Darrian Confederation

Group of worlds in the Darrian subsector of the Spinward Marches. The worlds were settled by humans from Darrian ( Darrian / Spinward Marches 0627) during the period -1137 to -927. The current capital is Mire ( Darrian / Spinward Marches 0527).

The Darrian Confederation contains 18 worlds within the same subsector and has a population of 17.19 billion. Darrians are a minor race of humaniti who were transplanted to Darrian by the Ancients. Some Solomani blood is also evident from traders who settled on Darrian in -1511 and provided them with sufficient technology to explore their subsector.

The Confederation is a client state of the Imperium. It has had long-standing conflicts with the Sword Worlds. The Zhodani Consulate, ally of the Sword Worlds, have not intervened due to the possibility of the Darrians retaliating with their ultimate weapon - the Star Trigger .

(ALIENS-8, 1111; MT-ENCYC, 1120)

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