Dating Systems, Unified Timeline

Three major dating systems are in use when referring to historical events within the Imperium - Terran, Vilani, and Imperial. Other races also have their own dating systems.

Terran dates centre on a year about midway through the period of Vilani ascendance. After that date, years ascend and are suffixed AD; before that date, years descend and are suffixed BC. There is no year zero. Terran years have 365 days and are considered a standard for length of year. Years are further subdivided into months and weeks, although these divisions have fallen into disuse outside the Solomani Sphere .

Vilani dates count from the year of the Establishment of the First Imperium (the Vilani Imperium). Those before are suffixed PI (Pre-Imperium); those after are suffixed VI (Vilani Imperium). There is no year zero. Vilani years are approximately 1.33 standard years in length (496 days). Vilani years are further subdivided into seasons, months, and weeks.

Imperial dates count from the year of the founding of the Third Imperium, specifying the year zero as a holiday year. Dates before that are negative; dates after that are positive, usually with the sign suppressed. Imperial dating uses a julian system for specifying days. Each day in the year is consecutively numbered beginning with 001. Thus, in the year 1105, the first day of the year is 001-1105. Weeks of seven days and months of 28 days are used to refer to lengths of time, but rarely to establish dates.

Zhodani dating is in olympiads (tleqazdijdiet). Each olympiad is of three Zhodani years; years are 0.75 standard years in length (273 days). An olympiad is used to mark the period from one set of Psionic Games to the next. Zhodani dates are given in olympiads, which are further subdivided into year, season, and day. The first olympiad corresponds to 2209 BC. The dating system itself has been in more or less continuous since then, with minor lapses due to war or temporary decline of ruling parties.

The Aslan calendar is based on the revolution of Kusyu ( Kilrai' / Dark Nebula 1919) around Tyeyo, its star. The Aslan year (ftahea) is about 320 standard days. A day (eakhau) is about 36 hours long. The same calendar is used on most Hierate worlds. There are no sub-divisions in the Aslan calendar; each day has its own unique name. The calendar takes as its starting point the first selection of the Tlaukhu as supreme council on Kusyu, about -2083 Imperial.

As in other things, the Vargr acknowledge no universal calendar. Individual planets impose years based on their own planet's movements; sometimes these standards are imposed across larger areas of space, but the is no true Vargr "standard year". Calendars date from whatever event the local populace cares to choose as a starting point. Imperial historians tend to assign dates in one of two forms, either according to the Imperial calendar, or based upon the Diaspora (Gvegh Vargr: gzokdae) or invention of interstellar travel by the Vargr in the year -3810. This latter is frequently used in giving dates to events in Vargr history.

Unified Timeline
Terran Vilani Imperial Zhodani Aslan Vargr Events
-350,000 Ancients jump-1
-300,000 Final War
-9235 Vilani jump-1
-7000 Droyne jump-1
2209 BC -6731 1 1st Psionic Games
-6200 Zhodani sub-light
-5823 Zhodani Consulate formed
-5415 Zhodani jump-1
-5430 Vilani jump-2
100 BC 432 PI -4620 (cross-ref. pt. 1)
1 BC 358 PI -4521 (cross-ref. pt. 2)
1 AD 357 PI -4520 Birth of Christ
100 AD 283 PI -4421 (cross-ref. pt. 3)
475 AD 1 PI -4046 (cross-ref. pt. 4)
476 AD 1 VI -4045 First Imperium declared
-3810 1 Vargr jump-1
2010 AD -2508 UNSCA formed
2019 AD -2499 Treaty of New York signed
2087 AD -2431 Solomani jump-1
2096 AD -2422 Solomani meet Vilani
2113 AD 1230 VI -2408 1st Interstellar War starts
2118 AD -2400 United Worlds founded
2120 AD -2398 Terran Confederation founded
2302 AD 1372 VI -2219 Nth Interstellar War ends
2317 AD 1383 VI -2204 Rule of Man declared
-2190 -123 First Aslan world war
-2160 -88 Second Aslan world war
-2136 -60 Aslan space travel
-2098 -18 Third Aslan world war
-2083 0 Tlaukhu formed
-1999 94 Aslan jump-1
2745 AD 1705 VI -1776 350 Twilight begins
-1526 Twilight and RoM end; Long Night begins
3401 AD 2197 VI -1120 1st Aslan Border War
4122 AD 2739 VI - 399 Sword World colonization begins
4335 AD 2899 VI - 186 1st Sword World Confederation
4491 AD 3016 VI - 30 Cleon's Campaign begins
4521 AD 3038 VI 0 Third Imperium declared; Long Night ends
4522 AD 3039 VI 1 (cross-ref. pt. 5)
4597 AD 3096 VI 76 Pacification Campaigns begin
4635 AD 3124 VI 114 Solomani Hypothesis proposed
120 Pacification Campaigns end
4731 AD 3196 VI 210 Vargr Campaigns begin; Antebellum begins
348 Vargr Campaigns end
4901 AD 3324 VI 380 2810 Peace of Ftahair, Imperial-Aslan border established
4941 AD 3354 VI 420 1st Survey completed
4996 AD 3395 VI 475 Nicholle assassinated
585 3043 First Aslan on Darrian
5109 AD 3480 VI 588 Terra joins Imperium
5110 AD 3481 VI 589 1st Frontier War begins
604 1st Frontier War ends
5125 AD 3492 VI 604 Antebellum ends; Civil War begins
5136 AD 3500 VI 615 2nd Frontier War begins
620 2nd Frontier War ends
622 Civil War ends
5145 AD 3507 VI 624 Xboat system established
5200 AD 3548 VI 679 Solomani power ends at court
5225 AD 3567 VI 704 Solomani Autonomous Region created
5239 AD 3578 VI 718 Xboats cover Imperium
5321 AD 3639 VI 800 Psionics Suppressions begin
826 Psionics Suppressions end
5471 AD 3752 VI 950 Sol reintegrated into Imperium
5500 AD 3774 VI 979 3rd Frontier War begins
5501 AD 980 Islands Clusters found
5507 AD 986 3rd Frontier War ends
5511 AD 3782 VI 990 Solomani Rim War begins
1002 Solomani Rim War ends
5586 AD 3838 VI 1065 2nd Survey completed
5603 AD 3851 VI 1082 4th Frontier War begins
1084 4th Frontier War ends
5626 AD 3868 VI 1105 5th Frontier War begins
1112 3471 3645 (cross-ref. pt. 6)

(ADV-2, 1106; ADV-3, 1106; SUPP-8, 1107; SUPP-11, 1107; ALIENS-1, 1111; ALIENS-3, 1111; MT-ENCYC, 1120; mine, 1120)

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