Grav-Assisted ATV (GAATV), Submersible ATV (DEEP-V)

The Grav-assisted ATV (GAATV) is a conventional All-Terrain Vehicle with the addition of a gravity generator package capable of ten tons thrust. The generator is used to cancel all or part of the vehicle's weight, allowing both higher speeds and crossing of terrain that would not support a ten-ton ATV.

While the GAATV's power-to-weight ratio would approach infinity, practical considerations, including the ability of the suspension to maintain contact with the road and the power consumed by the grav unit limit the safe speed to twice that of a conventional ATV : 100 kph cross-country, 200 kph on sur­faced roads (Safe speed: more is possible, but think about trying to handle a fifteen meter van at Lamborghini veloci­ties.) The vehicle cannot fly, and jumping over crevasses (or buses, motorcycles, etc.) is not recommended. All other specifications as the standard ATV (see _Traveller_, Book 3, pages 21-22). TL: 9 Price: Cr50,000 Wt: 10 tons SUBMERSIBLE ATV (DEEP-V) A GAATV equipped for underwater work, using the grav unit for buoyancy control; not as versatile as a pocket sub, but much cheaper. The hull is rein­forced (double armor value of a stan­dard ATV; working depth lOOm, crush depth 200m) and sonar and special lights are fitted. Other char­acteristics as GAATV above. TL: 9 Price: Cr70,000 Wt: 10 tons - © 1982, John M. Ford (John M. FORD, "The Ship's Locker: GAATV", _JTAS #12_, GDW, Bloomington, IL, USA, 1981, p7.)


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