Key to Jump Points

Last Updated 20 September 2000.

This example is a visual key to the Tavonni Departure Lounge jump point lists.

Key to Jump Points (with this site as an example)
Rating/Rings Port Details

[4-star rating]
"Beowulf Down"
[Port Title (xboat link) + optional Current Status (NEW or has UPDATED areas)]
Tavonni Down Starport (Hyphen's Pages).
[Optional Identifier, if Title is insufficient]
Includes the Tavonni Departure Lounge (HUGE link list!), Traveller Library Data (also huge), Tavonni Specialities (trendi for vehicles & robots, Lone Scout Enterprises for starships, and Menelvagor for equipment), Tavonni Repair Bays (house rules, game mechanics, publishing FAQs), Tavonni World Views (history, constitution, stats, map, navy), Tag Lines.
[Brief Description of contents + comments on Quality (optional!)]
Milieu: 1105/1116/1200/GURPS.
[Milieu covered: All Milieux (generic OR all-inclusive), Milieu 0 (T4/Cleon I), Milieu 200 (T4/Aslan Wars), Milieu 1105 (Classic/5FW), Milieu 1116 (MT/Rebellion), Milieu 1200 (TNE/Virus), GURPS (GT/1116), Variant (background OR rules)]
(David "Hyphen" Jaques-Watson)
[Port Director's name as an xboat email link]
Total: 1 Jump Points.
[Total number of Jump Points on this page]
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