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Contributed Information & Other Sources

Below is the provenance for the various Source:# Oz-Boer contributed source [number] style source references in the Oz-Boer database.

As well as correspondence, also included in this source category are postings in newsgroups, medals catalogues plus other printed publications of only limited relevance to the project (as compared with the major published sources detailed on the main Sources page).

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Source:#501 Don Pedler's 'Notes on some Queen's South African medals and associated items' article on the Grants Militaria website
Source:#502 The 'Wentworth and the Boer War' webpage
Source:#503 Boer War medals to Australians in Postal Auction list No. 52 from City Coins (Cape Town)
Source:#504 Email of 8 January 2005 from Sarah Robinson re her great grandfather
Source:#505 Email of 24 January 2005 from Yvonne Witton
Source:#506 Email of 5 Febuary 2005 from Suzanne Smith Rivett
Source:#507 Email of 26 April 2003 from Shirley Keleher re her great great grandfather
Source:#508 Emails of 8 & 9 February 2005 from Tim Crampton
Source:#509 Emails of 16 July 2003 & 9 February 2005 from Laura McDuff citing research by "Mostly Unsung Military History Research and Publications"
Source:#510 Email of 3 March 2004 from Russell Stern re an item listed in the Prestige Philately sale of 20 March 2004
Source:#511 Email of 21 March 2004 from Anne Holloway re her great uncle
Source:#512 Email of 27 March 2004 from Fred Goode re his research for the Maitland RSL Anglo-Boer War Memorial Wall
Source:#513 The online catalogue of current and previous medals for sale by the Liverpool Medal Company
Source:#514  Email of 20 & 21 Febuary 2005 from Craig Willcox re Judge Advocate General courts martial records for S. African War April-August 1901 (WO92/9 folio 92) and AWM3 Item 02/616.
Source:#515 Emails of 21 February 2005 from Jacki Mott re her maternal grandfather and great uncles, nephews of the Marquis of Tullibardine
Source:#516 Emails of 28 February, and  1 & 3 March 2005 from Steven Becker re officers with Boer War service mentioned in 'The Staff and Regimental Lists of the Australian Military Forces' 1st January 1914
Source:#517 Email of 5 March 2005 from Helen Reichenbach re her great uncles
Source:#518 Email of 7 March 2005 from Mike Key, Canberra re his great grandfather
Source:#519 Email of 10 March 2005 from Paul Jones  re his grandfather
Source:#520 Email of 17 March 2005 from Pam Harris  re her great uncles
Source:#521 Emails of 17 and 18 March 2005 from Jim Wallace, Canada re Australians serving in the Canadian Scouts etc
Source:#522 Emails of 19 March 2005 from Judy Loffler, Chinderah NSW re her great uncle
Source:#523 Email of 21 March 2005 from Karen Lyon re a letter in the 'Windsor and Richmond Gazette' of 2 June 1900
Source:#524 Queen's South Africa Medal roll for the Protectorate Regiment Frontier Force (a South African Irregular unit)
Source:#525 Emails of 29 & 30 March 2005 and 21 January 2006 from Graham Ross re his grandfather with extracts from the 3NSWIB medal roll
Source:#526 Email of 31 March 2005 from Andrew Lee re his maternal great grandfather
Source:#527 Email of 2 April 2005 from Pat Wearne citing research by Mostly Unsung Military Research and Publications re her great uncle
Source:#528 Email of 18 July 2004 from Gary Lucas re the Liverpool, NSW Boer War memorial project
Source:#529 Email of 29 July 2004 from Lenore Frost re a bible on display at the Essendon Historical Society's Courthouse Museum
Source:#530 Email of 15 April 2005 from Mike McGettigan re his maternal grandfather
Source:#531 Posting dated 19 April 2005 in the Rootsweb AUS-MILITARY mailing list and email of 20 April 2005 from Don Tremethick
Source:#532 Emails of 25 April 2005 from Suzanne Manthey, Biggenden Qld. re her great uncle
Source:#533 Email of 26 April 2005 from Narelle Proud, ACT re her grandfather
Source:#534 Emails of 26 and 27 April 2005 from Raelene Bullivant re her great great grandfather
Source:#536 Emails of 1 May and 26 July 2005 from Mick Mecham, Canberra ACT re the four Mecham brothers
Source:#537 Emails of 3 May 2005 from Michelle Winn re her great grandfather
Source:#538 Email of 4 May 2005 from Brooke Doran re a QSA medal found amongst the effects of her husband's grandfather
Source:#539 Email of 9 May 2005 from Rod Hiam re his great grandfather
Source:#540 Emails of 11 & 16 May 2005 from Steven Becker
Source:#541 Email of 14 May 2005 from Don Tremethick with images of the memorials in St. Peter's Cathedral North Adelaide, SA
Source:#542 Email of 14 May 2005 from Gail Macqueen re her husband's great uncles
