, pp. 47-48

60th anniversary VP day air pageant and ceremony, Canberra 2005 by Don Clark, 2006-4, pp. 39

63rd Regiment (West Suffolk Regiment) 1829 - 1834 by Clem Sargent, 2003-3, p. 49

A Crimean War Medal with Australian provenance by Anthony F Harris, 2004-3, pp. 47-49

A memory of disbanded Irish Regiments by Tom Johnstone, 2004-2, pp. 41-43

A prison of our own: The AIF Detention Barracks 1917-1919 by Graham Wilson, 2005-2, pp. 13-29

A South Australian treasure: The VC to Sergeant Major John Grieve by Anthony Staunton, 2006-3, pp. 31-34

A tale of two families’ sacrifice by Clem Davis, 2008-1, pp. 37-38

Adventurous roving natures: Northern Territory volunteers of 1914 by Paul A Rosenzweig, 2006-2, pp. 07-21

AE2 prisoners of the Turks by Barry Clissold, 2004-2, p. 45

Alec William Campbell: 'the last sentinel of Gallipoli' by John Meyers & Bryn Dolan , 2002-4, pp. 39-41

An annotated index, for military historians: ADB Vol 14 (1940-1980, Di-Kel) by George Franki, 2002-2, pp. 22-36

An aspirational army: Australian planning for a citizen forces divisional structure before 1920 by Jean Bou, 2008-1, pp. 25-30

An Australian perspective on the English Invasions of the Rio de la Plata in 1806 and 1807 by Robert J King, 2003-2, pp. 37-53

An historical account of the Ceylon Defence Force (1881-1949) by Sergei DeSilva-Ranasinghe, 2008-2, pp. 40-44

An Irish life in Austrian Service: General Thomas von Plunket 1716-1779 by Jean Main, 2003-4, pp. 25-28

And the Sphinx smiled: Aubrey and Hilda Abbott, Darwin, 1937–46 by Paul A Rosenzweig, 2004-4, pp. 31-40

Anzac Day by S-Lt Michael C Blagg, 2006-1, pp. 09-11

Armstrong's Protected Barbette Mechanical Loading System for South Australia by Frank Garie, 2003-2, pp. 25-35

Australia’s logistical and commissariat support in the NZ wars, 1863-66 by Jeff Hopkins-Weise, 2006-4, pp. 05-24

Australia’s military horse trade during the New Zealand Wars of the 1860s by Jeff Hopkins-Weise, 2007-3, pp. 05-12

Australian Flying Corps attack on Baghdad by Barry Clissold, 2003-4, pp. 39-40

Australian Victoria Cross presentations by Anthony Staunton, 2007-2, pp. 23-27

Australians in the First Battle of El Alamein July 1942 by Craig Tibbitts, 2004-1, pp. 05-20

Beyond the assault rifle by Duncan Gordon, 2005-4, pp. 40-44

Bhanbhagta Gurung VC by Anthony Staunton, 2008-1, p. 48

Borella Road plaques by Anthony Staunton, 2007-3, p. 04

Brit garrison in Aust 1788-1841: Conditions of Service - Officers by Clem Sargent, 2002-2, pp. 15-21

Brit garrison in Aust 1788-1841: Conditions of Service - Soldiers by Clem Sargent, 2002-3, pp. 40-47

Brit garrison in Aust 1788-1841: Conditions of Service - Wives and children by Clem Sargent, 2002-4, pp. 44-45

Brit garrison in Aust 1788-1841: Military Supervision of Convict Work Gangs. Part I by Clem Sargent, 2003-1, pp. 31-42

Brit garrison in Aust 1788-1841: Military Supervision of Convict Work Gangs. Part II - The Great Roads by Clem Sargent, 2003-2, pp. 54-56

Brit garrison in Aust 1788-1841: Military Supervision of Convict Work Gangs. Part III - The Great Western Road by Clem Sargent, 2003-3, pp. 41-48

Brit garrison in Aust 1788-1841: Military Supervision of Convict Work Gangs. Part IV - The Great South Road by Clem Sargent, 2003-4, pp. 31-35

Brit garrison in Aust 1788-1841: Military Supervision of Convict Work Gangs. Part V by Clem Sargent, 2004-1, pp. 45-53

Brit garrison in Aust 1788-1841: The mutiny of the 80th Regiment at Norfolk Island by Clem Sargent, 2005-3, pp. 05-22

British Army fatal casualties: Ulster Troubles, 1969-1998 by Ronald J Austin, 2003-3, pp. 37-40

