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Given Name(s) or Initial(s) Alexander Joseph
Regimental Number 1080
Unit Name 2nd New South Wales Mounted Rifles
Extracts and Comments
(from Sources as shown)

Source:# 84 ?MCDONALD Alex. Joseph blacksmith Braidwood NSW.
B5204: 'C'Sqn. blacksmith born 1880 Braidwood NSW Queen's South Africa Medal (SA01 & SA02).
B5204: 3NSWMR roll says 'transferred 2nd Regt. MR 15.2.1901', blacksmith born 1881 in Reidsdale NSW next of kin in Mogo.
Cope1: Alexander Joseph a grazier born 1861 at Uriarra NSW, died 1936.
Source:# 1121 Cope had confused AJ MCDONALD 40 A Sqn. NSWMR with AJ MACDONALD 1080 2NSWMR.
Source:# 1286 Denis MACDONALD 492, Alexander Joseph MACDONALD 1080 & Donald MACDONALD 242 are brothers.
TilbaT: Mogo - we have much pleasure in chronicling Sergeant Denis McDONALD's safe arrival after 12 months soldiering in South Africa. Denis was invalided home owing to bronchial catarrh contracted after the enteric fever. Pte. Alex McDONALD, his brother, is returning at the end of this month [c5.1902] and still another brother, Donald (otherwise 'Yank'), has volunteered and sets out at the end of this week. Frank WEBB, well known in this locality, also goes with this contingent. Mogo - on Saturday night [26.5.1902] a preliminary meeting was held at Sebbon's Hotel to make arrangements for a public welcome to the McDONALD Bros. after their return from South Africa. It was decided to have a social and presentation, the date to be fixed at a future meeting. Welcome Home to the McDONALD Bros. On Friday night last 13.6.1902 , in the School of Arts Mogo, a welcome home was tendered to the McDONALD Bros. (Messrs. D and A McDONALD) who sent out to South Africa with C squadron of the second regiment of the New South Wales Mounted Rifles. There were also present Messrs. H WRIGHT and J PIGOTT of Bateman's Bay and Sydney who belonged to the same squadron. Mr. D McDONALD returned by the troopship 'Moari', while the younger brother, A McDONALD came by the 'Aurania'. Both returned home by the Illawarra steamer on Saturday the 7.6.1902. Owing to the unavoidable absence of some members of the organising committee, Mr. RH Harvison was asked to take the chair. In announcing the purpose for which the people were there gathered, the chairman said that he felt and appreciated the honor the Mogo people had done him in asking him to occupy the chair that evening. He was sorry that a member of the committee was not present. It gave him very great pleasure to welcome home those brave boys who had so well maintained the reputation of the Australian soldier, and he congratulated them upon their safe return. Mr. LJ Hurley in a few words also welcomed 'the boys'. Mr. D McDONALD on behalf of his brother and comrades, heartily thanked those present for the manner in which they had been welcomed home. The school children, instructed by Miss O’Connell, then sang "The Sons of New Britannia" in stirring style, and the chairman called on those present to join in singing "For they are jolly good fellows". The hall, which is a credit to the town of Mogo, although somewhat far removed, was decorated, and above the stage were the words "Welcome, Home, Sweet Home". Dancing was started at 9 pm, the floor being in charge of Messrs. M McDonald, J Cumes and T Connell, while excellent music was in the hands of Mrs. T Connell, Miss Tate, the Cumes Bros., Messrs. J Evans, J O'Connell and W Pollock. Mr. J Sebbens and Mr. J O'Connell contributed songs during breaks in the evening. Dancing was kept up until midnight, when supper was announced, and we take this opportunity of congratulating the Mogo ladies on the supper that was prepared. After an excellent repast dancing was continued, and kept up until daylight. There were between 40 and 50 couples present, and although we never had the audacity to select a belle during our journalistic career, we must break the rule by stating that a young lady dressed in white skirt and white silk blouse, and black velvet and pearl necklace caught our representative's eye. Altogether a most enjoyable evening was spent – a worthy welcome to our worthy soldiers. The takings amounted to between £7 and £8. Mogo - a smoke concert was tendered the McDONALD Bros. at Sebben's Hotel on Saturday 6.6.1902, on the eve of their arrival from South Africa. Songs were rendered by the soldiers and several other members of the company, and the party broke up about 11 o’clock, after a very enjoyable evening. As I espied your representative at the social on the following Friday night I presume his account will suffice, especially as our opinions re the selection of belle might clash. Mogo - our last soldier, Donald McDONALD junr., returned from the war [c8.1902], looking in the pink of condition. He only remained in Mogo for a day or two, as he and his brothers were to set out on Wednesday last to try their fortunes in Fiji.
Source References
Murray: Official Records of the Australian Contingents etc. page(s) 117
Source:# Oz-Boer contributed source number 84
B5204: National Archives of Australia series B5204 folder 11A
Source:# Oz-Boer contributed source number 1121
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Source:# Oz-Boer contributed source number 1286
TilbaT: Tilba Times newspaper date(s) 24 & 31.5, 18 & 21.6 & 20.8.1902

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