Estigarribia, Hiroshi

Founder of the Rule of Man.

After the Terrans had defeated the Vilani Imperium, they moved quickly to occupy the territory of the former empire. Terra voted to rule the Vilani worlds directly, as part of the Terran Confederation. The colonies resented this, believing that their autonomy would dissappear.

Admiral Hiroshi Estigarribia, commander-in-chief of the Confederation Navy , was sympathetic to this viewpoint. He also realised that the Confederation government could not possibly control the vast Vilani colonies. Accordingly, he proclaimed himself Regent of the Vilani Imperium and Protector of Terra, uniting both human states under the Rule of Man in -2204 (2314 AD). When he addressed the new empire, he used the term "Solomani" for the first time.

Upon Hiroshi's death, his chief-of-staff crowned himself Emperor Hiroshi II (retrospectively naming the Admiral as Emperor Hiroshi I).

(MT-ENCYC, 1120)

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