Charted Space

Humaniti calls its region of the galaxy by a variety of names, all of which amount to the same idea: Charted Space. This is an area roughly 500 parsecs across within which are concentrated more than a thousand starfaring races on, or regularly visiting, more than 80,000 worlds.

Expeditions toward the galactic core have explored (and settled parts of) a narrow corridor some 30 parsecs wide and more than 7000 parsecs long.

Expeditions toward the galactic rim have reached nearly 3000 parsecs toward intergalactic space. Lateral expeditions have reached kiloparsecs in each direction.

The results have always been the same.

First, there is life everywhere. Worlds naturally spawn their own lifeforms, and many produce intelligent species.

Second, nowhere beyond Charted Space has intelligence produced the jump drive that makes interstellar travel possible. Worlds are full of life; space is empty.

(MT-REFMAN, 1120)

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