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Colin Field's notes on the approach he has taken in assembling and recording this family record

The first admission to make is that From a Distant Field, the Early Generations on the Internet inevitably contains errors. I have not, nor could I ever have, personally checked every genealogical fact. I am very conscious that there is no agreement on some of the facts, with disagreement between descendants, between researchers and between documentary sources as to what is right and what is wrong. In fact I have wondered sometimes whether there is such a thing as a genealogical fact, or whether researchers are dependent upon opinions, wishful thinking, mistakes, transcription errors, attempted obfuscation and convictions. What I can assure all those visiting this website is that I have not knowingly included any inaccuracies. On balance, I am convinced that the material posted is highly accurate.

I've avoided including "nicknames" or "pet names" in the text. I've done this because such names were often not in general use, and because of my awareness that while some have been passed down to the present time, certainly not all have been. Interestingly, some of the people in this material are recorded as having more than one "nickname" - my guess is that they related to different periods of their life. It has been difficult enough to assign proper names to some individuals, and so the problem of "nicknames" is not surprising. With these difficulties, complete omission has been adopted as the only sensible approach.

I have not included defacto relationships unless they produced children, inclusion has been requested by the parties themselves or have been otherwise noteworthy. Defacto relationships known to me can be identified from the convention of either placing the word "married" in inverted commas or (in later generations) using the word "partnered", as well as in some cases by recording actual names of mothers instead of the defacto or partnership names they adopted. One thing I also wish to record is that where I have recorded that a spouse, a partner or the father of a child is "unknown", it does not necessarily imply anything other than that I, the compiler of the website, do not "know".

Finally, I recognise that there may be sensitivities felt by some about the recording of genealogical facts. I have taken the view that the recording of factual genealogical material should not distress anyone. If inadvertently anyone is offended by any fact I have recorded in this project, I sincerely regret that offence. The privacy policy of this website is available for all to read.