British Free Corps (BFC): Traitors to the King by Rohan Goyne, 2005-3, pp. 39-42

Burying the 1st AIF by Gail Gunn, 2003-3, pp. 05-14

Captain Umrao Singh VC: Last Indian Victoria Cross recipient by Anthony Staunton, 2005-4, p. 20

Caught the Cycling Craze: AIF Cyclist units 1916-1919 by Graham Wilson, 2002-3, pp. 03-18

Ceylon volunteers in World War 1 by Sergei DeSilva-Ranasinghe, 2008-1, pp. 39-47

Citizen armies: The locomotive of liberal democracy by Nathan James Frank Williams, 2008-1, pp. 31-36

Clarence Tasman Mummery MC by Beverley Bragge, 2005-2, pp. 05-12

Cleaning the Augean stables: The Morotai mutiny? by Kristen Alexander, 2004-3, pp. 05-28

Compulsory Military Training (CMT) in Australia prior to the First World War by Samuel Duncan, 2005-3, pp. 23-26

Dear everybody at home: A Tasmanian's letters from the Great War by John Wadsley, 2005-4, pp. 11-14

Deep into history by Ruhanie Perera, 2007-3, pp. 31-32

Don't call me “Killer”: Clive Robertson Caldwell in the Western Desert May-December 1941 by Kristen Alexander, 2003-1, pp. 11-26

Empty grave: The story of Ordnance Artificer Gordon Robertson by Greg Swinden, 2007-2, pp. 21-22

Error of judgement or outright bigotry?: The colours controversy of the 1950’s by Graham Wilson, 2003-3, pp. 15-22

First VC recipients to serve in Australia by Anthony Staunton, 2008-2, pp. 45-48

Four Victoria Cross Obituaries by Anthony Staunton, 2002-2, pp. 07-11

From Moresby to Normandy: The story of HMS Bulolo by Rohan Goyne, 2008-2, pp. 37-39

Further investigation of unconfirmed war graves site in France by Minister assisting the Minister for Defence, 2007-1, p. 38

Geographical and technical intelligence in the Southwest Pacific 1942-1945 by Keith Richmond, 2005-4, pp. 21-32

George Cross gazetted for Iraq & Two Cross of Valour awards for Bali by Anthony Staunton, 2003-4, pp. 29-30

GRG 26/5/4: A remarkable photographic collection by Anthony F Harris, 2006-3, pp. 35-39

Gunner history A message from the RAA representative by Major General Tim Ford, 2006-1, pp. 23-25

Hades’ henchmen: An abridged history of the Australian tunnelling companies in France & Belgium: 1916 – 1919 by Damien Finlayson, 2008-1, pp. 11-24

Home at Last: 1410 Pte Robert Patrick James Lomasney, 29th Battalion, 1st AIF by Ivan Lomasney, 2003-3, pp. 28-30

Hugo Throssell’s conversion to socialism by Peter Hopper, 2008-2, pp. 21-24

In search of Tiggi by Col Adamson, 2005-4, pp. 35-39

Interesting award of a British War Medal for service during WW1 by John Meyers, 2004-2, p. 40

Is it Anzac Day or ANZAC Day? by Dr John Moremon, 2007-4, p. 42

John Oscar Norton by Steve Chilvers, 2006-2, p. 22

John Profumo CBE by Anthony Staunton, 2006-2, p. 28

Kenneth (Ken) Richard White 22 July 1928 - 5 April 2004 by Neville Foldi, 2004-4, p. 50

Kindly Show Cause by Col Adamson, 2007-3, pp. 33-42

Knyvett Brothers: In the Boer War and First World War by John Meyers, 2006-1, pp. 13-16

La Guerra Marina 1936-39; The Spanish Civil War at Sea by Graham Wilson, 2004-1, pp. 21-36

Lance-Sergeant Haane Manahi DCM by Dr Noel Cox, 2006-2, p. 44

Leave without pay: The story of the AWA telegraphists in the Second World War by Graham Wilson, 2005-4, pp. 17-19

Lieutenant Douglas Stephen Freeman 15th Battalion (Queensland & Tasmania) AIF by John Meyers, 2004-4, pp. 41-46

Listed for the Connaught Rangers: Analysis of a military painting by Graham Wilson, 2004-2, pp. 31-39

Locust, Whiting and New Britain: Guy Black’s covert war with M and Z Units by Keith & Black, Ian Richmond, 2004-4, pp. 21-30

Major Sei Hashida’s Visit by Bill Billett, 2004-4, pp. 47-49

Major Thomas Wingate: An early Australian reservist by Michael R Downey, 2002-2, pp. 12-14