Source:#543 Emails of 15 & 16 May 2005 from Jim Wallace, Canada re Australians found during his research at the PRO, London in WO 126/130 - Local Armed Forces Enrolment Forms - South African Light Horse
Source:#544 Email of 23 May 2005 from Jill Emanuel re her grandfather
Source:#545 Email of 25 May 2005 from Carmel Vandermaal re her grandfather
Source:#546 Email of 4 June 2005 from David Thomas, London UK re his great grandfather
Source:#547 Posting dated 3 June 2005 in the Rootsweb BOER-WAR mailing list from Peter Scotland re his grandfather, the reply from David Humphry and an email from Peter on 30 July 2005
Source:#548 Email of 4 June 2005 from Andrew Stork re his great grandfather
Source:#549 Email of 6 June 2005 from Wendy Rutter, Morwell Vic. re her husband's family
Source:#550 Email of 7 June 2005 from Michael Metcalfe, London UK citing a story written by Elizabeth Boardman nee Bottom (1840-1932) and published by the Junee Historial Society
Source:#551 Email of 8 June 2005 from Steven Becker
Source:#552 Email 12 June 2005 from George Clark re his grandfather
Source:#553 Email of 2 June 2005 from Kaye Aldous re her great great grandfather
Source:#554 Email of 14 June 2005 from Ron Frew, Tumbarumba NSW re the Cudgewa Memorial to Walter Briggs, SAC etc.
Source:#555 file australians.wpd from Jim Wallace, Canada detailing the Australians found during his research at the PRO(UK), London into the Canadian Scouts
Source:#556 Email of 4 June 2005 from Mark McNeilage, NZ re his grandfather
Source:#557 Oral information of 8 June 2005 from Robyn Jenkins, Canberra and Viv. Bijok, Emerald Qld. re their grandfather
Source:#558 Email of 12 July 2005 from Robyn Burke
Source:#559 Email of 9 July 2005 from Gillian Gordon, Queensland re her daughter's great-grandfather
Source:#560 Email of 18 July 2005 from Chris McQuellin re the first Boer War casualty from Albury, NSW
Source:#561 Email of 21 July 2005 from Beverley Garry, Sydney re her uncle
Source:#562 Email of 23 July 2005 from Wendy Allen, Sydney re her great grandfather
Source:#563 Email of 22 July 2005 from Glenice Bayliss
Source:#564 Email of 15 July 2005 from Russell Stern re his Boer War related articles in the Australian Jewish Historical Society Journal
Source:#565 Email of 26 July 2005 from Pamela Shaw re her grandfather
Source:#566 Email of 12 August 2005 from Colin Simpson re a carved rifle stock
Source:#567 Email of 10 August 2005 from Dale Liepins, Canberra re his great uncle
Source:#568 Email of 3 August 2005 from John Behncke re research on his grandfather by Don Peddler
Source:#569 Email of 1 August 2005 from Meurig Jones re the WO100 series PRO(UK) records
Source:#570 Email of 29 July 2005 from Mick Mecham re his maternal grandfather
Source:#571 Emails commencing 17 August 2005 from Steven Becker re Boer War veterans identified in the service records for the AIF Light Horse Regiments and Camel Corps.
Source:#572 Emails of 18 and 22 August 2005 from Pam Sherlock re her great uncle and other relations
Source:#573 Email of 16 August 2005 from Yvonne Edwards citing the book 'The Black Swan'
Source:#574 Email of 16 August 2005 from Mick Mecham
Source:#575 Email of 25 August 2005 from Joan Zorn, Shropshire UK re her grandmother's cousin
Source:#576 Email of 25 August 2005 from Sue Guinan, Tasmania
Source:#577 Emails of 26 August 2005 from Olwyn Whitehouse, Texas USA re errors in AJHR(NZ)
Source:#578 Emails of 27 August 2005 from Steve Chilvers
Source:#579 Email of 3 September 2005 from Barbara Tuck re the Wearnes of Liverpool NSW
Source:#580 Emails of 27 & 28 September 2005 from Jenny Willmott citing inter alia contemporary Port Macquarie NSW newspapers
Source:#581 Email of 29 September 2005 from David Milne re his great uncle
Source:#582 Email of 29 September 2005 from Sue Smith re her grandfather
Source:#583 Email of 1 October 2005 from Jack Hardy, Camberwell Vic. re his father mentioning pages 24-27 of the 'Hardy Family' book,  ISBN 0-646-35761-1
Source:#584 Email of 16 September 2005 from Max Matthews, Macarthur ACT
Source:#585 Email of 14 September 2005 from Lesley Thorpe re his great grandfather and other Macarthur-Onslows
Source:#586 Items on display in the Gilgandra Coo-ee Heritage Centre, Gilgandra NSW
Source:#587 Email of 8 October 2005 from Mandy Jones citing Walch's Tasmanian Almanac circa 1971
Source:#588 Email of 10 October 2005 from Ken Knight citing notes in a family bible
Source:#589 Email of 13 October 2005 from Greg Johnson citing information obtained from the Australian War Memorial
Source:#590 Email of 29 October 2005 from Madelene McClelland re her mother's uncle
Source:#591 Email of 29 October 2005 from Wendy Fensom re her great great uncle
Source:#592 Email of 29 September 2005 from Greg re his paternal great grandfather
Source:#593 Email of 29 September 2005 from Russell Saunders, South Africa re his great great uncle.
