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CHRISTIANNA STANTON nee GORMAN, daughter of HENRY and SARAH (nee LEES), was born 25/12/1841 at NEPEAN and died 19/8/1907 at ROOKWOOD aged 65

McAUSLAND LAMROCK, son of JAMES and JANE, was born 1831 at CUMBER, County Derby, England and arrived in NSW 1852 with his parents as an assisted migrant on the Agincourt. He died 6/7/1908 aged 77 and was buried at ORANGE

WILLIAM LENNOX, son of JAMES and MARY (nee GARRETT), died 1898

SUSANNAH MARGARET STANTON nee IRONSIDE, the daughter of JOHN and PRISCILLA, was born 1854 and died 17/5/1889 aged 35

CHARLOTTE STANTON nee NATION, daughter of JOHN McDERMOTT and PHOEBE MARTIN, died 29/12/1928 and was buried Upper Castlereagh

WILLIAM BANHAM, son of THOMAS and SARAH (nee WILLER), was born 1834 at Norfolk, England, and died 5/11/1866 at BATHURST

WILLIAM HENRY CHARLES WEEKES, son of CHARLES and ANN (nee HARTLEY), was born 1847 and died 10/8/1922

MARY LOUISA JONES nee CHISHOLM, the daughter of GEORGE CHISHOLM and ANN BUTLER BOURNE, was born 27/12/1842 at WINDSOR and died 30/7/1896 aged 53

ALICE GERTRUDE JONES nee HEILBRONN, daughter of ADOLPH and SARAH TURNER (nee ILLIDGE), was born 13/7/1850 at GREENWICH England, arrived PORT PHILLIP 21/7/1859 on the D G Flemming and died 22/7/1929 at CANOWINDRA aged 79

EMMA ELIZABETH JONES nee MARSH and MARY ANN JONES nee MARSH were sisters, the daughters of JAMES and ELIZABETH (nee SCOTT). EMMA ELIZABETH was born 24/3/1857 at COBBITTY and died 11/2/1879 aged 21. MARY ANN was born 14/7/1859 at COBBITTY and died 9/6/1882 aged 22

MARY S JONES nee GRIFFITH, daughter of JOHN and GEORGINA and who bore JOHN no children, died 1887

EUPHEMIA JONES nee McDOUGALL's marriage to JOHN JONES was dissolved in 1902 - she died 8/9/1958 as EUPHEMIA LORNE MARCELLA THORPE

ELIZABETH JONES, previously WARREN and nee TOFTS, was a widow when she married JOHN JONES - the marriage was childless, and she died 30/4/1926 at CANOWINDRA "aged 75"

PIERCE COLLITS, son of JOHN PILLMORE and HANNAH (nee LEES), was born 13/3/1840 at MT YORK and died 7/8/1914 at SAND HILLS (near FORBES) aged 74

JOSEPH WILLIAMSON, the son of WILLIAM and ELIZABETH (nee CHARTERS), was born 18/11/1845 at GOULBURN and died 14/10/1915 at NYRANG CREEK aged 69

THOMAS WILLIAMSON was born 5/6/1848 near FORBES, the son of WILLIAM and ELIZABETH (nee CHARTERS), and died 27/12/1935 at NYRANG CREEK aged 87

RACHEL STANTON nee BROWN, the daughter of JOHN and ANN (nee ALLAN), was born at PENRITH and died 25/5/1874 at BROOMBEE near MUDGEE aged 26

ISABELLA STANTON nee BROWN, the daughter of JOHN and ANN (nee ALLAN), was born 17/10/1854 at PENRITH and died 5/6/1905 in Queensland aged 50

JOHN WADDELL was born 30/8/1841 in County Monaghan, Ireland, and arrived in Sydney 13/2/1842 on the "Agnes". He died 6/3/1907at BATHURST aged 65

WILLIAM THOMAS was born 26/2/1840 at BEAUMARIS, Wales the son of WILLIAM and ELDORNA (nee HUMPHREYS), arrived PORT PHILLIP 28/11/1859 on the "Ocean Chief", and died 2/2/1896 at SYDNEY aged 55

ANNIE MARIA FIELD nee COOPER died 2/7/1917 at NORTH SYDNEY aged 59. She was the eldest daughter of EDMUND WALKER and LYDIA LUCY (nee ARMSTRONG). She had previously married 20/10/1876 at ST LEONARDS to MATTHEW HENRY BONNEY, and had four children to him (RUBY, VIOLET, NERIDIA and EDMUND) but had none by her marriage to JOHN STRICKLAND

ELLEN FIELD nee RYAN was born 1872 at CARLTON, Vic, the daughter of RODERICK and MARGARET (nee CORBETT). She remarried 15/3/1902 at COONAMBLE to JOHN DARKER and died 1/9/1955 at COONAMBLE

