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Last Updated 2 May 1999.

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Examples of Great Web Sites

How To Write Good HTML

"Aids to University of Missouri Web Authors"
List of online works.
"Composing Good HTML"
"Communication Arts"
Identifies design trends and workable publishing concepts.**
"Creating Net Sites"
"HTML Reference Library"
"The HTML Writer's Guild Website"
HTML Writers Guild.
"Sandia Labs"
A reference work, not a tutorial.
"Teach Yourself Web Publishing With HTML 3.2 In 14 Days"
"Web Design: Home Pages & More by Cyber_Designs!"
CyberDesigns Team.
"Yale C/AIM WWW Style Manual"
"Still one of the best guides to Web site design."**

Web Authoring Tools, Browsers, Document Readers, and other general assistants

"Adobe Acrobat Free Reader"
Adobe Acrobat reader for .PDF files.
"Doctor HTML v5"
Test your Web pages here!!!
"John R. Levine's Home Page"
Writer of The Internet For Dummies.
"O'Reilly and Associates"
Web software producers.
Hot Dog icon "Sausage Software Home Page"
     Hot Dog web site.

Image Sources

"PhotoDisc: Royalty free digital stock photography"
Free pics available! Also email them!
"Welcome to Image Club Graphics"
Free pics available! Also email them!

Examples of Great Web Sites

"Corporate Identity"
Promotes corporate "Net Identities" with good examples.**
"Dizzying Heights"
"...lesser-known sites that stretch Web technology to the limit."**
"High Five Award Page"
David Siegal's picks; "...a tad elitist."**
"Internet Professional Publishers Association"
Design Excellence Awards, plus links to good Web design companies.**
"Platinum 100"
Another Web awards site with links to some well-designed sites.**
"Welcome to my Casbah"
David Siegel, inventor of the Single Pixel GIF Trick, Web innovator.
"Wow! Web Wonders"
User-nominated Web awards.**

** Thanks to Jeff Frentzen of PC Week for his article highlighting these links.

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