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BENJAMIN HENRY GAWTHORNE, son of BENJAMIN and JANE, was born 25/1/1845 at MUDGEE and died 22/3/1926 at MUDGEE aged 81

AMANDUS CHARLES SEEBECK was born in GERMANY and died 19/11/1906 at SYDNEY "aged 45"

IVY HILDA.A.Mc DICK nee ATKINSON, daughter of WILLIAM H and ELIZABETH, was born 1893 and died 1919



WILLIAM CROWDER NICHOLS, the son of WILLIAM and ELIZABETH JANE (nee MARSHALL), arrived in New South Wales from England in 1848 on the Agincourt as part of the group known as the Lacemakers of Calaise. He died 1908 at FORBES

ABRAHAM WILLIAM WICKHAM MYERS, son of HENRY and SARAH E, was born 13/5/1868 and died 1918

MARGUERITE WEIDMAN OLDFIELD nee ISLAUB, was born 1891, the daughter of FREDERICK WILLIAM and JANET (nee CALLINAN), and died 1939


OSWALD EDWARD JAMES PULLMAN, son of WALTER OSWALD and ETHEL M (nee PAYNE), was born 19/10/1908 at PENRITH and died 20/9/1988 at PENRITH aged 79

JAMES GAWTHORNE, son of BENJAMIN and JANE (nee WARD), was born 1854 and died 1924

INA BERYL MANSELL nee LAIRD, daughter of MOSS and AMY WILSON (nee FRASER), was born 1893 and died 1946

MARGARET ANN ROPE (previously Mrs FRED K ROSS) nee JONES, daughter of HENRY and MARGARET ANN, died 18/5/1920 "aged 64"

MARGARET ESTHER MANSELL nee CREGAN, daughter of CHARLES G and ALICE (nee BELL), was born 1896 and died 3/2/1968 "aged 71"

EDWARD WILLIAMS, son of DAVID and SARAH, died 16/9/1924 "aged 88 years and 6 months"

ALFRED JOHN FROST died 29/1/1913 "aged 42"

ARTHUR ALLPORT died 10/11/1927 "aged 61"

HERBERT HAMMOND MATTHEWS, son of HENRY and EDITH, was born at WHITWORTH Lancashire England and died 1/6/1926 REDFERN "aged 60"

EVELYN BLANCHE FIELD nee McMAHON, daughter of JOHN and ELLEN A (nee HOWARD), died 12/4/1986 at REVESBY" aged 94"

THOMAS GERALD NICHOLSON, son of JAMES BROWN and LYDIA (nee HOSNELL), died 12/7/1963 "aged 76"

HAROLD CHESTER MOORE, son of EDWIN and MATILDA A (nee CLIFTON), was born 1902 and died 1/8/1981 "aged 79"

PETER LEWIS TIGHE, son of JOSEPH CONLON and ELIZABETH JANE, was born 31/7/1860 at GUNDAROO and died 14/1/1946 aged 85

RICHARD BERNARD HOGAN was buried 13/6/1964 at LITHGOW

THOMAS EDWARD LEVETT, son of WILLIAM and MARY, died 24/9/1949 "aged 74"

SARAH DARCY ROPE nee HILL died 27/9/1924 "aged 66"

JOHN JOSEPH KURTZ died 14/10/1942 "aged 83"

ALFRED SAMUEL PAINE died 30/6/1941 "aged 83"

STEPHEN EDWARD TUCKERMAN died 6/9/1892 "aged 64"

RICHARD HARVEY, son of JOHN and ANNIE (nee BUTLER), was born 18/8/1874 at MITTAGONG and died 25/6/1966 at KATOOMBA aged 91

FRANK PAGE BARRINGER, son of JOSEPH and ANNE, died 1/6/1931 "aged 72"

HANNAH GAZINA ROPE nee SMEDE, daughter of JOHN FREDERICK and MARY ANN, was born 1867, remarried 1922 to ALBERT R ANDERSON and died 1943

ANNIE FIELD nee WHITELY, daughter of JOSEPH, died 5/1/1967 "aged 85"

JOSEPH JAMES CORNHILL, the son of JOSEPH and SARAH EDENDEN (nee DYASON), was born 1848 at WHITSTABLE England and died 1909 "aged 63" at DUBBO. He was married in England before arriving in Australia - to HANNAH DARBY in 1868

EDITH VERA COLLETT nee PIGGOTT was born 18/2/1914 and died 23/4/1983 aged 69

EDWARD PETER DOYLE died 12/2/1958 at PADDINGTON "aged 81"

HENRY BURNS LITTLE, the son of JOHN LITTLE and MARY MARSH (nee BURNS), was born 12/12/1850 and died 19/5/1930 aged 79. He had married twice prior to his marriage to ANNIE EVELINE, first to MARY ANN WRIGHT (1871) and second to ELLEN MARGARET DEBENHAM (1894). He was buried at FORBES with his second wife.