MARY THOMAS RUTLEDGE nee RABONE was born 3/3/1848 at VAVAU, Tonga, the daughter of Rev STEVEN RABONE, and died 16/6/1908 at TOOWONG, Qld aged 60

ROSE ANN RUTLEDGE nee DAVEY was born 8/9/1862 and died in 1939

WILLIAM JOHN NEWTON was born 21/6/1843, the son of EDWARD and MARY ANN (nee TROTTER), and died 9/7/1886 at CAMPERDOWN aged 43

PIERRE CLAUDE LOUAT, son of BETHELMY and CLAUDINE (nee COLOMBERT), was born 21/4/1837 at TUPIN ET SEMONS in France and died 25/9/1902 at MERRYLANDS aged 65

ELIZABETH RUTLEDGE nee ALLEN, daughter of JOSIAH and ELIZABETH, was born 1850 at WOOLLONGONG and died 17/10/1883 at OBERON "aged 32"

CLARA ANNIE RUTLEDGE nee MOORE, the daughter of WILLIAM MOORE, was born 1860 at REWA, Fiji and died 12/5/1927 at LINDFIELD "aged 68"

MARY ADELAIDE RUTLEDGE nee ASSER, , the daughter of NATHANIEL FREDERICK and MARY ANN (nee SHERWIN), was born 2/11/1855 at SCONE and died 3/6/1943 at GUNNEDAH aged 87


MARTHA ROSETTA FIELD nee LAMB, the daughter of JOHN and CHARLOTTE (nee CARR) was born 16/6/1858 and married three times. Her first husband was JAMES GASCOIGNE (whom she married 23/2/1878), her second husband was JOSIAH FIELD and her third husband was JAMES FIELD. She died 12/12/1931 at Burwood aged 73.

FAITH FIELD nee PERKINS was born 6/2/1858 at BOWENFELS and died 1/6/1930 at HARTLEY VALE aged 72

Though married in her maiden name of MARTHA ROSETTA LAMB, she had previously married on 23/2/1878 to JAMES GASCOIGNE and had a child (ETHEL MAY GASCOIGNE, born 1879). She was the daughter of JOHN and CHARLOTTE (nee CAR), was born 16/6/1858 and married three times. Her first husband was JAMES GASCOIGNE (whom she married 23/2/1878), her second husband was JOSIAH FIELD and her third husband was JAMES FIELD. She died 12/12/1931 at BURWOOD aged 73

RACHEL MOSES FIELD nee PALMER, daughter of GEORGE and ELIZABETH ANN (nee MOSES) and born 22/11/1868 and was the neice and foster daughter of ANTHONY and ANN CREBER PALMER, with whom she migrated from England in 1884 aged 16. She died 19/2/1945 at LITHGOW aged 76

EMILY ANNIE FIELD nee WEISS, the daughter of FREDERICK ADAM and ROSETTA (nee HORSEY), was born 2/3/1876 and died 23/1/1961 at MELBOURNE aged 84

JOHN SNEDDEN was born 17/6/1872 at THROCKLEY, England and died 2/8/1967 at WESTON aged 95

SAMUEL WATSON was born 27/1/1859 at CLONTONACALLY, Co. DOWN, IRELAND, the son of JAMES and MARY (nee CORRY), and died 4/2/1940 at FORBES aged 81

FREDERICK DENNIS SMITH, the son of J SMITH of FORBES, was born 1868 and died 1938 at STANMORE

THOMAS DANIEL JOSEPH PURTELL, the son of JOHN and DORA MAY (nee HANIFY), was born 24/11/1868 at LITTLE BILLABONG and died 1/11/1938 at WEST WYALONG aged 69

CATHERINE FIELD nee SCOTT, daughter of ANDREW and MARY ANNE, was born 29/1/1880 and died 28/5/1958 at AUBURN aged 78

LAVINIA MARY FIELD nee GREEN, the daughter of ROBERT and MARY JANE (nee WARD), was born 15/9/1872 at ARALUEN and died 5/11/1938 at ASHBURY aged 66

CATHERINE ANN FIELD nee McGUIRK was the daughter of JAMES and MARY (nee CARROLL) and died 17/7/1950 at CAMPSIE aged 78

ALICE ELIZA FIELD nee McGUIRK, daughter of JOHN and ELIZABETH, was born 1874 and died 27/8/1937 "aged 58"

CHARLES ISAAC HOLLAND WHILEY, the son of CHARLES and SEBERIEL (nee RALPH), was born 6/5/1868 at PRETTY PLAINS and died 26/10/1946 at CONDOBOLIN aged 78

AGNES MAUDE FIELD nee FOGARTY, daughter of JAMES and MARY ANN (nee JACKSON), was born 26/10/1876 and died 4/6/1960 aged 83