Source:#594 Email of 1 October 2005 from Jack Hardy, Camberwell Vic. re his father
Source:#595 Email of 10 October 2005 from Yvonne Hudacek re her grandfather
Source:#596 Email of 27 October 2005 from John Green re his maternal great uncle
Source:#597 Posting dated 17 October 2005 in the Rootsweb BOER-WAR mailing list from Christopher Jenkin, Melbourne
Source:#598 Email of 22 October 2005 from Ian Grimwood re an India General Service-Boer War-WW1 (AIF) group of six medals in the "The Mark Seller Collection" the Gordon Highlanders at
Source:#599 Posting dated 31 October 2005 in the Rootsweb BOER-WAR mailing list from David Sheldon citing re farm burning
Source:#600 Email of 7 November 2005 from Mark Clarke, Townsville Qld. re his great grandfather
Source:#601 Email of 13 November 2005 from Mrs Sandy Murray re her great grandfather
Source:#602 Email of 13 November 2005 from Frank Caddy, volunteer at the Museum of WA
Source:#603 Email of 13 November 2005 from Lorienne Dearden re her great uncle
Source:#604 Item 400 in Mostly Unsung Military History Research and Publications Summer 2005 Catalogue page 10
Source:#605 Emails of 16 and 17 November 2005 from John Orr, Kangaroo Point Qld
Source:#606 Email of 22 November 2005 from Lynda Hudson, Tasmania
Source:#607 Posting dated 21 November 2005 in the Rootsweb BOER-WAR mailing list from Annette Watson, Lismore NSW re her husband's great uncle and replies
Source:#608 Email of 17 October 2005 from Geoff Cuthbert, Tasmania re his grandfather
Source:#609 Postings dated 3 December 2005 in the Rootsweb BOER-WAR mailing list from Joe Ellis, South Africa and follow-ups re grave research by Lars and Tish Meyering
Source:#610 Email of 6 December 2005 from Jim Wallace, Canada re anomalies in the records of the Canadian Scouts
Source:#611 Posting dated 6 December 2005 in the Rootsweb BOER-WAR mailing list re Scottish Horse graves in Middleburg Cemetery from George Ward and follow ups from David Humphry citing books by Price and Watt
Source:#612 Email of 8 December 2005 from Carol Booth citing a Boulder WA newspaper during WW1 re her great grandmother's nephew
Source:#613 Email of 30 December 2005 from Shirley Colless.
Source:#614 Email of 30 December 2005 from Barbara O'Connor
Source:#615 Email of 2 January 2006 from John Duncan-Watt re his great grandfather
Source:#616 Emails of 3 and 14 January 2006 from Lynda re her great uncle
Source:#617 Email of 1 January 2006 from Lisa King re her ancestor
Source:#618 Email of 4 January 2006 from Kevin Browne.
