My Traveller Universe

Last Updated 10 January 2002.

For those wanting to check how closely my campaign meets with rulesets and Traveller "canonicity", here is my IMTU geek code:

tc+ tm+ tn t4 tg tt to+(KB3) ru ge+ 3i+ jt+@(TL16) au pi+ st+ ls kk- hi- as++ va++ dr++ so-- zh+ vi+ da+ sw+ sy+

Here is the translation:

Rules tc+ Classic is a good start...
tm++ ...but MT is even better!
tn TNE has some merit
t4 I can use bits of T4
tg+ The GURPS background stuff is excellent!
to+(KB3) I use the KB3 Task System
ru I'm very catholic (all-inclusive) in my tastes
Canonicity 3i+
jt+@(TL16) Jump torps are experimental TL 16 tech (as are TNE's jump boats)
pi+ Pirates are possible, but limited
Aliens kk- I've never had K'kree, but I believe they taste good with sauce
hi- The Hivers are too far from the Marches so far; Shudusham maybe?
as++ Eoraokortitrikhue ("Huey") is an Aslan PC
va++ Dakhronkae is a Vargr PC, as is Michael Barry's PC
dr++ Ervmisbe ("Irving") is a Droyne PC
Humaniti so-- Never met one...
zh+ The current "black hats"
vi+ The human PC's are Imperial
da+ We've visited Darrian
sw+ Baroness Heidi is an ex-Sword Worlder, the rest are "black hats"
sy The human PC's are Imperial, so maybe there's an ancestor?

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