HERBERT MARSHALL BEUZEVILLE, son of JAMES and JANE (nee MYLES), was born 10/2/1850 at PARRAMATTA and died 14/7/1921 at TRUNDLE aged 71

ERNEST AUGUSTUS WILLIAM ROBINSON was born at WOKAHARNA New Zealand and died 11/9/1931 at CONDOBOLIN "aged 67"

EDWARD JAMES OWENS, the son of EDWARD OWENS and MARY ANN BRYANT (nee WATKINS), was born 1859 at UABBA STATION, Lachlan River and died 9/3/1939 "aged 79"

MARY JANE FIELD nee WATKINS was born 8/1/1867 at GUNNINGBLAND, the daughter of JAMES and MARY JANE (nee MORGAN). She died 15/6/1924 at FORBES aged 57

MARY ANN FIELD nee SINCLAIR died 29/6/1951 "aged 79" and was buried FORBES.

MARY FIELD nee MARKWORT, daughter of CHRISTIAN and CATHERINE (nee SCHEIT), was born 13/3/1880 at BEECHWORTH Victoria, and died 29/10/1967 and was buried FORBES

HANNAH ELIZABETH JONES nee WEBSTER, daughter of WILLIAM and ELIZABETH (nee BELL), first married 1899 to THOMAS WEBSTER - after HERBERT RANDOLPH's death she remarried 1941 to LAURENCE GEOFFREY HOWES and died 25/12/1964 at PEAK HILL

THOMAS NICHOLAS LANEYRIE was born at FORBES and died 26/5/1955 at CONDOBOLIN "aged 71"

ELIZABETH CHARLOTTE FIELD nee HAND died 21/11/1951 at GUNNEDAH "aged 77"

CATHERINE THERESA MARY ELLEN FIELD nee PERRY, previously married to WILLIAM J PERRY, was born 11/4/1876 and died 5/1/1955 at FORBES aged 79

JOHN HENRY RODGERS was born 1855 on NORFOLK ISLAND and died 22/6/1928 at FORBES "aged 73"

ROSE JANE FIELD nee DOALMAN, daughter of BENJAMIN and SARAH MARIE, was born 16/9/1888 and died 7/12/1968 aged 80

EASTER MARY FIELD nee McMAHON was born 21/4/1887 at BURRAWANG, died 20/9/1971 aged 84 and was buried FORBES. Subsequent to the death of her husband EASTER MARY FIELD is understood to have had three other children, namely GWENDOLYNE FIELD (Mrs DOUGLAS WILLIAM ACRET), LANCE FIELD and BRUCE FIELD

JESSIE CECELIA FIELD nee PEASLEY, daughter of WILLIAM and JANE (nee GANDER), died 15/10/1979 at FORBES "aged 91

AMY GERTRUDE FIELD nee WENZELL died 19/1/1977 at FORBES "aged 94" and was buried at FORBES

CHARLES EDWARD BURTON, son of ARTHUR ROBERT BURTON, was born 17/6/1855 at CARROWANG (near GOULBURN) and died 8/11/1930 at FORBES aged 75

ELLEN FIELD nee DUNLEAVY was born at PARKES 8/7/1874 the daughter of PATRICK and CATHERINE (nee McGLYNN) and died 30/9/1913 at FORBES aged 39

MARY JANE FIELD nee THORPE, despite having been registered at birth as MARY TOMLIN THORPE, was known as MARY JANE CURTIS at the time of her marriage in view of a long term relationship (that poduced 9 children) she had had with JOHN ARTHUR CURTIS. The daughter of JAMES TOMLIN and MARY ANN (formerly McDONALD), was born 24/8/1876 at EUABALONG and died 28/3/1951 at TOONGABBIE "aged 74"

FREDERICK READ was born 18/10/1846 at NARAWAY, the son of JOHN and MARY ANN (nee BURRIDGE), and died 22/1/1920 at FORBES aged 73. He had been married to JESSIE TAYLOR before marrying ESTHER SOPHIA

BRIDGET EMILY FIELD nee WILLIAMS, the daughter of JOHN and ANNE, died 11/10/1917 "aged 42"

The parents of EMANUEL HENRY ANNESLEY were JAMES and MARY (nee COLLISON). EMANUEL HENRY's father, and ELLEN LOUISA's mother, were brother and sister. EMANUEL HENRY and ELLEN LOUISA were therefore first cousins

MARY THERESE FIELD nee DAWSON, the daughter of JAMES and MARGARET (nee FITZGIBBON), was born in 1868 at SOFALA and died 29/10/1944 at LITHGOW "aged 76"

MARION FIELD nee McGILLICUDDY was born at CLOHANE, County Killarney, Ireland the daughter of JEREMIAH and ELLENA (nee O'DONOHUE) and died 10/7/1939 at KINGSWOOD "aged 70"

CAROLINE FIELD nee WRIGHT, daughter of WILLIAM and ANNIE (nee LEES), was born 1862 and died 13/4/1907 "aged 45"

WILLIAM HENRY DUKES died 9/9/1932 at PENRITH "aged 72"

MINNIE CLARA FIELD nee FRAGAR, third daughter of ANTONIO JOSEPH, was born 19/11/1972 and died 18/10/1955 at GRANVILLE aged 82

JENNIE GARTRELL FIELD nee PACKHAM died at RYDE and was cremated 14/5/1954 "aged 80".


