Baraccai Technum

An interface line which operates in the rimward area of the Spinward Marches.

With its headquarters on Trin (Trin's Veil 3235), Baraccai Technum is influential throughout the rimward worlds of the Marches; its wealth rests firmly on manufacturing, transport and brokerage interests. However, by no means unimportant are entrepreneurial connections with worlds beyond the Imperium in the Outrim Void.

The primary rimward base of BT is at the BT Centre at Glisten (Glisten 2036). This base is responsible for the Extra-Imperium Activity (EIA) Division. Primary base for this division is Berengaria ( Pax Rulin / Trojan Reach 2105); it includes an orbiting BT maintenance & repair station. Similar bases exist at Cyan ( Pax Rulin / Trojan Reach 2102), Pax Rulin ( Pax Rulin / Trojan Reach 2204), and Alexin ( Pax Rulin / Trojan Reach 2405). All Imperial worlds in the subsector, except red-zoned Rhysk ( Pax Rulin / Trojan Reach 2304), have some sort of BT trading presence.

BT normally maintains trade relations with independent worlds by appointing a factor, usually a BT company man, but occasionally a native of the planet. Apart from the usual warehouse, living quarters, office and so on, each factor also has a small emergency ship repair facility for the use of BT vessels. BT has factors on Candia ( Pax Rulin / Trojan Reach 1801), Kydde ( Pax Rulin / Trojan Reach 1810), Bantral ( Pax Rulin / Trojan Reach 1906), Senlis ( Pax Rulin / Trojan Reach 2108), Magen ( Pax Rulin / Trojan Reach 2309), and at T'yana ( Egryn / Trojan Reach 1602).

Primary BT rivals are Arkesh Spacers and McClellan Factors. On T'yana, BT and MC rivalry is especially hot.

(ADV-4, 1107)

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