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Privacy policy of this website

The information on this website, From a Distant Field, the Living Edition on the Internet, has been assembled in an effort to preserve the genealogical record of the descendants of the New South Wales pioneers, EDWARD and ELIZABETH FIELD. It is made available for the information and pleasure of members of "the Distant Field family" and the assistance of genealogical researchers. It is not intended that this information offend, or be used by others for any purposes that would cause offence to, any person.

All the information on this website is either from the public domain, from the person to whom the information relates or a relative of that person. It is firmly believed that the information has been collected and included on the website in full compliance with all applicable laws. It is also firmly believed that it is an important repository of information for the benefit of current generations as well as future generations, and should be as complete as possible.

That said, from inauguration of the website, a policy of sensitivity to privacy concerns has been followed. In line with this policy, if any person on whom information is included on the website considers that their privacy is unacceptably compromised, their information will be removed on request. Please understand that for a range of reasons (perhaps travelling or otherwise out of touch) there may be delays in Colin Field receiving his emails, and so his response may not be immediate because he does not know of your concern - he will react as soon as he becomes aware of your concern.

Requests for removal should be made to:

Colin Field
PO Box 8051

Phone (02) 62889237
Mobile 0418 607 487

E-mail cfield@pcug.org.au

Anyone providing information about living descendants of Edward and Elizabeth Field for inclusion in the website From a Distant Field, the Living Edition on the Internet is encouraged to inform them that the information has been provided. This will assist in ensuring that information about them which people consider sensitive and do not wish included is not recorded on the site.

Note that where an entry has been removed as a consequence of a privacy request the annotation "ENTRY REMOVED - PRIVACY REQUEST" is shown.