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Last Updated 11 September 2002.

Dear Folks -

This starport is officially shut down as a tribute to those who perished in the terrorist attacks on the US, a year ago today. They were people from all around the world, including Australia, who were just like everyone else. They had families and friends, just like everyone else. They went to work one day, just like everyone else. But they did not come home - unlike all those of us who are reading this message.

Therefore, the Tavonni system is closing its main starport for today. Go and visit someone you know in person, or disconnect the modem and ring them personally, or invite them around to your place - and let them know how much they mean to you.

Beowulf Down re-opens for business on September 12, 2002.
(With thanks to Doug Berry - of the Traveller Mailing List - for the suggestion)

Welcome to Beowulf Down, the homeport of Tavonni! The Tavonni star system is located in the Vilis subsector of the Spinward Marches. You, the traveller, can tarry and explore this world, or merely use it as a jump-point to other exotic locations.

For the latest updates, see Just Detected. For my IMTU stats, see My Traveller Universe.

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This site was selected as a valuable Body Science resource for the Discovery Channel School in Fall (3rd quarter) 1997. Here's why...

Thanx to Andrew Madden for the background and Goeran Damberg for the Webring.

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