Maurice Vincent Buckley VC by Anthony Staunton, 2006-1, p. 12

Medal of Honor for Iraq by Anthony Staunton, 2005-3, pp. 43-48

Medical history in WW1 Archives by Geoffrey Miller, 2008-2, p. 08

MHSA Western Australian Branch Anzac Day display 2007 by Brian Inglis, 2007-2, pp. 07-08

Military records and your state archives by Anthony F Harris, 2005-1, pp. 54-58

Mission 101 - The Operational Centres: The Hidden Australian involvement in Ethiopia by Geoff Blackburn, 2003-2, pp. 03-12

Mosquitoes bite at night by Ken Wright, 2008-2, pp. 31-36

Mounted troops at Battle of Beersheba by Roslyn King Pike Shepherd, 2008-2, pp. 09-20

Nakano agents and the Japanese forces in New Guinea, 1942-1945 by Keith Richmond, 2004-3, pp. 29-40

New statue at SAS HQ Hereford by Anthony Staunton, 2007-4, pp. 43-44

New Zealand awards first “pup” Victoria Cross by Anthony Staunton, 2007-3, pp. 43-46

New Zealand’s Armed Constabulary and its Australian Context, 1867-72 by Jeff Hopkins-Weise, 2002-4, pp. 19-38

New Zealand’s Colonial Defence Force (Cavalry)and its Australian Context, 1863-66 by Jeff Hopkins-Weise, 2002-3, pp. 23-39

No VC for Rankin? by Tom Lewis, 2002-2, pp. 03-06

Normandy 60 years on: Myths and Legends by Robin Mawson, 2005-1, pp. 45-53

Obituary - Barry John Videon by . ., 2006-2, p. 49

Obituary - Bunny Storer by Neil Smith, 2006-4, p. 43

Obituary - Clem Sargent - 1923-2007 by Col Simpson, 2008-1, p. 49

Obituary - David Alan Fraser by . ., 2006-3, p. 40

Obituary - David Patrick Radford by . ., 2006-2, p. 50

Obituary - Major General R L Hughes CBE DSO by J J Shelton, 2003-1, pp. 75-76

Operation ‘Potshot’ – Exmouth Gulf 1942-44 by Alan H Smith, 2003-2, pp. 13-23

Origins and development, Royal Australian Army Dental Corps by Sven Kuusk, 2006-3, pp. 23-30

Out of empire: an introduction to the story of the Australian Instructional Corps, 1921–1955 by Roland Millbank, 2004-4, pp. 05-20x

Patrol from Menari - to find the Japanese by Bede Tongs, 2003-1, pp. 03-10

Peaceful penetration by Barry Clissold, 2002-4, pp. 42-43

Photo album by Sven Kuusk, 2005-1, pp. 34-36

Poetry as a primary source by Robert Morrison, 2005-1, pp. 25-33

Porton: One beach too far - Bougainville 1945 by Arthur Burke, 2006-1, pp. 05-08

Prisoners of Johnny Turk by Barry Clissold, 2007-2, pp. 17-20

Private John Carroll VC: Gallantry at St Yves, Belgium by Anthony Staunton, 2005-1, pp. 19-24

Rabaul 1942: the Sacrifice of John Eshott Carr (1922-1942) by Paul A Rosenzweig, 2004-2, pp. 11-18

Radio in World War II by Keith Richmond, 2007-1, pp. 39-52

Some Logistical Challenges for the Japanese in the: New Guinea Campaign, 1942–1945 by Keith Richmond, 2005-2, pp. 31-42

Some notes on the capture and trial of John Amery by David Vivian, 2005-4, pp. 33-34

Songs of the Second World War by Gail Gunn, 2006-3, pp. 13-22

Suvla - A study of command & staff failures by Tom Johnstone, 2007-1, pp. 13-30

Synopsis: The organisation of the Imperial Camel Brigade, 1916-1918 by Jim Underwood, 2003-1, pp. 73-74

The ‘atmosphere of the place and the spirit of the people’: Why historians visit battlefields by Karl James, 2007-1, pp. 33-37

The ‘Jap Track’: The Japanese route to Wau, January 1943 by Phillip Bradley, 2008-2, pp. 25-30

The 17th (Leicestershire) Regiment in NSW and VDL 1830–1836 by David Murphy, 2007-1, pp. 53-54

The 1915 Royal Commission into the administration of the Liverpool Camp by Peter Hopper, 2006-2, pp. 23-27

The 1916 AIF Mutiny by Peter Hopper, 2005-3, pp. 27-30

The action at Brakpan by Max Chamberlain, 2004-3, pp. 42-46

The appointment of Lieutenant-General Squires: the role of Major General Sir Carl Jess by Ronald J Austin, 2003-1, pp. 27-30