Source:#619 Email of 5 January 2006 from Jeff Wilmot citing letters published in the Lismore 'Northern Star' on November 21 and December 12 1900
Source:#620 Email of 8 January 2006 from Malcolm Allen
Source:#621 Posting dated 8 January 2006 from Alistair Kennedy in the Rootsweb BOER-WAR mailing list
Source:#622 Email of 13 January 2006 from Michele Jackson re her great great grandfather
Source:#623 Email of 19 January 2006 from Alvena Flello re her great great grandfather
Source:#624 Email of 15 February 2006 from Alan Lilley re his grandfather and great uncle
Source:#625 Email of 14 February 2006 from Rob Stevens, Glenthompson Vic. re his grandfather
Source:#626 Email of 13 February 2006 from Dorothy Kelly re her great grand uncle
Source:#627 Emails of 31 January 2006 from Robyn Sanday
Source:#628 Email of 31 January 2006 from Denise Reid
Source:#629 Email of 18 February 2006 from Kay Morris, Sydney NSW re an item in the Cohuna Farmers Weekly of 10 September 1915
Source:#630 Emails of 19 & 20 February 2006 from Helen O'Neill re a letter dated 19 May 1901 from her great uncle
Source:#631 Email of 26 February 2006 from Max Hipkins, Dalkeith WA with extracts re Edith Violet PEARCE (1881-1942) from a family history book
Source:#632 Email of 26 February 2006 from Colin Simpson, Torrens ACT re the forthcoming second edition of Dave George's book 'Carvings from the Veldt' on carved rifle stocks from the Boer War
Source:#633 Conversation on 2 March 2006 at Australian Archives, Parkes ACT with Bernard McMahon, Pacific Paradise Qld., re his grandfather
Source:#634 Email of 3 March 2006 from Steven Becker citing 'Vets at War' a history of the Australian Veterinary Corps 1909-1946
Source:#635 Email of 6 March 2006 from Wayne Saillard, Malta
Source:#636 Emails of 8 March 2006 from Jon Christopher re his wife's grandfather and great uncle
Source:#637 Email of 26 March 2006 from Bernice Holbrook, Manjimup WA
Source:#638 Email of 29 March 2006 from Robert Allan re his great uncle
Source:#639 Email of 31 March 2006 from Trevor Williams re his great uncle
Source:#640 Posting dated 10 April 2006 in the Rootsweb BOER-WAR mailing list from Mark McNeilage re his grandfather
Source:#641 Emails of 14 & 15 April 2006 from Dick Fitzgerald citing Mostly Unsung Military History Research and Publications re his grandfather
Source:#642 Emails of 15 &16 April 2006 from Margaret Jackson, Grenfell NSW re her great uncle
Source:#643 Email of 16 April 2006 from Bob Doneley, Toowoomba Qld., re the Toowoomba Mother's Memorial
Source:#644 Email of 25 April 2006 from Pat Spence re her grandfather
Source:#645 Emails of 23 and 29 April 2006 from Joan Bird re an ancestor
Source:#646 Emails of 28 April 2006 & 5 August 2008 from Erin Hobson re her great grandfather
Source:#647 Email of 30 April 2006 from John McCabe, South Morang Vic. re his grandfather
Source:#648 Email of 30 April 2006 from Sandra Playle with a grave photo from Karrakatta Cemetery, WA
Source:#649 Postings dated 1 May 2006 in the Rootsweb AUS-MILITARY mailing list from Anne Wakeham and Anthony Staunton citing 'Lineage and Officers of the NSW Military Forces 1854-1903' by Dr J K Haken
Source:#650 Email of 4 May 2006 from Nadine Heckley
Source:#651 Email of 13 May 2006 from Wendy Tucknott Tocumwal RSL Sub Branch
Source:#652 Email of 17 May 2006 from John Wilson with a photo from the Karori Cemetery, Wellington NZ
Source:#653 Email of 25 May 2006 from Lynn Flynn re her great grandfather and great uncles
Source:#654 Email of 25 May 2006 from Margaret Robertson re her grandfather
Source:#655 Email of 23 June 2006 from Ron Frew with more information about the Tumbarumba NSW district men
Source:#656 Emails of 6 and 7 July 2006 from Brian O'Connor re his great uncles
Source:#657 Posting dated 8 July 2006 in the Rootsweb BOER-WAR mailing list from George Ward
Source:#658 Email of 16 and 19 July 2006 from John Meyers concerning officers with Boer War service detailed on the Leaders of Anzacs website
Source:#659 Emails of 17 July 2006 from David Lawton, Summer Hill NSW re his grandfather
Source:#660 Posting dated 17 July 2006 in the Rootsweb AUS-MILITARY mailing list from John B. (probably Boyle)
Source:#661 Email of 14 July 2006 from Grant Ker, SA re his great great uncle
Source:#662 Email of 21 July 2006 from Greg Clarke, Illawong NSW re his grandfather
Source:#663 Email of 22 July 2006 from Brian & Sylvia Campbell
Source:#664 Email of 27 July 2006 from Lex Harry, Geraldton WA re his great grandfather