CAMILLO LECALDANO, son of GUISEPPE and HATTIA, was born 1871 at LIPARI Italy and died 6/12/1912 at PALMERSTON NORTH New Zealand aged 34

MARIA FROST nee GARDINER, daughter of THOMAS and MARIA (nee PEARSON), was born 7/3/1864 and died 7/6/1914 aged 50

WILLIAM HENRY THOMS, son of THOMAS and ELIZA (nee LANG), was born 14/5/1846 at Boothman Square, Parish of ST. GILES Yorkshire England and died 29/1/1919 at COWRA aged 72

HENRY TAYLOR, son of HENRY and ANNIE (nee WARDROP), died 27/11/1945 "aged 85"

ARTHUR EDGAR PIPER, son of ALEXANDER SEPTIMUS and MARY ANN, was born 10/111859 at COONAMBLE and died 16/4/1935 aged 75

MARY JANE STANTON nee MATTHEWS, daughter of HUGH and MARGARET, was born 1859 and died 4/5/1929 "aged 72"

ELLEN MARY FIELD nee HODGE, daughter of JOHN and ELIZABETH, was born 7/3/1864 at GUNDAGAI and died 1892 at GRENFELL

AGNES LETITIA LYNCH nee JORDAN, daughter of NICHOLAS and CATHERINE AGNES (nee WHITTY), died 24/6/1989 "aged 84"

NORMAN HAROLD ELSON, son of JAMES THOMAS and HANNAH MARIA, died 29/6/1969 at NOWRA "aged 83"

ROBERT WILLIAM HEARD, son of RICHARD WILLIAM and ELIZABETH, was born 1848 and died 1917

LILIAN EMILY FIELD nee MORGAN, daughter of THOMAS and JESSIE, died 1/9/1916 at LITHGOW "aged 43"

JAMES EVANS died 29/4/1897

CAROLINE HANNAH MORRIS nee LEVERIDGE, daughter of WILLIAM and ELIZABETH, was born 1881 and died 1940

DALLAS ELIZABETH MacAINSH, also known as DALLAS ELIZABETH FIELD and the daughter of PETER PHILLIP and HELEN GAWN (nee FULLERTON), was born 1890 at ST KILDA Victoria and died 1965 at HAWTHORNE Victoria. Also recorded as DALLAS ELIZABETH McAINSH

CHARLES WILLIAM WORBOYS, son of DAVID JOHN and ANNIE (nee SQUIRES), was born 12/1/1867 at PENRITH and died 15/2/1955 at MANLY aged 88 - after the death of SARAH LOUISA, his first wife, in childbirth he remarried to ANNIE BAILEY

JAMES BOLAND, son of JAMES and SUSAN, died 4/7/1912 at NYNGAN "aged 82"

RICHARD ELLIS, son of ROBERT and MARY (nee CARPENTER), was born 1877 and died 16/7/1954 "aged 77"

MARY JOSEPHINE FIELD nee WATSON, daughter of MICHAEL and MARY, was born 11/9/1884 and died 2/10/1959 aged 75

ELIZABETH BROOM nee SCHADEL, daughter of WILLIAM and MARY ANN (nee KELLY), was born 27/3/1883 and died 26/12/1966 aged 82

BLANCH EVELYN SIMPSON nee BOOTH, daughter of CHARLES and ELLEN (nee BOURKE), died 21/9/1977 in Queensland

FLORABELLE SIMPSON nee RAND, daughter of THOMAS and AGNES, was born 18/7/1888 and died 4/4/1969 aged 80

WALTER REGAN CRANNEY, son of MICHAEL REGAN and ALICE MINETTA (nee SEYMOUR), was born 16/1/1890 and died 28/12/1963 aged 73


CHARLOTTE FRANCES HIGGINS, previously MOORE and nee KNIGHT, died 18/1/1914 at MURWILLUMBAH "aged 64"

SAMUEL KIRK died 25/10/1958 "aged 78"

EDITH EMILY MORRIS nee GRALTON, daughter of JOHN and EMMA (nee LIPPIATT), was born 4/12/1880 in Queensland and died 10/5/1947 at BRISBANE Queensland aged 66

WILLIAM HENRY LEVERIDGE, son of WILLIAM and ELIZABETH (nee POPE), died 30/11/1939 aged 66

REGINALD FRANCIS WOTTON, son of DAVID JAMES and ELIZABETH HANNAH (nee WRIGHT), was born 2/2/1886 at MOSS VALE and died 8/8/1955 at LIVERPOOL aged 69