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Upgrades from Hell is an ongoing series of articles detailing my experiences with upgrading computers.

Upgrades might be a piece of hardware, or some software, or both. Frequently the upgrades contain information which might be useful to someone else in the same situation, just as frequently, the information is completely out of date and useless. Caveat Emptor!

I write these in aus.talk.ltuae (and a few other Internet newsgroups), so a search of groups.google.com will turn them up with keyword searching. I also have a keyword search on my home page (Xavatoria Search) which could be useful for finding references to particular pieces of hardware.

Most of the articles contain resolutions to problems. Some of them don't. Indeed, some of them don't even contain problems, just a description of how an upgrade went without problems, which is a reportable event, considering how often things just go terribly wrong.

Here's the index to the UFH articles. Once you click on an article, use your browser's BACK button to get back to this index.

As always, any bouquets or brickbats should be addressed to me via the link below.

Article TitleDate posted
Building another system14th March 1999
Bulding Val's systemAug 1999
Installing a Compactflash cardreader2nd February 2000
Building Val's new system5th April 2000
A noisy fan problem2nd May 2000
Bad Memory29th June 2000
Installing Mique's system13th July 2000
Installing Linux21st July 2000
Upgrading Mandrake Linux 5.1 to 7.125th July 2000
Trying to install Windows ME28th October 2000
Considerations on reinstalling Windows 9826th November 2000
Building a new system5th February 2001
ASUS A7V + Aureal = NO GO7th February 2001
Upgrading ASUS BIOS10th March 2001
Installing Mique's son's system14th March 2001
Matrox drivers and Quake 318th March 2001
Mique's system problems5th April 2001
Microsoft Intellipoint Optical9th April 2001
Backup devices12th May 2001
IP Masquerading21st May 2001
IP Masquerading23rd May 2001
Installing Mandrake Linux (part 1)27th May 2001
Installing Mandrake Linux (part 2)27th May 2001
B's Problem Computer12th July 2001

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