All-Terrain Vehicle (ATV)

ATV (artist Bryan Gibson, used with permission); click for original versionThe All-Terrain Vehicle is a wheeled or tracked vehicle designed to provide high-quality transportation on any number of worlds. It is intended for world surface exploration or transport across undeveloped areas. As such, an ATV can traverse all but the most forbidding terrain and is fully amphibious. The pressurised interior protects against vacuum and insidious atmospheres.

The standard ATV masses 10 HG tons and allows a payload of 6 tons (including driver and passengers). It may be powered by a battery, requiring solar recharging or a ship's power plant; more often it contains a small fusion plant. This requires refuelling with water or hydrogen every 24 hours, and so has a range of about 5000 km on good terrain. Wheeled versions cruise on-road at 60 kph, with a maximum speed of 100 kph on-road and 20 kph in rough terrain. Tracked versions cruise at 40 kph on-road, with a maximum of 80 kph on-road and 30 kph on rough terrain.

An ATV requires 1 driver and can carry up to 16 passengers. The vehicle contains complete (although cramped) eating, sleeping and travel facilities for 8 persons. The vehicle may be lightly armoured (factor-16) and can carry a turret mounting a laser or other local combat weapon.

(ADV-3, 1106; ADV-7, 1107; BOOK-3, 1107; MT-101VEH, 1116)

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