LILLIAN MAY FIELD nee MOON died 21/7/1961

JOHN DUKES, son of WILLIAM and LYDIA (nee BANKS), was born 18/2/1852 and died 6/11/1938 at FORBES aged 86

ANNIE BROOM nee HAY, daughter of THOMAS and ANN (nee ADDINGTON), was born about 1884 at PARRAMATTA and died 26/7/1949 at CONDOBOLIN "aged 64"

STEPHEN CARNARGO CLOTHIER, son of HENRY and ELIZABETH, was born 1/4/1860 at CARNARGO, died 27/6/1935 aged 75, and was buried at FORBES

FRANCES JANE BROOM nee McMURRAY, the daughter of WILLIAM and FRANCES JANE (nee TINDALL), was born 31/8/1894 at ORANGE, remarried to LUKE LOFTUS, and died 10/10/1958 at CONDOBOLIN aged 64. Note she and ERNEST ALBERT BROOM divorced 6/7/1932 and it is thought that she remarried, to LUKE LOFTUS

ETHEL VIOLET KATIE FIELD nee RUSS was born 10/11/1883 at 10 Exeter Place, SYDNEY, the daughter of EZEKIEL and MARY MARIA (nee SHORT) and died 20/7/1927 at AUBURN aged 43

CENIE VICTORIA MAY FIELD nee NOY was born 27/5/1901 and died 14/8/1971 at BANKSTOWN aged 70

ALBERTHA CATHERINE SIMMONDS nee JOHNSON, daughter of EDWARD and MARTHA J, died 15/9/1923 at FORBES "aged 39"

KATHERINE MAY SIMMONDS nee PASLEY was born 14/3/1884 at FORBES and died 4/6/1957 at BEDGEREBONG aged 73

WILLIAM THOMAS CONSTABLE, son of WILLIAM and JANE, was born 1868 and died 29/1/1943 at BEDGEREBONG "aged 74"

HERBERT WILFRED HODGES was born 12/11/1875 at BATHURST and died 16/4/1962 at BEDGEREBONG aged 86

BENJAMIN JOSEPH ROBERTS, the son of BENJAMIN JOSEPH and MAHIA TERESA (nee PACKER) (cited elsewhere as MATILDA THERESA nee PARKER), was born 1878 at CONDOBOLIN and died 11/10/1948 at CONDOBOLIN "aged 70"

MINNIE BERTHA IDA GROUNDWATER nee GERSTENBERG, the daughter of WILLIAM and SOPHIA (nee STONE), was born about 1886 at CONDOBOLIN and died 7/2/1937 at CONDOBOLIN

GERTRUDE MAY GROUNDWATER nee STONE, daughter of WILLIAM EDWARD and JANE (nee BOAMAN), was born about 1884 at CONDOBOLIN and died 16/11/1956 at CONDOBOLIN

ETHEL MAUDE FAHEY nee HUNT was born 15/11/1886 at NYMAGEE, the daughter of JOSEPH HENRY and FRANCES ANN (nee THOMPSON)

GEORGE ALBERT LAWLER was born about 1875 at BATHURST, the son of THOMAS and ANN (nee HEMSWORTH)

HILDA ALICE LYNCH nee WARD died 22/3/1975 "aged 81"

JAMES ROWLING, the son of JOSEPH and BRIDGET (nee GUY) was born 15/3/1858 and died 8/1/1902 at KELSO

GEORGE HENRY RIVETT, the son of HENRY and ESTHER HANNAH, died 12/7/1918 "aged 62" and buried KELSO

ALICE FIELD nee MORTON, the daughter of WILLIAM and EMILY (nee PLOWES), was born TAMBAROON and died 22/8/1926 "aged 54"

JANE HARRIET FIELD nee MANSELL was born 1891 at BATHURST the daughter of CHARLES FREDERICK and ANNIE (nee WALL), died "suddenly" 20/6/1958 at GEURIE

MATILDA ANN FIELD nee TUXFORD was born 9/6/1867 at PENRITH and died 15/12/1945 at MERRYLANDS aged 78

