Final War

The civilisation of the Ancients was destroyed in a cataclysmic war. Over a period of about 2000 years, they fought with such ferocity that hardly any traces of their existence now remain. Archeologists today work under a severe handicap in attempting to piece together those elements which survived to arrive at any coherent picture of the Ancients, their way of life or their works.

The Final War was fought with technology far beyond that available to the Imperium, or to any civilisation since the days of the Ancients. Estimates place the resources used at tech level 25 or greater, a level virtually incomprehensible to any contemporary mind.

The weapons of the Final War were brutal in their power. They were capable of great destruction; entire planets were reduced to asteroid belts by what must have been planet-buster bombs. In other cases, planetoids and small moons were seized, moved and directed toward planets to obliterate what must have been bases, cities and installations. Many planets still bear the marks of such attacks.

The weapons of the Final War were also quite sophisticated, capable of fine control. Entire worlds appear to have escaped the war unscathed, except for the actual site itself. Frequently, it is only when a site is discovered that it becomes evident that it was the target of an attack. There is no evidence of misses; no pattern bombing, no random attack. What was attacked was hit; what was hit was destroyed. High technology co-ordinated the attacks, which were seemingly impossible to stop even given Ancient technology.

There are various inconsistencies, not always explainable, as with the entire mystery of the Ancients. They could just be taken as evidence of the great diversity in technologies and abilities involved in the way the Final War was waged.

(ALIENS-5, 1111)

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