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"FarFuture's Home Page"
FarFuture Enterprises.
Homeport of the creator and owner of Traveller. Basic info/history about Traveller, extensive list of Traveller products (except IG's stuff), and contact form. Graphics lite for speed.
Milieu: All.
(Marc W. Miller)
"GURPS Traveller"
SJG: GURPS Traveller.
Basic Trav info, outlines & excerpts & pics from G:T publications, small (!) errata page, G:T resources (char templates, char sheet, playtest drafts for Pyramid subscribers), Traveller News Service for G:T variant background, JTAS updated weekly, Brubeks (subscribe!). NB: Site rating assumes JTAS subscription, else it is a 3-star. Get it while it's hot!
Also search my page for other GURPS links!
Milieu: 1116/Variant (GURPS).
( Webmaster at SJG)
"Homepage for Loren K Wiseman"
Traveller Line Manager for Steve Jackson Games
Brief bio on Loren. Promises more, but no links yet established. Keep checking!
Milieu: All.
(Loren K. Wiseman)
"BITS (British Isles Traveller Support) Homepage"
Commercial UK licensee for Traveller, producers of the "Little White Books" (LWB's) such as 101 Cargoes. Produced "The Long Way Home" for T4. Recently (Nov '98) negotiated with SJG to make their products available by mail-order. Includes News, Members (m'ship info), Products, Travelling (cons BITS will attend), & Archive.
Milieu: All.
(Webmaster: S. Dominic "Dom" Mooney) or (Co-ordinator: Andy Lilly)
"[no title]"
Cargonaut Press.
Publisher of the EXCELLENT "Keith Bros Lost Supplements Collection". Also supplies the Traveller Text Adventures (Apple II), and promises to publish five alternate Traveller universes (eg. Other Suns). Keep watching for updates!
Milieu: 1105/Variant (Background).
(Jerry Paul Sanders)
"Imperium Games Home Page"
The previous publishers of Marc Miller's Traveller, now closed. Address used to be:
9461 Charleville Blvd #307, P.O. Box 307, Beverly Hills, CA 90212
Voice: 310-275-9934; Fax: 310-275-9322

Milieu: 0.
( Imperium Games)
"Avalanche GamesUSA games wargames toys"NEW!
Avalanche Games.
Sneak preview pics (box cover, counters, map) of Imperium 2000, the major update and re-release of the Imperium boxed wargame.
Milieu: 1105.
No email address available.
"William H. Keith, Jr."
One of the Great Old Ones of Traveller. Biography, Alien of the Month, Pics (incl. Bolo tanks, O'Neill colony). Nothing Traveller, sorry (explains the rating), but deserves a link nonetheless.
Milieu: N/A.
(William H. Keith, Jr.)
[Not Yet Rated]
"[No Web Page]"NEW!
AAB Proceedings.
No web page, but here are the contact details for the editor of this long-running paper fanzine.
(Clay R. Bush)
[Not Yet Rated]
"[No Web Page]"
The Official TML Representative for Imperium Games
(Joseph E. Walsh)
Total: 10 Jump Points.
The Imperium Games sunburst logo is used by permission.

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