Source:#665 Emails of 4 and 23 August 2006 from Alwyne Merritt, re a distant relation
Source:#666 Email of 4 August 2006 from Heather Kellas, Mount Gambier SA re her great great uncle
Source:#667 Emails of 5 and 6 August 2006 from Stewart Mitchell with research notes re his grandfather
Source:#668 Emails of 6 August 2006, 14 February 2007 & 25 September 2012 from Deanne Walls, Rockhampton Qld. re her grandfather
Source:#669 Email of 21 August 2006 from Beryl Bauld re the great grandfather of her daughter-in-law
Source:#670 Email of 18 August 2006 from Maggie Prosser re her grandfather
Source:#671 Email of 16 August 2006 from Mariea Christoforou re her grandfather
Source:#672 Email of 16 August 2006 from Judith De Closey re her grandfather
Source:#673 Email of 29 July 2006 from John Mould
Source:#674 Email of 24 August 2006 from Marg. Mansfield re her great uncles
Source:#675 Email of 24 August 2006 from Robyn West re her great grandfather
Source:#676 Email of 26 August 2006 from Sue De Hutton, Cape Town South Africa re her maternal grandfather
Source:#677 Posting dated 28 August 2006 in the Rootsweb BOER-WAR mailing list from John Wilson, NZ
Source: #678 Digger History website page re the medals of Capt. AJ Shout VC (photo)
Source:#679 Email of 31 August 2006 from Robb Mason re his great uncle
Source:#680 Email of 1 September 2006 from Michael Beck, Ayr Ontario Canada re his great great uncle
Source:#681 Email of 1 September 2006 from Sue Baddeley, Plymouth UK re Australian casualties reported in Plymouth newspapers
Source:#682 Letter of 17 August 2006 from John Sweetman, Lockridge WA re three WA brothers who fought in South Africa
Source:#683 Email of 10 September 2006 from Godfrey Hemsworth re his maternal grandfather
Source:#684 Email of 25 September 2006 from Peter Gibson
Source:#685 Email of 25 September 2006 from Tracy Ferris
Source:#686 Emails of 17 October 2006 from Neville Carter
Source:#687 Postings dated 10 and 14 October 2006 in the Rootsweb AUS-MILITARY mailing list from Norman Archibald and George Ward
Source:#688 Posting dated 30 September 2006 in the Rootsweb AUS-MILITARY mailing list from John Wilson, NZ
Source:#689 Email of 13 October 2006 from Gary Beaumont, Engadine NSW
Source:#690 Email of 22 October 2006 from Marilyn re her great grandfather
Source:#691 Emails of 31 October and 3 November 2006 plus 7 December 2007 and 10 April 2008 from Matthew Hooper re his great great grandfather
Source:#692 Email of 2 November 2006 from Leonie Freeman
Source:#693 Email of 5 November 2006 from Warren Muirhead, Griffith NSW re his grandfather
Source:#694 Emails of 5 and 7 November 2006 from Michael Hartmann, Deakin ACT re his great grandfather and great aunt's husband
Source:#695 Email of 7 November 2006 from Isabell Clarke re her grandfather
Source:#696 Email 8 November 2006 from John Wilson, NZ
Source:#697 Email 13 November 2006 from Robert Hastie re his great uncle
Source:#698 Posting dated 19 November 2006 in the Rootsweb BOER-WAR mailing list from Judy K, WA re her grandfather
Source:#699 Email of 10 December 2006 from John Wilson, Wellington NZ re a large personnel record in Archives NZ ex-NZDF
Source:#700 Email of 10 December 2006 from Elizabeth Page re her grandfather
Source:#701 Posting circa 15 December 2006 in the Rootsweb BOER-WAR mailing list from Pat Smith, Wollongong NSW re her great grandfather
Source:#702 Email of 23 December 2006 from John Owen
Source:#703 Email of 1 January 2007 from John Caling, Melba ACT
Source:#704 Email of 4 January 2007 from Margaret Hunt
Source:#705 Email of 6 January 2007 from Judy Scales re her great uncle
Source:#706 Emails of 7, 8 & 9 January 2007 from Vanessa Lynch, Alice Springs NT re her family
Source:#707 Emails of 13 January 2007 from Mary Hamilton, New Zealand re her husband's grandfather
Source:#708 Emails of 12 &26 January 2007 from Alison Moyer re her great grandfather
Source:#709 Email of 14 January 2007 from Brett Ferguson
Source:#710 Email of 21 January 2007 from   Minutillo re her great-grandfather
Source:#711 Emails of 24, 28 & 29 January and 8 April 2007 from Debbie Dixon
Source:#712 Email of 24 January 2007 from Judith De Closey re her grandfather
Source:#713 Email of 1 Febuary 2007 from Diana Soutar re her great grandfather
Source:#714 Emails of 7 & 18 Febuary 2007 from Anna Watson re her husband's great grandfather. and great uncle
