POINT AND CLICK Eeeeek, a mouse!
This is a very basic lesson in how to use the mouse.
If you already know all about "point and click", then go
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  1. How to hold the mouse:

  2. Moving the mouse:

  3. Clicking with the mouse:

  4. Final Fitting: Since every hand is different, you'll have to find the right position for your hand. People with smaller hands might rest their hand on the mouse, lying their finger on the primary mouse button; others with larger hands might arch their hand slightly over mouse, gently "standing" their index finger on the mouse button and resting the heel of their hand on the mousepad or work surface. The important thing is to find what's comfortable so you can relax and stop worrying about the mouse and do and what you came here to do.

  5. Using the mouse with Netscape Navigator:
  6. The Right Mouse Button: After you've mastered clicking with the left mouse button you might want to see what happens if you click the right mouse button.
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