EMILY ADA FIELD nee WILLETT, the daughter of WILLIAM and ELIZABETH, died 3/11/1935 at her residence Crescent St Lemongrove PENRITH "aged 60"

GEORGE BELLINGHAM, son of HENRY and REBECCA (nee CHANNON), was born 7/4/1871 at CAMDEN and died 2/2/1926 aged 54

LUCY ETTIE MAUDE FIELD nee BUCKLEY, daughter of ABRAHAM JOHN and SARAH EVANGELINE (nee DINSDALE), was born 1885 at MUDGEE and died 26/5/1940 "aged 55"

EDITH MAY FIELD nee CLARKE died 21/3/1960 at PENRITH "aged 72"

WILLIAM PATRICK MAGEE, son of PATRICK and JANE (nee HAMILTON), was born 28/3/1867 at WELLINGTON and died 25/2/1928 at COOGEE aged 60


ELLEN FRANCES OLDFIELD nee LYNCH, daughter of PETER and FRANCES, was born 1869 and died 1944 at CHATSWOOD

WILLIAM HENRY BELFORD, son of GUSTAVUS WATSON and CHARLOTTE ELIZABETH (nee TURNER), was born 11/7/1861 at BUNGONIA and died 3/1/1902 at BALMAIN aged 40

BEATRICE EMILY OLDFIELD nee BRITTON, daughter of THOMAS and MARY ANN, was born 1879 and died 18/1/1959 at GLOUCESTER


VENISHER FRANCES FIELD nee MULDOON died 8/9/1957 "aged 76"

EVELYN BLANCHE FIELD nee McMAHON died 14/4/1986 "aged 94"

MYRTLE MONA FIELD nee WILLIAMS died 14/1/1985 "aged 87"

ELSIE EMMA FIELD nee COGGINS died 21/5/1965

AMY CENTENNIAL BLANCHE MANSELL nee GRIFFIN, daughter of MICHAELJOHN and ELIZABETH (nee NORBARY), was born 1888 and died 10/3/1957 at BATHURST "aged 69"

SIDNEY WILLIAM HARDING was born 1/1/1889 at MILSONS POINT, the son of JOHN and LOUISA ELIZA (nee McLEAN)

THOMAS EDWARDS, the son of AARON and MARY (nee KELLY), was born 19/5/1886 at BATHURST and died 9/2/1926 at BATHURST aged 39


WILLIAM JOHN PEACHEY, the son of JOHN and MARY LAVINA (nee COX), was born about 1883 at ESKBANK and died 20/4/1936 at ENFIELD

MILLICENT MARY FIELD nee HENDERSON was buried at Botany 21/1/1936 "aged 44".

FLORRIE MAUDE nee MOONEY, the daughter of WILLIAM JAMES and SARAH (nee HARRIS), died 1942 aged 38.

JAMES JOHN MORTON was born 10/10/1833 at PARRAMATTA, the son of ROBERT and ANNE (nee CLARKE), died 12/11/1869 at BUNDABURRA aged 36 and is buried at FORBES

FRANCES STRICKLAND nee SPECK was born 1846 at OLD BOGABIGAL the daughter of THOMAS SPECK and died 22/10/1937 at YOUNG and is buried FORBES

RUBINA JOSEPHINE STRICKLAND nee CROWE, daughter of WILLIAM JOSEPH and TERESA MARY (nee QUILTER), was born 1873 at WAGGA WAGGA and died 20/6/1928 at FORBES "aged 51"

FANNY LYDIA STRICKLAND nee OAKES, daughter of ROWLAND and FANNY H (nee MANSFIELD), was born 26/2/1848 at GOULBURN and died 1917

FREDERICK WILLIAM MORROW, son of HUGH MORROW, was born about 1841 at BALLYMAHON, County Longford, Ireland and died 17/11/1923 at PUNCHBOWL


ARCHIBALD JOHN McQUEEN, son of DONALD McQUEEN, (a medical practitioner) was born 9/6/1845 at LAUNCESTON, Tasmania, was previously married, died 1/7/1906 and was buried at DERBY Western Australia

JOHN LINDSAY WAUGH, son of ROBERT and ANN ELIZA (nee BARBER), was born 6/1/1851 at GOULBURN and died 18/5/1902 at BERRIGAN. It seems likely that VIRGINIA and JOHN LINDSAY had separated well before his death

EDWARD THOMAS was previously known as EDWARD THOMAS UNDERWOOD. He was the son of WILLIAM and LORIS (nee BUNTING), was born 18/5/1864 at WATFORD, Northamptonshire, England and died 13/1/1940 at GRENFELL aged 75 and is buried GRENFELL

ELLEN AGNES STRICKLAND nee SHAW, daughter of JOHN and ELLEN AGNES (nee CURTIS), was born 1865 and died 3/11/1894 at FORBES "aged 29"