Source:#715 Email of 6 Febuary 2007 from Barbara Tuck re an item on page 14 of the South Gippsland Sentinel-Time of 17 May 1983
Source:#716 Email of 2 Febuary 2007 from Peter Ross re his great uncle
Source:#717 Oral advice from Graham Wilson at OMRS NSW/ACT meeting in Mittagong 11 Febuary 2007
Source:#718 Email of 14 Febuary & 14 June 2007 from Gloria Hargreave, Nth Qld. re her father's cousin
Source:#719 Email of 16 Febuary 2007 from Herbert Moolman, Wierda Park South Africa re his grandfather
Source:#720 Emails of 22 Febuary 2007 from Mike Tuson, Hawick Scotland re his great uncle
Source:#721 Collectors' Club Medal Bulletin March 2007
Source:#722 Emails of 22 Febuary 2007 from Tony Peck, Lindisfarne Tas
Source:#723 Emails of 26 Febuary 2007 from Mick de Lange re an ancestor
Source:#724 Research by Mostly Unsung Military History Research and Publications
Source:#725 Email of 3 March 2007 from Dave Ingham re an inherited medal
Source:#726 Posting of 27 February 2007 in the Rootsweb BOER-WAR mailing list from Barbara Hollis
Source:#727 Emails of 3 March 2007 from Nev, Bunbury WA re his grandfather
Source:#728 Email of 28 March 2007 from Lynne Stevens
Source:#729 Email of 26 March 2007 from Mike McNamara, Mozambique re his grandfather
Source:#730 Email of 23 March 2007 from Suzanne Roberts
Source:#731 Email of 22 March 2007 from Angela Gangell re her husband's grandmother's great uncle
Source:#732 Email of 17 March 2007 from Neville Parkes, Sydney re his grandfather
Source:#733 Emails of 23 May and 11 March 2007 from Sharney re her great uncle
Source:#734 Emails of 14 & 16 March 2007 from Patrick Duffy re his great uncles
Source:#735 Email of 24 February 2007 from Shauna Hicks re her great uncles
Source:#736 Email of 8 February & 16 June 2007 from Xavier Webb re the Coustley brothers
Source:#737 Email of 13 April 2007 from Robert McLardy, Newcastle NSW re the Dungog RSL Boer War Honour Board
Source:#738 Email of 13 April 2007 from David Smith re his great grandfather
Source:#739 Email of 14 April 2007 from Virginia Tanasio citing Meurig Jones' Register
Source:#740 Email of 10 April 2007 from Kerrie Magain re her great grandfather
Source:#741 Email of 31 March 2007 from Monica re her second cousin
Source:#742 Email of 10 June 2007 from David Aspinall re his great uncle
Source:#743 Email of 8 June 2007 from John Macdonald re his great grandfather and great great uncle
Source:#744 Email of 5 June 2007 from Robert Gill re his wife's grandfather
Source:#745 Email of 4 June 2007 from Greg Charet re his second cousins
Source:#746 Email of 27 May 2007 from Philip Parker, UK re his grandmother's cousins
Source:#747 Email of 19 May 2007 from Linda Edwards re her husband's grandfather
Source:#748 Emails of 17 May 2007 & 14 July 2008 from Phil Beattie Auckland NZ
Source:#749 Email of 10 May 2007 from Pam Cotterill re her grandfather-in-law
Source:#750 Email of 25 April 2007 from Dympna Evans re her great uncle
Source:#751 Email of 25 April 2007 from Kristie Hudson re her great grandfather
Source:#752 Email of 25 April 2007 from Lea Sanders re her great grandfather
Source:#753 Email of 20 April 2007 from Chris McQuellin Albury District Historical Society re page 25 'Albury Banner and Wodonga Express'  5/01/1900
Source:#754 Oral advice of 22 June 2007 from Glen Cunningham, Red Rock NSW re his grandfather
Source:#755 Email of 29 June 2007 from Yvonne Ward
Source:#756 Email of 27 June 2007 from David Finlayson citing Wisden's Cricketing Almanac
Source:#757 Email of 26 June 2007 from Judy Cahill, Burrumbeet Vic., re the Wangaratta Chronicle of 20/5/1942
Source:#758 Email of 25 June 2007 from Bill Woerlee, Kambah ACT re commissions from Australian formations to British units
Source:#759 Email of 13 June 2007 from Leo Rosenthal, Melbourne Vic., re his grandfather
Source:#760 Email of 22 July 2007 from Rob Ward, UK
Source:#761 Emails of 22 July 2007 and 22 February 2011 from Mark Wonson re his genealogy pages
Source:#762 Email of 23 July 2007 from Ian Jefferyes re his grandfather
Source:#763 Email of 29 July 2007 from Colin Simpson,Canberra re research by Dave George and Neil Smith
Source:#764 Email of 25 July 2007 from Ted Robl, Pyalong Vic.
Source:#765 Email of 12 August 2007 from Andrew Kilsby, citing the Register Newspaper of 22/7/1901 re his great-uncle
Source:#766 Email of 14 August 2007 from Judy Parker re her grandfather
Source:#767 Emails of 16 & 17 October and 23 November 2007 from John Phillips re looting in Cape Town and Albany by 3NSWIB.
