Small starships of up to 20,000 tons intended to be light support craft for larger ships, primarily cruisers. Escorts are also widely used for convoy protection and commerce raiding roles.

Close escorts (CE) are very small starships intended for anti-piracy operations in organised squadrons. An example is the Gazelle-class Close Escort.

Destroyer escorts (DE) are the first type capable of accompanying a regular Imperial fleet. They are also used for convoy protection, orbital patrols, police operations, garrison duties, and even limited strike missions. An example is the Chrysanthenum-class Destroyer Escort .

Fleet escorts (FE) are the largest of the escorts. They are primarily designed to accompany Imperial fleets. However, some classes have often been sent on independent missions - gunboat diplomacy, showing the flag, orbital support of ground operations, transport of diplomats or refugees, fleet courier operations, and even flagship duty for some smaller squadrons. An example is the P. F. Sloan-class Fleet Escort .

(SUPP-9, 1107; CHALLENGE-25, 1112; MT-SHIPS, 1120)

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