Donosev-class Survey Scout

Donosev-class Survey Scout, with detached cutter, in asteroid belt (artist Jesse DeGraff, used with permission); click for larger image Imperial Interstellar Scout Service design created specifically to resurvey the interior regions of the Imperium, updating maps and charts, and maintaining beacons and markers for astrogation hazards.

The ship is catagorised as Type SZ, or "Scout Experimental", and in fact three different versions of this ship have been built. The most recent, described here, was the result of improvements to sensor placement made during the Second Survey .

As is the case with most modern Scout vessels, the Donosev-class is not equipped for use in hostile areas.

The class is named after Master Chief Surveyor Villemina Donosev. Individual ships are named for famous scouts in the Imperial service.

(SUPP-9, 1107; GR-SURVEY, 1112)

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