Logo of GSbAGImperial megacorporation.

Unlike other manufacturers, GSbAG (popularly known as "Gas-bag") has restricted itself almost exclusively to the manufacture of starships since its earliest known existence. Its products command extremely high prices, but the quality justifies the price. GSbAG is one of two firms charged with the manufacture of the personal vessels of the Imperial family, and is a major contractor for the Imperial military.

According to company propaganda, the company was founded in -2438 from a consortium of old Terran manufacturing firms. In actual fact, there is no concrete evidence of the corporation's existence prior to a contract with the Sylean Federation Navy in -334.

Stock ownership: Imperial family, 4%; Hortalez et Cie, 19%; noble families, 44%; other corporations, 13%; public, 4%; other, 16%.

(SUPP-8, 1107)

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