Source:#768 Email of 14 November 2007 from Ann Darbyshire re the Gunning NSW War Memorial and extract from local newspaper in January 2007
Source:#769 Postings of 6 & 7 January 2008 in a thread entitled NSW Imperial Bushmen in the British Medals Forum pre-1914 section
Source:#770 Posting of 6 January 2008 in a thread entitled Location of QSA KOYLI in the British Medals Forum pre-1914 section
Source:#771 Email of 26 April 2008 from Lyn Smith
Source:#772 Email of 27 April 2008 from Adele Whitmore
Source:#773 Email of 21 May 2008 from Wendy Stewart, Auckland NZ re her great grandfather
Source:#774 Email of 19 May 2008 from David Evans, Melbourne
Source:#775 Email of 19 May 2008 from Kevin Boole re his grandfather
Source:#776 Email of 17 May 2008 from Ken Mackenzie re his great uncles
Source:#777 Email of 22 May 2008 from Murray Wilson re his grandfather
Source:#778 Email of 22 May 2008 from Sue Beazley re her great uncles
Source:#779 Email of 22 May 2008 from Lawrence O'Connor re his grandfather
Source:#780 Email of 30 April 2008 from George Parker, Campbell ACT re his great uncle
Source:#781 Email of 28 April 2008 from Wendy McKenzie re her second cousin once removed
Source:#782 Email of 23 May 2008 from Isobelle Gidley re her grandfather
Source:#783 Email of 25 April 2008 from Ryan Dudley re his second cousin once removed
Source:#784 Email of 25 April 2008 from Lyn Ingram, Townsville Qld. re her grandfather
Source:#785 Email of 24 April 2008 from Katherine Jones re her great grandmother's first husband
Source:#786 Email of 19 April 2008 from Tim Hallam
Source:#787 Emails of 18 April 2008 from Greg Huggins
Source:#788 Email of 17 April 2008 from Bruce Ireland, Munruben Qld
Source:#789 Email of 10 April 2008 from Daren re his great grandfather
Source:#790 Email of 6 April 2008 from Jody Bayley re her husband's grandfather
Source:#791 Email of 3 April 2008 from Shelley Farr re a distant relative of her husband
Source:#792 Email of 2 April 2008 from Jude Skurray re his/her great great uncle
Source:#793 Email of 30 March 2008 from Tim Griffiths
Source:#794 Email of 29 March 2008 from Eric Tetlow, Secretary Yarra Glen & District Historical Society re memorial plaque in Yarra Glen RSL (probably originally at Orbost Vic.)
Source:#795 Email of 29 March 2008 from Anne Anderson re her husband's grandfather
Source:#796 Email of 22 March 2008 from John Dellavedova re his great uncle
Source:#797 Email of 16 March 2008 from Judy Parker re her probable great uncle
Source:#798 Email of 13 March 2008 from Malcolm Mckay re his great uncle
Source:#799 Email of 10 March 2008 from John Duncan-Watt re his great grandfather
Source:#800 Email of 5 March 2008 from Ros Cosgriff re her second cousin once removed
Source:#801 Email of 20 February 2008 from Sandra Balfour re her great uncle
Source:#802 Email of 4 February 2008 from June Mulholland re her grandfather
Source:#803 Email of 2 February 2008 from Geoff Horner
Source:#804 Email of 9 January 2008 from Dorothy Hyde
Source:#805 Email of 1 January 2008 from Gloria Toohey, Cundletown NSW re her husband's grandfather
Source:#806 Email of 31 December 2007 from Bill Middleditch, Melbourne Vic
Source:#807 Email of 28 December 2007 from Jan Barnes, NZ re her great uncle
Source:#808 Email of 11 December 2007 from Wayne Cross re the husband of his great great aunt
Source:#809 Email of 6 December 2007 from G Wright
Source:#810 Email of 4 December 2007 from Margaret Christensen
Source:#811 Email of 4 November 2007 from Desleigh Heward re her great uncle
Source:#812 Email of 1 November 2007 from Andrew Kilsby re KSA Medal elegibility criteria
Source:#813 Collectors' Club Medal Bulletin October 2007
Source:#814 Email of 20 January 2008 from Maree Warner re her great grandfather
Source:#815 Email of 26 May 2008 from Ellen Morton
Source:#816 Posting dated 28 May 2008 in the Rootsweb BOER-WAR mailing list from Judy Jones re the Cape Mounted Police
Source:#817 Email of 31 May 2008 from Ken Cocks of Medals Mementos & More
Source:#818 Email of 8 June 2008 from Denise Larcombe re her great great uncle
Source:#819 Email of 4 June 2008 from Carmel McMullen
Source:#820 Email of 12 June 2008 from Meredith Downes re her great great half-uncle
Source:#821 Email of 13 June 2008 from Alex Fenton
