Combat Armor

Combat Armor (artist Tim Bradstreet, used with permission of Tim Bradstreet and Marc Miller)Unpowered exoskeletal suit, surrounded by a carapace of multiple-layered synthetic armor. Inexpensive when compared to battle dress, combat armor provides comparable protection.

The TL 11 version dampens heat signature by the use of a "chill can" inserted into the cooling system, in the same manner as the combat environment suit . At TL 12, a chameleon option becomes available, as per battle dress. Most options available for battle dress are available for combat armor; for instance, integral communications equipment is common.

Combat armor is strictly military and not available on the open market; it is issued to high-tech troop units and elite mercenary battalions.

(BOOK-4, 1107; MT-ENCYC, 1120; MT-JOURNAL1, 1125)

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