The Arctic Emblem by UK Veterans Agency, 2006-4, p. 44

The Army Museum of Western Australia:Twenty Five Years on by Peter Shaw, 2002-4, pp. 03-18

The British Army in South Australia 1836 – 1870 by Anthony F Harris, 2003-1, pp. 43-51

The Calder boys by Peter Harvey, 2007-4, p. 45

The concept of courage and elite fighter pilots by Keith Richmond, 2007-4, pp. 27-41

The Counter Intelligence Corps and its activities in Australia and New Guinea 1942-1945 by Keith Richmond, 2006-2, pp. 33-43

The day the planes "all fell into the sea": Darwin Raid 54 – 2 May 1943 by Kristen Alexander, 2005-1, pp. 37-44

The donkey vote: a VC for Simpson – the case against by Graham Wilson, 2006-4, pp. 25-37

The donkey vote: Oops! by Graham Wilson, 2007-1, p. 12

The evolution of an AIF battalion: The 7th Battalion at the Battles of Krithia (8 May 1915) and Lihons (10 August 1918) by Ronald J Austin, 2005-1, pp. 11-18

The forlorn hope and Australia by Clem Sargent, 2004-2, p. 10

The infantryman’s navigation aid by Clem Sargent, 2005-4, p. 10

The Intercolonial Rifle Competition by J K Haken, 2007-2, pp. 09-12

The last strike by Alan Fraser, 2006-2, pp. 45-48

The midshipman who changed the course of the Gallipoli Campaign by John Meyers, 2008-2, pp. 05-07

The missing man: the sapper who never was by K M Lyon, 2005-4, pp. 15-16

The Northern Territory’s first Long Service Medal by Paul A Rosenzweig, 2003-4, pp. 15-20

The organisation of the Imperial Camel Brigade, 1916-1918 - Part 1 by Jim Underwood, 2003-4, pp. 05-14

The organisation of the Imperial Camel Brigade, 1916-1918 - Part 2 by Jim Underwood, 2004-1, pp. 37-44

The People’s Liberation Army during the Cultural Revolution by Alexandra McCubbin, 2007-2, pp. 29-32

The procurement of military small arms in South Australia, 1839-1901 by Anthony F Harris, 2007-1, pp. 05-11

The Queenscliff mysteries 1942 by Bill Billett, 2004-2, pp. 19-24

The relevance of miscellany administrative: Support and logistic units of the AIF - a postscript by Graham Wilson, 2003-4, pp. 21-24

The relevance of miscellany administrative: Support and logistic units of the AIF by Graham Wilson, 2003-1, pp. 53-72

The sacking of Albany: the image of the Boer War veteran in Australia by Les Hetherington, 2004-2, pp. 25-30

The search for Lt Col F W Bell VC Part 2 by James C Briggs, 2006-1, pp. 17-22

The secret war 1914-1918: Part One – The Land War by Tom Johnstone, 2005-3, pp. 31-38

The secret war 1914-1918: Part Two – naval encounters by Tom Johnstone, 2005-4, pp. 05-09

The Shout Victoria Cross sale by Anthony Staunton, 2006-3, pp. 41-42

The swastika of Bali by Paul A Rosenzweig, 2003-3, pp. 23-27

The tale of Plumer’s pony by Tom Johnstone, 2006-2, pp. 05-06

The wrong place by W F Refshauge, 2007-3, pp. 13-30

Timothy O’Hea VC by Anthony Staunton, 2006-1, p. 26

Tobruk: A criticism by Gordon Maitland, 2006-4, pp. 49-50

Trophy guns at Albury by Doug Hunter, 2007-2, pp. 13-16

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Victorian volunteers by Tom Corfmat, 2007-4, p. 49

Viva la muerte!-a brief history of the Spanish Foreign Legion by Graham Wilson, 2006-1, pp. 27-48

Voyage to war by Andrew Pittaway, 2006-2, pp. 29-32

Voyages to the war: the AIF at sea by Doug Hunter, 2005-1, pp. 05-10

Walter Mitty and genuine hero by Bob Lowry, 2007-4, pp. 17-26

Waltzing Matilda by The Hon Mark Vaile MP, 2007-2, p. 28

Was the last strike before or after the end of the war? by Peter Harvey, 2006-4, p. 38

Wilmansrust: The Battlefield Trials of the 5th Victorian Mounted Rifles by Max Chamberlain, 2003-3, pp. 31-36

With horse and morse in Mesopotamia: The history of a unit history by Dr Paul Skrebels, 2006-3, pp. 05-11

World War 2 Australian Army numbers by Graham Wilson, 2007-4, pp. 05-15



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