AMELIA MARIA FIELD nee BAKER, the daughter of GEORGE SAMUEL and MARIA (nee BLUNT), was born 23/8/1859 at NORTHAMPTON, Hampshire, England, arrived in Australia in 1860, died 17/10/1939 aged 79 and was buried at CONDOBOLIN

THOMAS ATKINS was born 4/7/1845 and died 27/7/1924 and is buried at CONDOBOLIN with his wife, SOPHIA

ROBERT THOMAS died 5/4/1916 and was buried at PARKES

HUMPHREY WILLIAM GREY INNES, the son of FREDERICK MAITLAND (Tasmanian Premier and Treasurer) and SARAH ELIZABETH (nee GREY), died 12/4/1899 at CONDOBOLIN and is buried there

WARBURTON GREY INNES, the son of FREDERICK MAITLAND (Tasmanian Premier and Treasurer) and SARAH ELIZABETH (nee GREY), was born 26/4/1859 at HOBART Tasmania and died 28/3/1939 at CONDOBOLIN aged 79

WALTER ALFRED LORKING was born 24/3/1856 at SYDNEY and died 5/12/1929 at MANLY aged 74

JOHN CAMERON STRICKLAND was born 18/4/1850 at CARCOAR, son of JOHN and ELIZABETH (nee SCOTT), and died 5/6/1930 at LIDCOMBE aged 80

MARY LYDIA HIGGINS nee BURT died 28/8/1947 at FORBES "aged 79"

FANNY HIGGINS nee SYER, daughter of THOMAS BATHURST and SUSAN (nee MARTIN), was born 1/1/1871 at BATHURST and died 11/6/1940 at FORBES aged 69

JOSEPH BURT was born 1860, the son of WILLIAM and SARAH ANN (nee JENKINS). He remarried twice, in 1896 to JANE GLEESON, and 24/6/1908 to LUCY WILLIS. JOSEPH BURT died 26/7/1943 and was buried at FORBES.

MOSES BROWN, son of MOSES and HANNAH (nee PARTRIDGE), died 24/12/1937 at CONDOBOLIN "aged 76".

MINNIE GHYD DICK nee THOMPSON was born 4/7/1873 at WARATAH and died 16/12/1957 at BRISBANE aged 84


CLARA JOSEPHINE DICK nee McDONALD was born 1874 at CONCORD. JAMES RUTLAND's second wife, IVY, died 1922

ALEXANDER VIRTUE was born 12/1/1863 at Polwarth, Scotland, the son of ROBERT and MARGARET (nee MOFFAT) and died 20/5/1934 at Cremorne "aged 71". His ashes were interred in MANLY cemetery 9/6/1934

WILLIAM KELLY, son of WILLIAM and ANN), was born 17/3/1869 at YASS and died 22/12/1938 at FORBES aged 69

JAMES OVENS, the son of JOHN and HONORA (nee O'HEHIR), was born 1871 and died 5/6/1934 at EUGOWRA "aged 63"

EDWIN HAROLD COLLITS, fourth son of JOHN and NORAH (nee HENNESSY), was born 16/9/1877 and died 11/3/1948 aged 60. ELEANOR FLORENCE COLLITS was his second wife

JOHN STIBBARD died 10/5/1943 at GOOLAGONG "aged 71"


LOUISA FIELD nee NEAPOLE was born 1871 at CLAPHAM, LONDON the daughter of ROBERT and EMILY (nee CHALMERS) and died 18/5/1925 at FORBES "aged 54 and buried CofE Forbes."

HERBERT HENRY DAY, the son of ROBERT and MARY JANE (nee JOB), was born 10/11/1873 and died 19/6/1943 at WAGGA WAGGA aged 69

JOHN VICTOR BANFIELD BARTER was born 27/4/1890 and died 30/9/1962 aged 72

After LYDIA's death, JOSEPH HENRY BELL remarried in 1901 to EMILY WREN. He died 12/4/1950 at CANOWINDRA "aged 83"

HELEN JONES nee RIDDLE was the daughter of WALTER and CATHERINE (nee SMEATON)

ELIZABETH KATHERINE JONES nee WARREN was the daughter of ISABELLA WARREN, the fifth wife of JOHN JONES. ELIZABETH KATHERINE JONES nee WARREN was born 19/2/1882 at GREAT HADHAM (Hertfordshire, England), the daughter of HENRY EDWARD and ELIZABETH CATHERINE ("ISABELLA") (nee TOFTS), and died 9/9/1934 aged 52

WALTER CHARLES BELL died 17/12/1910 at COWRA "aged 40"


