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Conventions Used in this Website

Where a person is recorded as "UNKNOWN", this means no more or no less than that the person is unknown to the compiler. It does not suggest, in the case of parentage, that the person is unknown to others.

Where a place name is unqualified (i.e. no state, province or country is included) that place is in the Australian State of New South Wales.

There will be some instances where the place name that is recorded is the place the event was registered, but not necessarily the place where the event occurred. This perhaps is more common for events that have been extracted by researchers from registries.

Not all locations recorded are formal place names. The tendency has been to include such names when they appear in official records, are locally meaningful and are interpretable using a gazetteer.

"Nicknames" or "pet names" have been omitted.

Ages at death, where included, are calculations based upon the recorded date of birth and the recorded date of death. These calculated ages (or what are believed to be actual ages) more often than not vary from ages appearing on certificates, in death notices and on gravestones. Where dates of birth and death are not known and therefore age at death cannot be calculated, the convention has been adopted of recording in inverted commas any age obtained from some other source. A consequence of the inclusion of calculated ages means that if I have for some reason or other recorded a birth or death date inaccurately, the recorded age is also wrong, and therefore cannot be used as a basis for further research.

Divorces are not recorded.

Defacto relationships have not been included unless they produced (or are understood to have produced) children, inclusion has been requested by the parties themselves or have been otherwise noteworthy. What are understood to be defacto relationships are signified by the use of the word "partnered", as well as in some cases by recording actual names of mothers instead of the defacto or partnership names they adopted. The identification of partnerships has been done for purposes of genealogical accuracy and is not intended to imply anything more.

For indexing purposes as well as for heading up family lists it has been assumed, unless the contrary is known to the compiler, that women adopt their husband's surname on marriage. This has been done because over the family's history this has overwhelmingly been the case, as well as to assist researchers using the website. This convention is not intended to be in any way judgmental or to offend. Where it is known or comes to attention that a woman has retained her own name after marriage, this is the name that is used.

Inclusion in the website is limited to the known direct descendants of EDWARD FIELD and his wife ELIZABETH FIELD nee MITCHELL, and the spouses and partners (limited to those partners who "produce" descendants) of those direct descendants.

Because the website displays a work of genealogy (i.e. an account of descendants, or a pedigree), the general policy has been not to include known adoptive members of the family. This general policy has been waived in a small number of special circumstances (typically when the adoptive member of the family has requested inclusion, in which case their adoptive status is recorded). This policy has been adopted solely to avoid including misleading or inaccurate information, and is not intended to reflect upon the status of adoptees as member of "the family".

The privacy policy of this website is available for anyone to read.