The Washing Line of Spooks

Chapter 1 - Time For Bed

Chapter 2 - My Weird Dream

Chapter 3 - The Warehouse

Chapter 4 - The Washing Line

Chapter 5 - In The Box

Chapter One - Time For Bed

"Shutup Smarty pants" Sam said. Sam and Sara were having a fight again. They were not allowed to be in the bathroom together. "I got in here first." "Wrong. I did!"

Then Mum came in and yelled at me - "Sam - out!". Then she sweetly said "Sara, please clean your teeth".

I don't know why parents seem t otake more interest in the youngest child. "Why do I have to be ten and Sara five?" I said all this to myself because Mum and Dad would have yelled at me then. It was already seven o'clock and the show that I wanted to watch was on at seven thirty. I heard Dad's voice - "Hurry up Sam. Stop day dreaming and clean your teeth." Sara was out of the bathroom, finally. Sara took ages to clean her teeth.

Great, I've cleaned my teeth. Now I can watch the show.

I sat down on the floor and sang the song "Getaway". The show was over. Then I went to bed.

Chapter Two - My Weird Dream

This is the weird dream I had. I was walking across the school playground when I bumped into a boy. "If you ever go into a warehouse and find a washing line, don't go under it or something bad will happen to you and your family".

I woke up. Phew. It was only a dream.

Next morning when we were all having breakfast Dad said "Today we are going to the warehouse to look at washing lines". "Do we have to?" I said. My spine shivered as I said that. "Yes!" Mum and Dad said at the same time.

"Oh that's going to be boring" Sara said winging. Mum said "It's not as boring as a long trip". "Yes that's right." Dad pointed out. "I think we know that!" I said.

I meant to be rude so that maybe I could stay home by myself. "Oh, didn't I tell you we were going to get an ice cream" Dad said. "You won't get one now Sam" Mum said. "Ha Ha" said Sara.. That was only to make me feel bad. "You won't get one either if you keep that up" said Dad. "Ha Ha" Sara mumbled again. "I heard that. Mummy, Sara said it again."

"No she didn't. You're just saying that so she doesn't get an ice cream".

Then Sara stuck her tongue out at me. Dad saw.

"Yes!" I whispered to myself.

"Sara, you're not having an ice cream either!" Dad said.

Chapter Three - The Warehouse

"OK. Everyone, in the car" Mum said.

"Can I sit in the middle?" Sara asked. Dad was about to say "No, it's dangerous.", but Mum beat him and said "Of course sweetheart.".

"Here we are. Everyone out". My parents always say that and I always go red. When we were going in Dad met someone from work. "Hi!" Dad said. Not another long talk.

"Lets' go look at washing lines Darling" said Mum. "OK" Dad answered. "Bye" Dad and his workfriend said.

"Here we are at the washing lines." Dad said.

"We can see that". I was being rude again.

"Sam, stop that!'

"OK, OK" I said.

Then Sara pushed me under the washing line.

Chapter 4 - The Washing Line

"Oh no! What's' happening to me, I mean us?" I said.

We were turning in to little toy washing lines, all four of us. I wondered what all of this meant. Then I remembered the dream. God had sent a warning to me and I didn't believe it. Oh no, now we couldn't move at all.

The shopkeeper came and saw us and said "What are these young fellers doing here?". "They should be in Jacob's toy store. I'll send you tomorrow."

"I'm scared Mummy" said Sara. "It'll be alright Darling:" Mum responded.

"I'm tired Mummy." "So am I" Sara and I complained.

"Then shutup you two and go to sleep" Dad yelled. He sometimes gets cross at Sara. Sara fell asleep. But I couldn't get to sleep and I was uncomfortable. Eventually I got there.

Soon it was the next morning and Sara was complaining she was hungry.

Chapter 4 - In The Box

Uh-oh, the man from the shop is coming . Is he going to pick us up?

He is. Oh no. "Which one first?" I heard him say. Then "This one". It was Sara. She was squealing her head off. Then suddenly there was a bang. The man had dropped Sara. I'm sure he thought it was his imagination because he went straight back and picked her up again. (This time she was not squealing her head off.)

He took Sara straight to his desk and put her in a big box. I guess he was planning to put us all in together, but no, he put in some more things to go to the toy store.

I suppose Sara was afraid or something like that. Then the shopkeeper came back and picked me up. I was very calm. He put me in a different box to Sara's. Then he came back and picked up Mum and Dad and put them in the same box as me. The he sent the boxes to Jacob's toy store.

All the way there Mum and Dad talked about Sara. They said things like "I hope she's all right" and "I can't wait to see her again".

I was thinking on the other hand "I hope she's not alright and I hope we don't see her again". It was a long trip to the toy store but we made it.

Now we were sitting in the toy store and Sara wasn't there. "Yes!" I whispered, but Mum and Dad had the opposite feelings. I fell asleep then because it was night time.

In the morning I got a big surprise . Know why? Because Sara was there sitting right next to me. But the biggest surprise was that she was real person.

Chapter 5 - Getting Back Home

I asked Sara how she got back into a person and she answered "I found a wand in the box I was in and I tried it a spell and it worked". "I brought the wand with me and tried it on Mum and Dad and it worked. They're wandering around the shop now."

"Would you like me to try it on you?"

"OK" I answered.

So Sara tried it on me and it worked. Then Mum and Dad came back and said "It's time to go". So we left to go home. But first we had to walk to the bus depot. On the way we passed chocolate shop and Sara asked if she could get one.

Mum said she could, and then I asked if I could have one too. Mum said "Yes of course" and it was then I realised that they did love me but sometimes they got cross with me and I guess sometimes with Sara. From then on, I never thought that they loved Sara more than me.

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