NANCY RANDALL nee KENDALL, daughter of WILLIAM and ANN KENDALL, died in 1874

JANE RANDALL nee KENDALL was born 20/10/1835 and died 14/10/1875 aged 39

MARY RANDALL nee NIVEN, the daughter of JOHN and JANET (nee RICHARDSON), was born 6/9/1846 at MUDGEE and died 11/4/1931 at NORTH RYDE aged 84

ANN HAWKINS ROPE nee JOHNSTONE was born 22/8/1853 and died 19/1/1929 at MUDGEE aged 75

JAMES WILLIAM HONEYSETT, son of THOMAS and ELIZABETH, was born 5/5/1849 at MAITLAND and died 24/4/1934 at RYLSTONE aged 84

EMMA LYDIA ROPE nee WILTON was born 1861 and died 16/9/1944 at ORANGE aged 83

HENRIETTA JANE ROPE nee JONES was born 31/7/1857 and died 28/8/1932 at LUE aged 75

BRIDGET ROPE nee KENNEY, daughter of JAMES and CAROLINE, was born 18/11/1864 at MUDGEE and died 18/1/1934 at NEWCASTLE aged 69

SARAH JANE RUSTEN nee WRIGHT was born 1/9/1862 at MUDGEE, the daughter of JOHN and MARY ANN (nee TEW) and died 26/10/1949 at GULGONG aged 87

MARY JANE PURCELL nee WEAVERS, the daughter of JOHN WEAVERS and SARAH ROWE/HERBERT, was born 19/7/1844 and died 17/1/1909 at DUBBO aged 64. SARAH ROWE/HERBERT was the illegitimate daughter of CHARLES HERBERT and MARY ROWE (Mrs ROBERT ROWE nee SMITH)

ISABELLA PEACOCK nee TAYLOR was born 8/2/1837 at HARTLEY, the daughter of SAMUEL and MARY (nee BRADY) and died 3/12/1910 aged 73

JAMES HENRY ATKINSON was born 1836 in SWANSEA, Wales, and died 26/5/1926 at GRENFELL and is buried CofE Grenfell

WALTER FLOOD, third son of EDWARD and CHARLOTTE nee HANNAN, was born 10/1/1834 in SYDNEY and died 15/9/1899 at SYDNEY aged 65

AUSTRALIA JOHN FLOOD, the fourth son of the Hon EDWARD and CHARLOTTE (nee HANNANN), was born 10/2/1842 in SYDNEY and died 26/11/1892 at SINGLETON aged 50

ELIZA MORRIS nee HIBBERSON died 17/12/1877 at OAKLANDS near FORBES "aged 23" and buried FORBES

ELLEN MORRIS nee CROMACK was born 2/11/1846 at GREENWICH, England and died 21/1/1925 aged 78


ANNIE STEWART MORRIS nee McMILLAN was born about 1859 and died 28/3/1946 "aged 87" and is buried LITHGOW

EDWARD FRANCOIS BARBE was born 15/5/1841 at PARIS, France and died 16/4/1914 at BOGABIGAL aged 72

RICHARD MERRICK was born 10/10/1841 at HARTLEY VALE, a twin son of WILLIAM and HENRIETTA (nee BLACKMAN), and died 27/6/1914 aged 72 and buried HARTLEY CofE

MARY JANE WATKINS nee MORGAN was born 1849 at INDIGO, Vic and died 13/10/1908 and buried BOURKE

JOHN HOATH, the son of GEORGE and MARY, was born 28/12/1838 at WIMBLEDON England and died 11/3/1913 at WALGETT aged 75

JOHN ALFRED McNAMARA, the son of THOMAS and ANNE (nee PAGE), was born 1853 at WALGETT and died 16/12/1916 at SURRY HILLS "aged 63"

PATRICK AUGUSTUS McNAMARA, the son of THOMAS and ANN (nee PAGE), was born 8/8/1843 at GAMMON PLAINS and died 29/3/1897 at CARINDA

WILLIAM ROBERT HYDE was born 27/10/1839, County Wexford in Ireland and died 5/10/1905 at BARRABA

VICTORIA MARIA LEES nee FELL, daughter of JOHN and SARAH (nee NASH), was baptised 7/6/1860 at HARTLEY

GEORGE SAMUEL PENNELL, son of JAMES and SARAH (nee CORLEY), was born 1863 and died 13/3/1945 at COONAMBLE "aged 82"

PATRICK JOSEPH MORGAN, the son of EDWARD and ALICE (nee GORMAN), was born about 1846 in MELBOURNE Vic

WILLIAM EVANS, the son of THOMAS and JOHANNA (nee HOLLANT), was born 1847 at RIVER PLENTY, MELBOURNE Vic, died 21/8/1926 and is buried at cofe COONAMBLE

BECKFORD CHARLES ALBERT BURKE, the son of CHARLES and HENRIETTA (nee ROOK), was born 1868 at QUAMBONE and died 22/1/1922 and is buried cofe randwick