Source:#822 Emails of 14 & 20 June 2008 from Michael J Mecham
Source:#823 Email of 15 June 2008 from Aaron Potter re his great grandfather
Source:#824 Emails of 19 June & 7 July 2008 from Ted Walker Courtenay BC Canada citing work by Rhino Research
Source:#825 Email of 21 June 2008 from lini NZ re an ancestor
Source:#826 Posting of 21 June 2008 from "Pyrenees" (Warrick) of WA in the British Medals Forum pre-1914 section re his great great uncle
Source:#827 Email of 3 July 2008 from Rhonda Flowers re her grandfather
Source:#828 Email of 3 July 2008 from Maureen O'Connor re a distant cousin
Source:#829 Email of 9 July 2008 from John Gillies re the husband of his great aunt
Source:#830 Email of 30 June 2008 from Athol Chaffey
Source:#831 Collectors' Club Medal Bulletin July 2008
Source:#832 Email of 15 July 2008 from Marilyn Shoobert re her great grandfather and great great uncle
Source:#833 Email of 15 July 2008 from Vladimar Potezny
Source:#834 Email of 21 July 2008 from Lorraine re her great great uncle
Source:#835 Email of 22 July 2008 from Sue Zammit, Victoria
Source:#836 Email of 23 July 2008 from Steve Potts re a distant cousin
Source:#837 Email of 23 July 2008 from Geraldine Massey re her grandfather
Source:#838 Email of 23 July 2008 from Sara Cooper re her great grandfather
Source:#839 Emails of 22 & 24 July 2008 from Wendy Gadd, Aust. War Memorial Canberra citing material provided by Asplin Military History Resources
Source:#840 Posting of 22 July 2008 from Jack Langley of Sydney NSW in the British Medals Forum pre-1914 section re Service in the American Civil War
Source:#841 Email of 7 August 2008 from Bill Hanna re his great uncle and grandfather
Source:#842 Email of 24 August 2008 from Dave Collins Papakura NZ
Source:#843 Emails of 26 & 27 August 2008 from Barry Ingate re his grandfather
Source:#844 Email of 20 August 2008 from Gail Bohun-Mansfield, Montrose Tas. re her great grandfather
Source:#845 Email of 20 August 2008 from Jenny Cooper
Source:#846 Email of 20 August 2008 from Russell Stern re a philatelic item
Source:#847 Email of 20 August 2008 from Colleen Thomas re her maternal grandfather
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Source:#888 Emails of 20 December 2008 from John Greenwood, Geelong Vic. with photo circa 1900 by Adolphus Verey and Co. Castlemaine of the veldt graves of Maj. Eddy & Lt. Powell
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Source:#958 Emails of 19 November & 12 December 2009 plus 3 April 2010 from Mal. Grant re Vic. Policemen
Source:#959 Email of 19 November 2009 from Kerry re a distant relation
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Source:#983 Email of 6 November 2009 from Barbara Walsh, Craigieburn Vic.
Source:#984 Email of 30 October 2009 from Meg Gibson re her great uncle
Source:#985 Email of 27 October 2009 from Heather Phillips re her great uncle
Source:#986 Email of 9 March 2010 and phone call 10 March 2010 from Tony Cunneen, Chatswood NSW re lawyers in both the Boer War and on Gallipoli
Source:#987 Letter of 3 March and phone call of 10 March 2010 from Jim Walker, Point Lonsdale Vic. re his grandfather
Source:#988 Email of 21 August 2009 from Victor King re his wife's grandfather
Source:#989 Email of 6 August 2009 from Sue, Plymouth Eng. re Australian casualties mentioned in Plymouth newspapers
Source:#990 Email of 11 March 2010 from Lina Moffitt citing the NSW Births Deaths and Marriages Index
Source:#991 Email of 16 March 2010 from Helen Cooper re her husband's grandfather
Source:#992 Email of 22 March 2010 from Sieglinde Boyce re an ancestor
Source:#993 Letter of 21 March 2010 from Max Saunder, Forest Hill Vic. re his wife's great uncle
Source:#994 Email of 23 March 2010 from Mike Barnes re an ancestor
Source:#995 Email of 25 March 2010 from Jan Koperberg, Winmalee NSW re his grandfather
Source:#996 Email of 28 March 2010 from Ross Rawson re his great-grandfather's brother
Source:#997 Email of 28 March 2010 from Allan Wall re his grandfather
Source:#998 Email of 30 March 2010 from Julie Freckelton re her great grandfather
Source:#999 Emails of 29 March and 2 April 2010 from Les de Belin, Sydney NSW
Source:#1000 Emails from 2 April to 18 May 2010 from Bruce Pingo, Ashwood Vic.  re Vic. Policemen etc.

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