Jump Point Ratings Explained

Last Updated 29 October 2000.

A while ago, Joseph Kimball asked why I gave his site a three-star rating. Since I have never really explained to anyone how I come up with the ratings, I thought I might try to change that...

I do not have a written-down grading system. This means that all "ratings" reflect my personal bias and should only ever be taken with a few large grains of salt. I just try to get a handle on the "look-and-feel" of a site, its volume (sheer amount of material) and scope (coverage of multiple incarnations of Traveller).

Here are some of my reasonings:

In the final analysis, it comes down to the "feel" I get about a site's volume, content, and "look" when I am browsing it.

BTW, I *hate* pop-up window adverts. However, this by itself will not cause me to lower a site's rating, unless they occur on-every-page-in-the-damned-site! - time to lower the volume of ads for a while, maybe go and watch commercial TV... ;-)

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