"Lost Home" (from the Droyne language, Oynprith).

Droyne name for the lost Droyne homeworld. The location of the world is believed to have been in the Spinward Marches, Deneb, or Trojan Reach sectors. This is due to the large number of Droyne worlds and Ancients sites.

Casual observers call the world Droynia. The proper name, Eskayloyt, appears independently in myths on three scattered Droyne worlds: Andor ( Five Sisters / Spinward Marches 0236), Zeen (?????/????? 99999), and Auitawry ( Binary / Trojan Reach 3140). The name is accepted by the majority of scientists researching Droyne origins.

Characteristics of the homeworld are difficult to determine, but some have been predicted by an analysis of the Droyne themselves. Eskayloyt was a small world with a standard or dense atmosphere, plus a significant hydrosphere. The range of statistics most frequently given are Size 3 to 6, Atmosphere 6 or 8 (probably 8), and Hydrosphere 3+. The flying ability of the Droyne relies on a fairly weak gravity and a reasonably high pressure; a hydrosphere is required for the development of life.

The data and assumptions about Eskayloyt have led to many theories about its location and fate. No known world provides the fossil evidence that it was Eskayloyt; active searches and excavations are underway on several worlds that show promise. Some scholars have proposed that the homeworld was destroyed in the Final War.

(MT-REFCOMP, 1120; DIGEST-20, 1120)

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