Darmine Cultural Region

Cultural region in Zarushagar sector. Darmine had a separate but submerged cultural identity within the First Imperium and happily threw off that domination when the it fell. Allowed to flourish by the Rule of Man, the community of worlds survived the Long Night with little harm.

The first Darmine Corporate, an economic consortium, existed from -1643 to 100 and covered about five subsectors. This interstellar common market came to an end during the Ilelish Pacification Campaign (76 to 120); indeed, the Darmine Corporate was the major focus of that campaign.

The main world of the Darmine region is Ishag ( Lias / Zarushagar 1323). A peculiarity of that world is that the natives do not use an "ian" or "er" suffix.

UWP (1120): B525986-A N Hi In 515DCs.

In 1119, a new Darmine Corporate was organized. It became a true federation in 1120, with its capital at Dineal ( Lias / Zarushagar 1324).

(MT-ENCYC, 1120; Greg Videll {HIWG sector developer}, 1120)

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