Aslan Border Wars, -1120 to 380

Series of conflicts between various Aslan clans and human systems as the Aslan expanded toward already settled human territory.

The Aslan achieved major race status late (-1999) and proceeded to expand into available territory in their region of space. Contacts along their trailing border necessarily resulted in friction with the human systems in that region. The Long Night was already well underway by the time the Aslan encountered humans, and there was no central human government to resist Aslan attacks. Since there was no united Aslan authority either, the sides were fairly matched, and numerous small wars were fought between Aslan clans and human splinter states, with alliances among the various powers constantly forming and dissolving. The border between human and Aslan space remained relatively constant, with a few systems changing hands after each war. At this time some clans also launched raids into the interior of the former Imperial domains, conquering and settling worlds up to 40 parsecs beyond the border.

Once the Third Imperium expanded into the region (c. 200), its superior organisation and technology gradually put an end to the Aslan threat. The final treaty is known as the Peace of Ftahair (380), and established a buffer zone about 30 parsecs wide between the Imperial border and the region of Aslan control (roughly the area covered by Reaver's Deep sector). There has been no war since then, although the Solomani have violated portions of the zone and incorporated it into their boundaries.

(SUPP-8, 1107)

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