SARAH BELLE MORRIS nee PETTERS, the daughter of WALTER and MARY (nee EVANS) was born about 1872 at WARREN and died November 1903 at COONAMBLE and buried 23/11/1903 RC COONAMBLE

FREDERICK GEORGE WILLIAMS was born 28/10/1864 at WARREN, the son of BENJAMIN WILLIAMS and MARY ANN (nee GIBBONS), and died 25/1/1951 at COLLARENABRI aged 86

MARY JANE MORRIS nee MURPHY, the daughter of WILLIAM MURPHY, died 22/3/1920 at WALGETT

EMMA JANE MORRIS nee RAMSDEN was born 13/3/18??, and died 15/8/1956 at WALGETT

EFFIE MORRIS nee MUNNS, the daughter of JOHN and MYRA (nee DANIELS), died 20/10/1941at WALGETT "aged 46"

ELLEN MORRIS nee STRICKLAND, daughter of JOSIAH and MARIA (nee KEOGH), was born 11/5/1870 on Gobondry Station, TRUNDLE

BARBARA A FIELD nee HUTCHINSON, daughter of EDWARD and JANE (nee HOOD), was born 31/5/1903 at SPENNYMORE, Durham, England and died 8/4/1929 aged 25. She was buried at LITHGOW. She arrived in Australia in 1913 on the Pakeha

RACHEL JONES, nee JACOBS and previously KELLY, daughter of ABRAHAM and ELIZA (nee PIERCE), was born 2/12/1849 in SYDNEY and died 11/10/1927 at CANOWINDRA aged 77. Her first marriage, 27/11/1867, was to JOHN EDWIN KELLY, by whom she had nine children.

WILLIAM ABRAHAM ROBERT KELLY, son of JOHN EDWIN and RACHEL (nee JACOBS), was born 1870 at FORBES and died 8/6/1963 at PARKES aged 93


ANNIE MARIE BROWN nee BARRY's first husband was NICHOLAS PUNCH, whom she married at PARKES in 1874. NICHOLAS PUNCH died 1906 at PARKES aged 57

FRANCES ADELIA RUTLEDGE nee CHURCH was born 1860 in Wilkes County North Carolina USA and died 22/11/1942 at NORTH VANCOUVER, Canada

JOSEPH PARKER was born 1/7/1837 at KELSO and died 1922

ALFRED ERNEST JONES ROSS, son of THOMAS and ELIZA (nee JONES), was born 25/3/1868 at LAUNCESTON Tasmania and died 18/10/1935 at SYDNEY

WILLIAM SHARP CLEMSON, son of WILLIAM HENRY and ELIZABETH (nee SHARP), was born 21/6/1841 at NEPEAN and died 26/9/1926 at NANGUS aged 85

THOMAS WESLEY WEIR, the son of JOHN and MARIA (nee HACK) and previously GORRINGE, was born 1/10/1849 and died 12/1/1892 aged 42

FREDERICK ERNEST ARCHER, apparently FREDERICK AH FONG at birth, was born in Victoria with his father recorded as ROBERT AH FONG, storekeeper from China, and his mother as ELLEN AH FONG (nee AH CHEE nee WELSH) from KILKENNY, Ireland. FREDERICK died 13/4/1951 at NARRANDERA aged 82

JOHN THOMAS DUNN was born about 1855 at PICTON

ETHEL VICTORIA FIELD nee DUMMETT died 1919 "aged 32"

AGNES AMELIA BROWN nee BURTON, daughter of HENRY and CAROLINE (nee CROSS), was born 1868 and died 1905

EMILY ELIZABETH FIELD nee PEISLEY, daughter of FRANCIS JAMES and ESTHER (nee LEE), was born 16/1/1858 and died 1956 at PERTH Western Australia aged "89". She married a second time in 1890, using the surname PEISLEY, to JAMES CALE. At least one of her children by her first marriage (PERCY REGINALD FIELD) was known by the surname PERCY REGINALD CALE. (see footnote for notes concerning EMILY's maiden name)

CLARA CAROLINE FIELD nee BRADDOCK, daughter of GEORGE H and ELLEN C (nee STEPHENS), was born 1894 and married OLIVER ELWYN MIDDLEMISS in 1941

ELLEN THERESA MORRISSEY, daughter of JOHN and JANE MARGARET (nee BEHAN), was born 23/9/1900 at GRAFTON. ELLEN married 6/2/1943 to ALEXANDER ERNEST GOFF

FLORENCE ANN MANSELL nee WARREN was born 1882 and died 6/6/1931 "aged 47"



RUBY MAY FIELD (formerly Mrs BRADFORD nee CURRY), daughter of EDWARD and CHRISTINA, was born 1893 and first married 1914 to GEORGE ERNEST BRADFORD