Church of the Chosen Ones

Fanatical Vargr sect which believes that the Ancients not only "invented" the Vargr race by genetic manipulation of Terran carnivores, but that the Ancients also returned to the Vargr several times, improving the race to the point that it could take its rightful place as the leader of this part of the galaxy. Some Church members even believe that the Ancients will return again to bring this about. The Church was founded about 200 years ago, and has enjoyed periodic declines and revivals. Currently in decline, it still has followers on many worlds.

Most evidence indicates the Ancients meddled with the proto-Vargr stock only once. The Church of the Chosen Ones postulated - and proceeded to prove, albeit not very convincingly - that the Vargr were carefully brought along a particular course. This was part of their "preparation", as they were "intended" to take their place as the leaders of all sophont societies in the Ancients' sphere of influence.

In the Vargr language of Gvegh , the Church of the Chosen Ones is known as Ourrghfaengaeknokskugvorrgh.

The Church of the Chosen Ones is enjoying a militant resurgence during the Rebellion .

( ALIENS-3, 1111; DIGEST-4, 1112 MT-ENCYC, 1120; HIWGc, 1120)

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