The Magic Bike


Amy Noble

[The Magic Bike]

Once upon a time there was a girl called Koula. She loved bikes. One day she was riding on one of her favourite bikes with her dog which was sitting in the basket on the front of the bike. Suddenly the bike started to fly. They were so amazed they nearly fell off. They looked around. They saw birds and insects, but the most extraordinary thing was that they were in the most strange place.

The place was called "Lingomingo". It was a very funny place. Then after the long trip the bike finally landed.

There was already someone there to meet them. His name was "Splucerdo Minglow". He said "Your name in this country is 'Folockar Fluker' and your dog is 'Mingerflow'. I will take you to meet all the other people in this town except for the wicked Zkoulu. He is the meanest of everyone here. Let's Go."

So they walked for a bit until they came to a wizards house. Splucerdo Minglow knocked on the door. Splocodo Stardo answered the door - that was the wizard's name. "Welcome all and hello to Folockar Fluker and your dog Mingerflow" he said. They went in and sat down. But what they didn't know was that the wizard was sitting them in magical chairs. They were time travel chairs. It took them back to last years Christmas. First they were sitting round the Christmas tree singing Christmas songs. The second song was 'When Santa Got Stuck in the Chimney'.

Then she opened the presents. She got a bike, a pair of roller blades and some books. Then they came back to real time. She said "That was really fun. Now may we have something to eat?"

"OK, we will have some biscuits and green lemonade."

"That sounds good, but what will my dog eat?" said Folockar Fluker.

"That's easily fixed. He will have the most wonderful dog food in the world."

After they had morning tea they said goodbye and went. The next house they passed was a house they weren't going to visit - it was Zkoula's house. But then the worst thing possible happened. Zkoula came out of her house and into the front garden which was where they were passing. Skoula looked up and saw them.

"Run, run!" said Splucerdo Minglow. But they didn't get away in time. Skoula got them and put them in chains. She took them to the den and locked them in. "How are we going to get out?". Folocker Fluker said "I don't know but I'll try to think of something. I remember something I read in a book. If you're kidnapped what you should do is gnaw through whatever it is you need to get out." Luckily enough it was wood and all the people who lived in that town had very sharp teeth that could gnaw through wood. So that's what he tried to do except he had forgotten to sharpen his teeth that morning, so it didn't work.

They thought and thought then suddenly Splucerdo Minglow thought that because he had strong feet that he could kick down the room. So he tried and in one kick the door fell down. They went running out. But Zkoula was still outside and caught them and said they could go under a few circumstances. They could not go and visit anyone else, and to go back to the bike and go home.

So they agreed to that and started heading off to the bike. When they got there the hopped on it ans Plucerdo Minglow said something very strange. It was "Gularter Citapo" and it made them go right back home.

When they were inside their home, everything was exactly the same as when they had left. Koula said "I'm sorry I was away for so long". Her mum Jennie said "There's no need to say that, I hardly even noticed you were gone. Would you like to go up to the park?"

So Koula put the dog on its lead and Koula and her mum and her dad all went up to the park. When they were at the park Koula ran to the swings.

They all had a very good day.

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